Video: Batista Wins His MMA Debut Fight

Former WWE superstar Dave Bautista was victorious in his MMA debut against Vince Lucero, a 40 fight MMA veteran who took the fight on a weeks notice. Bautista won via TKO in the first round after four minutes.

The fight started rough for the former WWE superstar as he ate a bunch of punches immediately after the bell rang, but he was able to clinch up and survive. After settling in a bit, Bautista scored a takedown where he easily achieved mount and back mount, which is where he forced the stoppage as he rained down unanswered punches.

After the fight, Bautista admitted that he was nervous once he stepped into the cage saying,

“The nerves got the best of me early and he hits like a f*cking horse.”

When asked if we would see him compete again, Bautista stated,

“I definitely want to fight again. I’m better than what I showed tonight.”

Full Results from CES MMA: Real Pain Main Card

* Dave Bautista def. Vince Lucero via TKO in the first-round
* Chandler Holderness def. Todd Chattelle via TKO in the first-round
* David Loiseau def. Chris McNally via TKO in the first-round
* John Howard def. Brett Chism via TKO in the second-round
* Mike Campbell def. Gemiyale Adkins via unanimous decision
* Calvin Kattar def. Saul Almeida via unanimous decision
* Luis Felix def. Marc Stevens via unanimous decision

Here’s a clip of the fight – watch it while you can before it gets pulled:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Johnie

    Congratulations Batista you unleashed the Animal!!!! and proved that you are Legit.

    • wiz

      i thought he looked terrible

      • Johnie

        He actually looked awesome.

        • IKeepsit100

          He looked sloppy and not confident. He can fix that as he continues.

          • John Simera Nandala

            The guy he was fighting was at least 30 pounds overweight.. but for what it was( a warm up fight vs a jobber) its was ok. He won in the first round.

          • Johnie

            Confidence yest but in terms of physique etc he looks great.

          • Gabe Velez

            The first half of the fight proved your logic.

  • Jaime Villasana

    congratulations big man i knew u would win

  • Bob

    You don’t prove you are legit by fighting a fat, past it guy who fought sloppy and was on a weeks notice.

    Put him up against someone half decent and the way he was leaving himself open would be his downfall.

    • Pozessed

      It’s his first fight, not like his going to go up against Junior Dos Santos lol.

    • Puppet H

      its his debut, dude, youre talking like a KID

    • Marvin B.

      Cant even give the dude his props and it’s his first fight FOH

  • Ninjastar

    Batista vs Brock Vs Lashley 3 way

    • IKeepsit100

      i wish there were more than 2 fighters …that would make cage fighting so damn hardcore.

  • Steven Harris

    I dont know why, but im really happy he won.

    • pwnez

      I’m surprised he won. Not gonna lie, I thought he would get destroyed.

      • m8h3r

        He kinda did at the start, the other guy was waving to the crowd for gods sake!

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        The guy he was fighting was something like 22-20 or some crap. I guess it was okay since it was Batista’s first fight but he’s going to have to make some major improvements as he goes up in competition.

      • Steven Harris

        Im suprised aswell.

  • Jaime Villasana

    batista vs cena

  • Batmansdick

    Boring Brock lesnar would own him….

  • Nicolai

    I told you ALL. BAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAH wheres all the idiots eating crow now??

    • Nicolai

      although the guy he is fighting is a straight POTATO.

  • Roy Cuffee

    a terrible win nevertheless im happy to my man batista win but i would really have hated to see would would happen to him if he had fought the guy he was originally set to fight with!

  • Ryley Hlady

    anbody else would have destroyed Bautista.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    not sure if i just watched an MMA fight………….or just watched 2 old guys wresting around seeing who gets tired first.

  • Tony

    i’ve seen a lot of bad MMA bouts, plus i know a bit about kickboxing (having been in a class for a couple years)-but this was SLOPPY! both guys were swinging and whiffing a lot and the position of their hands when they weren’t swinging-which is supposed to be up protecting their face-was so bad it looked like they were trying to just hug each other.

  • Steve James

    “Brass Body”? Really? That’s the best nickname they could come up with?

    • Cottrell Atwood

      it’s his name in the movie man with the iron fist

      • Steve James

        Well, THAT’S gonna make me see the movie!

  • The Realist

    I definately think that most of us are reading way too much into this sloppy ass win. If it was Rampage Jackson or actually anyone who trained more than a week to fight Batista he woulda been done as soon as fat ass landed those first punches. Let’s give him a couple more matches with contenders and see what Batista really has in himself. i can tell you one thing, he’s friggin’ wishing he was back at WWE now. In WWE he was friends with the legends so he can do whatever he wanted. Not here buddy. No one’s gonna be afraid of a character you invented on TV. These guys are professional fighters. I’d love to see him v.s. Lashley or Lesner tho. If he continues to fight like this he’ll be back in WWE soon. No one in this world can go from being a “Top” guy on a Mickey Mouse, PG, scripted television show to a MMA rookie. But who knows? Maybe thats the plan. He knows he can always return to WWE after this little phase he’s going thru. I hope he goes undefeated even tho this match was bad cuz if he does he can return to WWE an epic badass to the kids in the WWE universe. Plus not even Lesner went undefeated. Cuz u’know, MMA doesnt care bout ur mic skills or how great your body looks. It’s about skill, and in MMA, I’m sorry guys but they’re just not afraid of any WWE/TNA wrestlers. I hope Batista knew that before hand and didnt have a bunch of yes-men saying “No you’re awesome Dave. No ones gonna stop you. They’re afraid of you”

    • The Guest

      Why would bautista fight rampage in his first fight? that would be a terrible decision for both partIes for so many reasons. So much you don’t understand, young man. Sooo much.

    • G.I.R.L.

      He has no interest in returning to WWE until the “PG” era is over; he said so himself.

  • Cottrell Atwood

    Yeah Brass Body lol it was his first fight think he’ll do better in his next match but he needs more training

  • Mr_DJ

    It’s funny when you notice the production difference in MMA and WWE, Batista and Lucero looked tiny, especially compared to the ref lol!

  • Stoops Nic

    Well he was good enough to beat an actual fighter. That said he should not pursue many fights in MMA. He’s too old and has not anywhere near enough training and experience in the sport. I’m glad he did not embarrass himself.

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    He was awful. He can’t block or throw a punch to save his life, and the only reason he won by TKO is because his opponent is out of shape and couldn’t get up with someone as heavy as Bautista on top. Put him up against someone young and in shape and he’ll get destroyed, unless he improves.

    • Mr_DJ

      Batista isn’t a spring chicken either, he’s like 43.

    • Seriously

      Give the dude his props, stop bitching; it’s his FIRST fucking first…you want him to get destroyed against someone whose trained for years? Eat a dick

      • BrahmaBullRKO

        His opponent did train for years. His record prior to the fight was 25-25. And so what if it’s his first?

        Also, I’m not “bitching” about anything, I don’t know why that term even came up. I’m just saying he looked like he just got his white belt in karate. His punches sucked, his defenses sucked, he needs to improve. I’m sure he can, but for now, he’s not good.

        • The Guest

          Ok, I can understand the fact that you don’t get matchmaking. But to be so bold about a subject you clearly don’t understand? Come on, just stop. You’re not a bad poster but right now you are making yourself look like a fool.

          You understand the front end, but have no clue how the back end works.

          • BrahmaBullRKO

            My main point is that he sucks at punching and he sucks at blocking. It being his first professional fight doesn’t excuse him from criticism.

  • QuiXanD

    Well that sucked!!!

    • Roy Cuffee

      HAHA! AGREED!!

  • Gabriel O Andaluz

    NIce Batista

  • MisterE

    That fight was mega amateurish, both were fighting like two hillbillies drunk on moonshine at a backwoods pig roast. Joe Lauzo (the? interviewer) could
    have beaten them both…on the same night!

  • G.I.R.L.

    The original competitor would have demolished him; nothing against The Animal, but come on. :|

  • Reality

    He punched a lot behind the head…

  • fan

    I didn’t know Batista was fighting the Pillsbury Doughboy.

  • Xellix

    Buttcrack of d00m!

  • JasonH

    This guy was obviously no Booker T :/

  • Swag Daddy

    I feel like if he had not joined the WWE or at least stayed as long as he did and started training a lot earlier he could have been a pretty good fighter, but really he’ll just be meh now as he isn’t young (great shape though) but hey who knows this was only his first fight.

  • lou

    he has bigger tits than batista’s bitches

  • Scott Kinnard

    Dave doesn’t have a lot of fights in him. You don’t start this sport when you are in your 40s. Had he fought someone in their prime, he would have gotten wasted.

    • Steve James

      43, in “wrestling years”, is closer to 53.

  • Sir Joe

    this is terrible. he beat some fat guy with 2 buttholes. he wont last when he faces a real mma fighter.

  • Fan

    Batista is the best!

  • 1991awest

    Oh, no wonder he won. He fought an old fatass.

  • Rommie Cottrell

    iv always thought batista seemed like a really nice guy just from his interviews ect so im glad he didnt embarrase himself.he needs to retire immediately from mma and go back to wrestling where he can still make legit money for a few cant start a mma career at just cant so why waste time when you could do something more fruitful.

  • Stephen Wadelin

    Aye, I was right, he did fine like I said, haters gonna hate..

  • massacre

    man Batista didnt put his guard up any the whole fight, he’s lucky he wasnt in there with the ice man or it would have ended quick. but hey a win is a win, congrats

  • J.e Da Don

    he must thought he was still doig pro wrestling because he barely threw a punch but congrads to him though