Batista Speaks On His WWE Return, WWE Continues The Hype

– As part of the promotion for “The Animal” Batista’s return to WWE, which is now confirmed for the January 20th edition of RAW, WWE has added a playlist of Batista’s most epic matches. You can check it out online at

– Speaking of Batista, he tweeted the following about his upcoming WWE return:

  • Details On WWE’s Planned SURPRISE ENTRANTS For The 2014 Royal Rumble Match
  • Matt Boone

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    • Bushwald Sexyface

      I hope he brings the spotlight with him.

      • Universe

        I hope he brings a machine gun entrance!

      • Guest

        I hope he brings the pyro in his entrance.

    • Progressed_Now

      don’t forget your spotlight, babe!

    • pwnez

      “Duct tape, are you serious? Really? DUCT TAPE?!”

      • SOBI


        • pwnez

          “I hate you, Batista! I HATE YOU TOO!”

    • Universe

      I hate WWE PG kids! Bring back TV-14 !

    • Scott Dorian Dancer

      watch them feed him miz lol. poor guy.

    • ddp

      waiting for ziggler and punk to start whining like b*tches about how batista is taking a main event spot at mania now

    • MajorHeel

      He’ll be bringing the spotlight and taking away some divas.

      • askbillmitchell

        A diva taking the spotlight away from divas. Isn’t irony just delicious.