Bill Goldberg Q&A: Wrestling Again, His Thoughts On Punk, Cena & Orton

Former WCW & WWE star Bill Goldberg answered some fan questions on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon. Here are some highlights of what he said:

– He is not under a WWE Legends contract

– He likes Mick Foley better than CM Punk, “hands down.”

– John Cena “Seems like a great kid..”

– Sting is “absolutely” cool in person.

– “Yes” – there is a possibility we’ll see him in the ring again.

– He wishes Dave Bautsta the best.

– He said Brock Lesnar is an “Awesome dude” and one of the few people from the wrestling business.

– He always liked Randy Orton.

– He does not keep in touch with Shawn Michaels or Triple H. A fan asking him if he likes Triple H is the “Funniest question all day.” When asked if he and Triple H could ever make peace, he said, “We’re from 2 different planets.”

– A fan asking if Chris Jericho really beat him up backstage is the “2nd funniest question.”

– If MMA was popular back when he was getting into wrestling, he would have done MMA.

– The most fulfilling thing he’s done professionally was playing football.

– He’s “Unbelievably honored” that fans still chant his name after all these years.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • siberian_skies

    What was the heat between him and HHH?

    • MW

      When Goldberg came to the WWE HHH kept trying to hold him back from winning the title and wanted to be the top draw on raw and didn’t ever want to lose clean to goldberg

    • felixrt

      I seem to recall HHH criticized Goldberg at some point (can’t remember when), and back in 2000-ish, Goldberg showed up at an HHH autograph signing somewhere and yelled at him.

      • siberian_skies


        Thanks for the answers.

  • Hobo With A Shot Gun

    Chris Jericho beat the living hell out of Goldberg just like Booker-T beat the living hell out of Batista and I think Goldberg will get his ass kick in his first MMA fight

    • cenasucks

      Gotta love Y2J!

      • Hobo With A Shot Gun


    • budgie

      according to Finlay, the second story is bogus.

    • felixrt

      Not being a Goldberg apologist here (I prefer Y2J to him), but Y2J didn’t “beat the living hell” out of him, he incapacitated him with a front facelock if I recall the story correctly. Maybe he could beat the living hell out Goldberg if he wanted to, but he didn’t, he just incapacitated him.

      Also, the Booker/Batista thing has also been exaggerated over the years. The reports six years ago stated that Booker was getting the best of Batista before they got pulled apart, but both guys were hurt by the end. To interpret that as him “beating the living hell” out of the Animal (as if it was a one-sided ass-whooping) is a bit of a stretch.

      • Gillberg

        I get my info on the internet just like you and from what I’ve read in interviews and stuff I definitely have to agree. How you explained it was pretty much how everyone else explained it. Booker T and Jericho came out on top, but they weren’t massacres.

        Way to go on keeping the story accurate felixrt

    • tiran66

      I’m pretty sure if Jericho “beat the living shit” out of Goldberg he would have said so in his book. He didn’t. Jericho was standing up for himself and was able to put a “shoot” hold on Goldberg before the altercation was broken up. Jericho said himself the “fight” was more like a school yard shoving match then an actual fight. He also said he wouldn’t want to challenge Goldberg a second time. I personally love the fact that Jericho took down Goldberg but lets keep it in perspective here.

  • Wing

    Got a little defensive about Jericho whoopin his ass.

  • Pozessed

    He should of said that he was “Unbelievably honored” to of had his ass kicked by Chris Jericho. Lol.

  • Respect

    We want Goldberg and Batista back !

  • WCWPunk

    Goldberg will always be fresh in WWE’s Fans minds, think about it, his profile is listed in the Alumni section, video, pics, everything. So if the crowd wants to chant “Goldberg!” They have every right.

  • Jayden53092

    wow looks like somebody’s butthurt that they got put in their place by Y2J.

  • Jervaughn Stewart

    Can someone explain to me how Y2J beat up goldberg?!(No offense to Chris he’s tough, but this is fucking goldberg we’re talking about)

    • Billy Red Lyons

      Possibly the same way Joey Styles got the better of JBL.

      • SOBI

        JBL was drunk goldberg wasnt

    • tiran66

      In WCW Jericho was trying to get an angle with Goldberg started. Yes in WCW wrestlers had the freedom to do that to some extent. Anyway Goldberg was pissed cause he was a serious asskisser and Jericho was a comedy heel and he didn’t want to do anything comedy. Jericho convinced Bischoff that the angle could draw money so got the green light and Goldberg went behind Jericho’s back and got the angle nixed. Instead of a match Jericho got speared hard on the entrance ramp to bury the angle. Jericho confronted Goldberg in the locker room, Goldberg told Jericho to piss off, Jericho stood up for himself and the two started fighting. Jericho put Goldberg in a shoot hold and held on till the fight was broken up. If you want to read about the story in Jericho’s own words read his book A Lion’s Tale.

  • Seth Bob

    Hilarious, him calling Cena a “nice kid”. Such a fucking joke.


    19th comment bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • morrisonfanone

    Wonder why he doesn’t like Triple H. I can think of a few reasons.

  • Justin Bruckman

    Some of you may find this interesting. Some of what Bret says is a work but the gist of the story is accurate with the exception of Jericho being traing by Stu. He was however, trained by the “Hart Family” in Calgary along with Lance Strom.

  • Swag Daddy

    I gotta say my fav part about Goldberg wasn’t the chants, feuds, being a badass, it was simply his entrance it was PERFECT, I mean comes out to pretty beast music while standing in pyro and having fans chant Goooollldddbeeeerrrgggg Goooolllddddbbeeeerrrgg