Big Update On AJ Styles’ Status With TNA

One of the main topics of conversation behind the scenes in TNA over the past few weeks has been AJ Styles’ contract expiring – and whether the “TNA Original” will be able to come to terms with the organization.

The latest on this story is that Styles and TNA have agreed to a short-term contract extension.

Styles’ contract was set to expire within a matter of weeks – and he was reportedly offered a deal that was for significantly less money than he’s made in the past.

It’s unknown how long Styles is now locked in for, but TNA will continue negotiating with him in hopes of keeping him on board for the long term.

In case you missed it, here is AJ Styles’ promo from Thursday’s Impact Wrestling:


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  • yrabadi

    This guy needs to leave. Just go anywhere else and get a chance of scenery.

    • IWC sucks

      100% disagree. This guy would get no more exposure/treatment than a Tyson Kidd in WWE.

      He’s screwed if he parts ways with TNA financially.

      • yrabadi

        Yeah I was thinking more ROH. If TNA is already said to be offering him less, than ROH might be comparable money-wise. Go the Lethal route.

        • Jenna McKee

          ROH the REAL sinking ship? Nah!

      • askbillmitchell

        “He’s screwed if he parts ways with TNA financially.” Right because no one of stature could ever make it in the indies on his own terms. Oh wait, there have been a few:

        Daniel Bryan
        Cheerleader Melissa
        Amazing Kong / Kharma
        Evan Bourne
        Austin Aries
        Mercedes Martinez
        Melanie Cruise
        Nigel McGuinness

        What exposure are we talking about?

        You act as if TNA has this pristine record for PR – Let’s recap:

        1. Angle busted for a DUI

        2. Jeff Hardy ruins a pay per view by being unfit to compete against a Hall of Famer back in 2011.

        3. Company spends thousands (some where in the 50k – 75k) of dollars on reality star rejects that fruits them nothing.

        4. At one time (and I am sure it is as much true as it is today as it was when the story) their CHAMPIONS the face of the COMPANY were moonlighting at that Sunglass Hut to make ends meet.

        5. Management mislead Shannon Spruill which led to a lawsuit.

        6. Their contracted superstars assaulted “fans”.

        7. The company has been known to stiff workers on pay.

        8. Have been sued by at least 3 individuals about various working conditions in 11 years.

        9. Wasted god knows how much money on Hogan, Flair and the countless other yesteryear “stars” who have really done squat to raise the ratings needle.

        10. They stick with Spike like an abused spouse.

        I and most any real wrestling fan could do this for hours. The point being TNA needs AJ more than AJ (or anyone for that matter) needs TNA. Period.

        • Progressed_Now

          I got two more words for ya.

          Eric Biitchoff

          • askbillmitchell

            Ah, I see what you did there… Nicely played sir. :)

  • Jahwan

    I think the extension will last until Angle gets out of rehab. The only reason they’re keeping AJ is so he can replace Angle in MEM. If I were AJ I’d leave and go to WWE. He’d make so much more money, plus he wouldn’t be working in a sinking company that only focuses on old wrestlers.

    • Jenna McKee

      Triple H, RVD, Christian, etc.

      • Dennis Kristensen

        He said “NEW” talent.

      • Andrew Campbell

        I’ll give you Triple H, but RVD and Christian are there to get the younger guys over. You need to build them up to a degree first before feeding them to the younger talent.

      • Chris Savage

        Sandow Rhodes, Ziggler, Zayn, Krueger, the wyatts….

    • Nicolai

      I can’t believe he even entertained the idea of staying. He is one loyal guy ill tell you that. I would be GONE. There is so many great new talents in wwe he can make legendary matches with.

    • yrabadi

      Well if last nights ‘shoot’ promo is any indication, AJ is staying.

      • Xx_Deadpool_xX

        kind of a pipe bomb rip off

        • yrabadi

          True – but why not? Worked for Punk and WWE. PS – wicked avatar.

          • Xx_Deadpool_xX

            thanks best pic of me i could find jk

    • tshep

      wwe isnt interested in him

  • giants fan

    ring of honor and styles sound good to me

  • giants fan

    ring of honor and styles sound good to me

    • WCWJobber

      ROH is dead

  • Bam Bam

    I think he’s gonna stay in TNA. WWE will pay better but they might not take him HHH said TNA doesn’t have anyone WWE needs. Yeah WWE might want him but then again they might not. Plus he’s 36 so I don’t know how that would affect him. He might not want to be gonna 300 days a year from his family.

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX

      morgan is 36 too

  • Andrew Campbell

    Trust me Styles isn’t going anywhere. He only teased leaving for another organization to increase his stock with TNA so they would pay up.

    • pwnez

      Exactly and I personally still believe we will never see him in WWE ever again.

      • Andrew Campbell

        Yeah it’s unlikely. I think he’s a TNA guy for life and will probably go down with the ship.

      • Pay_Per_View

        Never was in wwe

        • pwnez

          AJ Styles wrestled on WWE Metal back in the day among other smaller shows hence why I said he will never go back to WWE.

          • Pay_Per_View


          • pwnez

            Just go on youtube and type in “AJ Styles WWE” and you’ll find the match with him vs Hurricane from 2002.

    • Progressed_Now

      lol and it didn’t even work. I bet he’s standing naked in front of the mirror pulling his pubes as self-punishment.

      • Andrew Campbell

        Thanks for the disturbing image lol.

        • Progressed_Now

          you’re welcome :), I hope you enjoyed it

          • Xx_Deadpool_xX

            nah fit

          • charles

            thats nasty lol

  • raven

    funny how the only people that think AJ has any chance in signing w/WWE is Dixie Carter and you fools

    • snoobdude

      I agree. WWE may have been interested 8 or 9 years ago, but he is too old to start there now.

  • Derringer Duo

    If there was any time for AJ to make the jump, it’s now. Where the WWE is finally seeing the value of guys grown in systems outside of their own. Thanks, surprisingly, to HHH’s vision and understanding of the value of indie guys. Bryan, Rollins, Ambrose, Cesaro are mainstays. 3 of those 4 are at the top of the card and are currently working with HHH and the WWE Champion in the main angle of the Summer.

    AJ will be valued more than them. Because, while TNA is a small fish compared to the WWE, it’s still the biggest of all the other fish, and AJ has been the face and heart of that place for a long time. They’ll respect his ability to be a long term draw for a million plus viewers. It’s something none of the above brought to the table when they arrived.

    Size no longer matters, muscle is no longer the main king in the WWE. Bryan is being built as the antithesis of that very idea. Times are changing and AJ needs to capitalize. He’s been loyal to TNA, while they’ve spit on him and guys like Joe, in favor of putting WWE leftovers on the forefront.

    It’s time to get paid, bro. You won’t be able to do this forever. Get your money while the getting is good.

  • Andy

    this guy must be an idiot

  • Big Johnny

    I don’t watch TNA very much, are the YES! chants common?

  • tnicols

    WWE will offer him big money.

  • Buzzard Follower

    u would think stlyes was the favorite to win the title at bfg not so sure now

  • Ninjastar

    Him saying he’s better then ‘best in the world’ just sets up a match with CM PUnk vs AJ someday.

  • ballz

    as ron simmons would say DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ballz

    as ron simmons would say DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nelson

    aj said in the promo that he is better than the best in the world.if he is refering to punk than he is more than can say everything good about styles but punk will always be ahead of him by a mile with wrestling skills and mic skills.

  • $li€’ Ri€ ‘Da Rulah

    i liked AJ’s promo on IMPACT Thurs night, shame the fans were so DAMN ignorant as i had a hard time hearing P1 speak! A #PipeBomb THAT WASN’T lol! I really, really, DO HOPE that Allen Jones DOESN’T, ABSOLUTELY, DOESN’T GO TO WWE! He’s been in TNA since 2002, I DON’T WANT a ‘watered down’ Phenomenol One, his movset STRIPPED, replaced with silly, ‘corporate, gimmicky, childish’ moves & dialogue. I may be in the minority here, but I HOPE, TNA can keep Styles happy… LONGTERM!

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    I like his loyalty but do not like his business sense.