Big Cass Talks About His Relationship With The Undertaker

WWE Superstar Big Cass was recently a guest on The Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast to talk about his singles run in WWE and his push. Cass noted that he tries to model his in-ring style after the likes of The Undertaker and Kevin Nash, and also revealed that he turns to guys like The Big Show and Triple H backstage for advice.

As it pertains to “The Deadman,” Cass noted that when The Undertaker is around backstage he’s able to pick his brain a bit:

“Undertaker is another guy when he’s around, I try to talk to him as much as possible,” Cass said. “Yeah, but a lot of people are kind of intimidated by him. He’s The Undertaker, he’s the godfather of the locker room. I feel like I have a good rapport with him and I try to talk to him as much as possible.”

He continued, “When he’s around I try to pick his brain and just try to listen to what he thinks about what I’m doing and what other people are doing because he’s The Undertaker.”

You can listen to the full episode here: