Because Wrestling – Episode 94

This week on Because Wrestling, Steph and Ant are away, so we welcome back Ali to the show as we talk – at great length – about WrestleMania 29 and how well our predictions fared!

If you’re giving us another shot after last week, thank you! We think you’ll like this episode a bit more.

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Steve Perry

Lead Producer and co-host of the Because Wrestling podcast. Also the host of the SEScoops-exclusive Breakdown podcast.

  • qwertyboy619

    Oh God, I’m not sure I want to inflict another episode on my poor ears :-/

    • gkickperry

      Give it a shot. I think it’ll go over much better this time. I admitted that 93 wasn’t very good, but this one has much more discussion, no dead air, good chemistry… I mean, if you don’t like it, it’s okay. You may just not prefer our show, but it’s definitely not bad in terms of raw production and for being a bad episode like 93 was.

      • DAX

        Shit dude you’re one man PR machine. Lets see “save as…open in Winamp (Old school Bitches)…… Heare we go.”

  • The Guest

    Im all for more podcasts. Keem ’em coming.

    If I could offer some advice from a listener’s point of view…the back and fourth banter doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t know who you are, I don’t care who you are,and I don’t care about your inside jokes and back and forth. I’m sure it adds an element of fun for you guys but for people that don’t know you, yeah, I think you get the point.

    This is a reason the Sound Off is a solid show. He has no one to play off of and thats a good thing. I don’t really care for his Wrestlemania shows because focus gets lost during the back and forth.

    Just give us more meat, less fat.

    • gkickperry

      I can respect that. I mean, this show was mainly started as just a fun way for the four of us to get together and talk about wrestling. Lots of the inside humor we use is generally from previous episodes, but I can certainly see how it’d be lost on folks who are new ot the show, so we’ll have to be careful about that going forward. Definitely don’t want to overdo it.

      The bulk of the show, at least the part of the show that I try to communicate forward to the best of my ability, is just having discussion about the various areas of wrestling. Different events in WWE, news stories, etc. We try to deliver the show in such a way that everyone has an opinion and we can all play off of it without it feeling too “inside”.

      Solomonster definitely has a great show, and it’s a different animal. As a solo show, I agree, it has a different dynamic to it. Just like the other solo show I do for SEScoops, The Breakdown. It’s very different, but I like that about our shows. It’s a little something different for everyone, but I really do appreciate the feedback and will keep it in mind as we go forward.

      • The Guest

        In no way am I trying to discourage you guys. this week was pretty solid. Like I said, “keep ’em coming.”

        • gkickperry

          Oh no, I’m certainly not discouraged. Bringing this show to SEScoops has actually been a really great move. Our listenership has shot through the roof, of course, so it has helped us to begin turning the show from the fun, casual thing it was into a little more professional operation. We’re getting there, and we’ll keep ’em coming every week!

          • The Guest

            Wait, I just noticed your name is Steve Perry.

            knowing how I made you feel
            after all your words of steel

            Oh, I must’ve been a dreamer
            and I must’ve been someone else
            and we should’ve been o-o-ver

          • gkickperry

            yeeeaah, yeaaah… yeah. haha

  • God

    This is my first time listening to your show.. and all I gotta say is yall are bad! im not hating.. but just saying that there are a lot of things you need to work on… mainly you are trying to be too specific and cover every single detail about a match and its just too much! and to not mention about the missing national anthem segment or opening pyro part despite being too specific about the pre show match, and jumping into the first match, that killed it for me… but hey we all gotta start out somewhere so good job guys. keep it up and im sure yall will do better but ill give it a shot some other time.

  • cappa37

    Why is everyone being so rude? In the end you can choose not to listen to it. There’s no need to put the guy down… he’s just doing what we would all love to do: talk about wrestling.

    • God

      awwwwwwww now isn’t that nice….

  • IKeepsit100

    I’ll listen to this during my break hours in school

    • gkickperry

      Good call. I hope you enjoy it!