Bella Twins Respond To AJ’s Promo From RAW, Maria Kanellis Gets Involved

Published On August 27, 2013 by (DIVAS News, WWE News)

The posted the following on Twitter, in response to AJ’s promo on RAW:

AJ remember you would be nothing if WWE didn’t partner you up with every top guy. Try being a diva that makes it on your own. #RAW

Also, bringing up my Dad AJ will b something u will regret. Btw how r ur parents like? Oh wait we hear you sob about it all the time. #RAW

Lastly 4 the jealous 1 AJ try defendin ur title & know we all have had a tough road 2 get here. Don’t 4get the bad things u did 2 be here.

Meanwhile, former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis also chimed in on Twitter – tweeting the following at the Bella Twins during their rant:

@nicoleandbri really on your own? You 2 are the “fluffers” of the locker room. And you held back 3 other girls from getting contracts.

@nicoleandbri learn a little bit about professionalism. The universe will take care of you. God Bless.

In case you missed it, here’s ’s controversial promo from RAW where she talked trash about the Total Divas: