Batista Speaks On CM Punk Returning To WWE, Roman Reigns’ Push & More

Batista recently spoke to Digital Spy as part of his promotional tour for the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie. During their discussion, Batista offered his comments on a potential return to WWE for CM Punk.

“I know for a fact that he loves professional wrestling. I couldn’t see him taking a step down and wrestling for a lesser organization. Unless he spent some time in Japan, I just don’t see it. I think eventually he’ll come back. I think he belongs there. I think the fans really love him and miss him. I think he loves it and misses it just as much. I’m really not sure why he left. He’ll be back, I would think that he would be back. I think it would be kind of crazy if he didn’t go back.”

Batista also predicted that Roman Reigns will be the first member of The Shield to capture a major title, and said he expects WWE to “push him to the sky.”

Check out the complete interview above.

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    • Aperture

      This picture is comedy…

      • Aceofspades801


      • Herald


      • JJ

        Nice shawshank cover

      • Johnny B Bad

        Nice job lol this fits perfectly.

    • Jomo

      Batista jealous?

    • thingschange12 .

      Batista isn’t saying anything news worthy concerning CM Punk nor Roman Reigns. CM Punk is gone for now and may return to WWE someday. Roman Reigns is obviously being booked to be WWE’s top star.

    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      Batista is right.

    • JC

      Guess nobody told Batista he’s part of the reason why CM Punk left

      • Guest

        I guess you believe everything you read on the internet.

      • ibeBrave

        Punk said himself batista isn’t the guy hes mad at. Punks mad at guys like Brock

        • Jomo

          Why brock and not batista? Arent they the same? Both come and go and still show up in main events?

          • ibeBrave

            Batista isn’t a part timer he was done in 2010 just like punk is now. The only reason batista is out now is to promote guardians of the galaxy. He signed a 2 year deal and is to be back full time by the end of the summer. Brock shows once in a good while. So does the rock. That’s what he doesn’t like. Him and Batista are good friends. Punk said it himself on raw I think in 2010 when batista left.

            • Stijnosb

              just saying something that i think for a long time. I think The Rock deserves a lot more repect than Brock Lesnar. The Rock is busting his *ss with movies etc and makes room for the WWE. Brock however is being lazy as f*ck and ain’t doing sh*t.

          • QuiteFrankly2k

            Batista came back to the WWE, he was promised something and what he was promised was given to Daniel Bryan and he is the one who put Bryan over. Batista didn’t complain, he did his job. Batista for as much crap he has gotten this last run has acted professionally day in and day out. He worked live shows, showed up on NXT. The guy did what he was supposed to do.

            If anything Batista is the one guy Punk should thanks cuz if Batista hadn’t have left when he did back 2009-2010 Punk would be right where he was, because Batista was the main event star, punk had no where to go but down.

          • Scott

            Batista is on a 2 year deal, he is on every show every week, and even made an appearance on NXT and this was after he “quit”. Just because he got a title shot right when he came back doesn’t mean he’s a part timer, it means he got a title shot too quick

    • david

      well dave he left cuz of you lmao!!

      • nBonThaBeat


        • david

          yuuuupp do some research

          • Stijnosb

            Nopeeee don’t believe everything you read. and do some research about Punk not being mad at Batista.

    • Scott

      I think more than anything he left cause DB is his friend and he felt like Bryan being the hottest guy wasn’t getting his fair share and the second he heard what they were going to do with Brian at Mania, he decided to step back. lets not forget if Punk never leaves then Bryan never faces HHH or gets into that Main Event to win the title

      • QuiteFrankly2k

        Punk leaving is what got Bryan where he was at Mania.

        • Scott

          Didn’t I just say that?

          • QuiteFrankly2k

            Oh no, haha I was agreeing. Sorry i didn’t notice I never agreed in my reply to you lol

            • Scott

              Yea dude I completely agree with you though man. It’ll be interesting to see if he ever comes back I almost guarantee thatll be used in one of his promos

      • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

        Ehh, i disagree. Bryan was more over than Punk. I think Punk uses that as a crutch to justify his decision. I know it was rumored Punk Vs HHH, but i mean things do change and if Bryan was to get as over as he did with Punk staying there the whole time, i still see Bryan above Punk on the card.

        • nBonThaBeat

          You see that Bryan was above Punk, but the creative didn’t. If Punk never left. Bryan wouldn’t be in the main event stature that he’s in today.

        • Scott

          No way in the world that would have happened. Gotta disagree with you there. Cena’s story had already taken shape against the Wyatt’s, Punk’s story really already began against “the authority” more importantly Triple H, he wasn’t in a tag team. And at the time they were pushing hard for Orton vs Batista as the Main Event at Mania. So there was nowhere for him to go but against Sheamus like it was being reported. He could have been he most over star in WWE at the time and probably was, but he was still going to be the first of second match of the night and never would have faced HHH had Punk never left

    • number1bigdaddy


    • essinodub

      I agree with Batista… all the hating on him got ridiculous… I’m annoyed too by the random chants… CM Punk chants? Still? Really?… the What chants… come on

    • brad

      I hope Dave’s right and he does actually come back.

    • “The Original” Kermit The Frog

      Batista is still the man to me. Say what you want but after watching his latest wwe DVD they made before he left and the way he was actually doing shows week after week, he’s earned more respect from me. He really does love the wrestling business and it shows. If you can’t see that man you have some serious personal issues.