Big Show Discusses WWE Return, New Team With Mark Henry; Goldberg Podcast

– The latest edition of “Who’s Next w/ Goldberg,” which features Bill Goldberg’s new interview with NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr., is now available. The official description for the show reads as follows:

Who’s Next w/ Goldberg – Ep12 – Dale Earnhardt Jr & Wrestling Questions

“NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. tells Goldberg who he trusts to work under his hood and what his favorite rides are. Then BG goes to the phones to answer your wrestling questions.”

You can download the show right now at

– Below is this week’s edition of “SmackDown Fallout,” which features Big Show and Mark Henry.

Big Time Return – SmackDown Fallout – Aug. 8, 2014

“Big Show discusses returning to SmackDown and his newly formed team with Mark Henry.”

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Jesse

      Most of us wouldn’t want to listen to a 1 minute Goldberg promo, so what would possibly make us want to listen to a giant podcast with a Nascar racer of all people…

      • Steve Cold Stone Austin

        everyone instead listen to stone cold steve austins podcast with relevant guests

        • brad

          His podcast really is better.

        • Jesse

          I love that podcast

      • yrabadi

        My understanding is NASCAR is huge in the US. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of ppl tuned in, regardless of how boring it sounds.

        • Ace

          NASCAR puts me to sleep within 10 mins..

          • yrabadi

            Oh I don’t even bother watching – it seems like the most boring thing in the world to me… all I was saying was that a lot of people in the US dig it, or so I’m told.

    • Pozessed

      This could be a great team if they are given serious stuff, no comedy.. Just straight up monsters, one move I saw Henry do to Mysterio once that I think he should always do is a front roll over the opponent, I recall this as the first time I watched Smackdown since I was a kid, he was feuding with Mysterio and the roll was BEAST af.

      • Guest

        ^ Chatting lol

        • Pozessed

          Nah, seriously lol, I wish I could find it, I think it was like 2006 or something, I remember he did it near the corner, it was crazy cool.

          • Undertaker316

            maybe you can find it on the wwe network which you can get for only 9.99 a month, lol now you got me interested in finding this move

          • Undertaker316
            • Pozessed

              Nah, it had no Chavo interception… I can’t find it, it was around 2006, I think it may be before he had his Undertaker match at Wrestlemania, I think it was during his huge build up for that match, he beat a few good guys.

            • Undertaker316

              well according to this website []

              mark henry and mysterio had 4 1on1 matches and 2 took place before wrestlemania it must have happened in one of those 4 matches unfortunately wwe network doesn’t have any 2006 smackdown replays so it will probably be hard to find the right match

            • Pozessed

              Ahh, they had loads but it was so cool how he just did a front roll across his torso, one memory that sticks in my mind.

    • Undertaker316

    • Sigma ?

      Face heel face heel.. Boring.

    • thingschange12 .

      I appreciate Big Show’s commitment to the WWE for more than 10 years, but enough is enough. As for Mark Henry, I think he can still make a contribution whether it’s big or small.

    • Ace

      Go away Big Show… same goes for you Kane, and you Mark Henry. All you guys need to bounce.

    • “The Original” Kermit The Frog

      Despite the negative reMARKS down below, I think this is great for the both of them and can possibly be a great Tag team. Maybe even a great heel tag team if they decide to go down that road. I see potential here.

    • cm2014

      Show and Henry cutting promos in the back… Thumbs up.

    • Noach

      WLTT. World’s Largest Tag Team