Batista Talks Weight Loss, WWE PG & A Possible Return

Former WWE star Batista joined twitter last week and is responding to fan questions about his recent weight loss. Batista had this to say about his new, smaller frame:

“yes…I am down to a puny 180 lbs. Thats why my head looks so large. Honestly I lost 20lbs over the past yr. Switched up my diet and layed off the weights big time. More go than show now for sure.”

He also clarified his recent “anti-WWE PG” comments, which resulted in a lot of feedback from his followers. Last week, he wrote:

“I’m the biggest wrestling fan there is..which is why I’m boycotting the PG BS! They’re selling watered down art bro. Kills me.”

Over the weekend, he clarified:

“real quick…i don’t hate the WWE! i love pro wrestling! just didn’t agree with the PG direction. i loved it edgy and hardcore. and i would definitely like to return…just not right now. im enjoying the hell out of my normal life. hope that makes sense.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    His head does look comically big at the moment.

  • JohnyH

    180 lbs? For f*ck’s sake, he weighs less than me!!!

  • somewrestlingfansareidiots

    It’s hard to think of Batista weighing any less than a small truck.

  • HarryRKO

    Lol at the shoop experts who were amendment the pics were shooped.

  • JamieEvsxx

    “yes…I am down to a puny 180 lbs. Thats why my head looks so large. Honestly I lost 20lbs over the past yr.”

    more like 120lbs mate…I’m pretty sure that was a typo coz there’s no way in hell Batista was only 200lbs…xD

  • stoops

    Morons, he does not weigh 180. He said in his last post he lost weight and got down to 260. The only way he could lose that much weight is if he was dying. Getting off of roids does not drop your weight that much.

  • stoops

    “Gave up the weights, gluten, red meat, pork….down to 260…feel great,” he wrote. “Leaner than ever though. I feel great at this weight.”

  • randy hardy

    maybe he should have a mysterio gimmick when he’s back.

  • J4Y5ON

    Wait, he said he was at 260 the day before…
    “@DirtSheetMafia gave up the weights,gluten,red meat,pork….down to 260…feel great.”

  • Skullatorr

    He is 260 pounds not 180..

  • thatabu

    Oh my god. I remember when Batista was like 317 pounds. Then he got to 300. Now 260? What the heck is going on?