Batista’s Future With WWE, Accountability Crib Cooking Show, DDP Video

– The latest on former WWE Superstar Batista’s future with the company is there are no plans for him to return any time soon. Earlier this week, Batista (via Twitter) shot down rumors that he’s in talks with Triple H about an upcoming return. A source close to him says that acting is by far his top priority right now and he will not put any movie projects on hold to do another WWE run.

That said, he is open to the idea of returning to WWE if it works with his schedule – and the earliest he could be back is WrestleMania XXX season.

– Scott Hall teased on Twitter this week, “Crib Cooking TV coming soon.” He’s been tweeting pictures of himself, Jake Roberts and other people cooking in their Accountability Crib, along with photographers filming the cooking.

– WWE’s 7/13 live event from Trenton, New Jersey drew 5,500 and a gate of $195,000. The July 11th NXT TV tapings from Winter Park, Florida had a full house with 400 fans, which was likely helped by the Grand Opening of WWE’s new Performance Center.

– Here is video of Diamond Dallas Page meeting with the American Red Cross to help the Oklahoma Tornado victims:


(Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

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  • Pozessed

    I seriously love DDP, the guy is just great.

  • pwnez

    I’m completely fine with no Batista return. He never did anything for me. His best moments were when he had his last heel run with the company before leaving.

    • Universe

      Batista is better than Cena!

      • pwnez

        Eh, not so sure about that. Batista couldn’t even have a good match with someone who was better than he was. At least Cena can have a decent match if carried. Batista also sucked at talking.

        • Peter Griffin

          duct tape.. ARE YOU SERIOUS!! lol

  • Adouble

    That’s fine because WWE doesn’t desperately need Batista right now.

  • Callum

    good job DDP :) need more people like you

  • Forceton Banfodder

    I wouldn’t mind a Batista vs. Lesnar fight at Wrestlemania… doubt it will happen, but it would be cool. Heck, I’d even dig a Lashley or Shamrock vs. Lesnar fight.

    • Daniël de Bakker

      they’re planning on Lesnar vs The Rock

      • Forceton Banfodder

        Thanks for repeating the dirtsheets to me.

        Rock isn’t a lock though and I was just voicing my opinions.

        • Vinny Letterio

          lol, some people can not dig deeper than dirt sheets man, give them a break.

  • rashad jackson

    so hopefully we will see him at RR…HOPEFULLY!…if not then maybe pull a undertaker and show up in march…lol

  • Kyle Verge

    a show with hall and jake showing everyone how to cook……METH LOL

    • fireworks Ts

      Hahahahaha… Had to laugh at that.

  • QuiteFrankly

    They don’t need another high profile wrestler. Leave him out till ya need em

  • Derrick Hightower

    i dont think batista is coming back

  • Fan

    Old is gold! Bring back Batista!