Bill Goldberg Teases The Return Of The Spear & Comments On His Future With WWE

Former WWE & WCW wrestler Bill Goldberg teased a return to the ring on Twitter on Wednesday.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was asked whether there’s a chance we’ll see Goldberg as a surprise entrant in Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. JR said, “Highly unlikely” and Goldberg replied, “How about NO” and “Not a chance in hell.”

A fan told Goldberg, “Such a shame… The Spear needs to been seen once again!!” He replied, “It’s coming.” Another fan said it’s not cool for Goldberg to tease a return to the ring if he doesn’t mean it, to which Goldberg replied, “I mean it….”

Goldberg said “I think it’s common knowledge about my feelings towards the WWE……” When another fan asked Goldberg, “I’m guessing this means you will never be in the WWE again?,” he said, “Great guess…”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Marvin B.

    I may be a minority with what I say but I’d like to see Goldberg for one appearance.

  • Zach Woolard

    Goldberg coming back full time would be a bad idea IMO. Having him come back for The Royal Rumble or maybe even WM would be great

    • Spyda Ace Capone Jones

      he wouldn’t come back even then. He cannot stand the WWE so they cannot pay him to come back for anything.

  • Jeremiah Ball

    He’s going to be on TNA Impact probably

    • Spyda Ace Capone Jones

      probably not. the man has been out of wrestling for cars and i’m sure he will keep it that way. i dont blame him

      • Jeremiah Ball

        He said a spear is coming

        • Forceton Banfodder

          TNA can’t afford him or his Ego.

          • Jeremiah Ball

            haha they can afford Angle, Hardy and Rvd.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            For how many months out of the year?

    • morrisonfanone

      They wouldn’t know what to do with him.

  • Andrew Campbell

    It would be great to see Goldberg make a one-time appearance as an entrant in the Royal Rumble match. Too bad it wont happen.

    • Vince

      It doesn’t need to happen.

      • Andrew Campbell

        I know, I’ve never been a Goldberg fan but I think it would be cool to see him make a one-time appearance in the match similar to like Nash and Booker did a couple years back.

  • pwnez

    I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE tried to set up a Ryback vs Goldberg match in the future. Goldberg making a small appearance would be ok but I wouldn’t want to see him back full time.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      Yeah, maybe if we’re lucky Goldberg could end Ryback’s career like he did Bret Hart. I’m sure Vince wants that just as much as you do.

      • Randy James Crawford

        Vince McMahon likes Ryback so no he doesn’t want that to happen.

        • Forceton Banfodder

          You realize I was being facetious, right?

          • morrisonfanone

            It’s nice to dream.

  • Frank

    Goldberg would make me MARK THE FUCK OUT if he return to the Rumble! I would like to see the look on that Goldberg RIP OFF FACE WWE HAS! And Goldberg come in the ring and then just SPEAR THE WHOLE HELL OUT OF RYBACK AHAHAH GOLDBERG RIP OFF! THAT WOULD MAKE MY FUCKIN DAY!

    • Stephen Jarrell

      i love you internet trolls who claim hes a goldberg rip off. guess yall cant get it through yalls head that ryback can actually wrestle whereas goldberg like john cena these days only has a limit move list

      • Ray-Z

        Thats Hillarious Goldberg is much more athletic than any big man in WWE , He can do a standing roundhouse kick and hes faster on his feet than other big man and hes definitely the strongest ( youtube what he did to Big Show in WCW)

    • Randy James Crawford

      Ryback is not a Goldberg rip off, He is however a build of Goldberg, RVD and Brock Lesnar, The look of Goldberg, The clothing of RVD and the stoppable monster side of Brock Lesnar.

      • morrisonfanone

        And he does the Kurt Angle strap pull. Kurt/King strap pull. Whichever.

    • Randy James Crawford

      But let me just say I loved Goldberg growing up as a kid he was awesome and I would mark out as well if I saw him.

    • fireworks Ts

      I actually agree with you. Youre the smartest guy ive seen on here so far. Goldberg spearing that piece of shit Ryback would be priceless. #ryhacksucksass

      • fireworks Ts mom

        You like sucking Ryback ass?


      goldberg vs ryback wm 29 would be much better than lesnar vs goldberg wm 20

    • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

      He’s not a goldberg ripoff, he’s Ryback, enough with this shit

  • Chad Conery

    goldberg has let his fans down hows it feel to turn your back on you’r fans who have followed you for years maybe ryback is better then you at least he is not a douche tohis fans.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    You know what, no I don’t want Goldberg back in WWE. Its bad enough that WWE has to depend on the old guys and the legends to get high ratings because the piece of shit fans can’t get their fucking head of the their asses about shit that was cool in the fucking 90’s and like to state about how they haven’t watched in years because it sucks, when they are just dumbasses stuck in fucking 1999 or that TNA needs WWE has beens and WWE never was’s just to get a buzz about their product or better yet that ROH can’t get the spotlight that it deserves because most wrestling fans are a bunch of retarded neophobes that ride the bandwagon when its popular. Its time for the new generation to get more of the spotlight. I’m sick of all these fans constantly bitching and moaning about getting new stars yet in reality they are just hypocrites that want to suck up to the old guys and get them back on the scene. Its 2013, Goldberg had his time already back in the 90’s and the forgetable run he had back in 03-04, its time for new blood to get the spotlight and all the credit. Quit bothering guys like Goldberg because they have already done what their fans want to see now in both the WWE and pro wrestling in general. I want to know who the next indie star coming on the scene is, not a legend that’s both past his prime and earned his time to enjoy life. I want to know about the next major WWE star hitting the scene or TNA’s hot new prospect or ROH’s highest asset on their roster. Its time for people to grow up and leave these guys alone, they had their time when they were rookies. Let that roster spot go to someone that deserves not to a legend that already had his spotlight

    • Vince

      Finally, someone who calls the IWC out on their bullshit.

      • Max Da Boss Patterson


    • woogle

      wow well, the trouble is not with the tallent not with the old timers, but the writers,they are completely lost, i remember watching wrestleing and there was maybe 100 people in an old gym, no stadium, no fancy writers, no millions of dollars, but just entertainment,

    • TheTruth

      Wrestling as a whole isn’t nearly as popular as it once was. Sure, writing is part of the problem, but an overall lack of young talent is the main factor.

      I don’t care how great of a “worker” someone is. If they can’t work the mic or get over, they don’t deserve a roster spot. Dean Malenko was a great worker, but the guy couldn’t draw flies if he was wrestling in shit.

      Most of the roster today in all feds have no individuality. Many just look like random people off the street in wrestling gear. Most of them could walk through an airport without being noticed. They’re not the bigger than life stars I grew up with in the 80s and 90s. Their characters are bland and cookie cutter.

      As for WWE, ratings are down, PPV buys are down, attendance is down (couldn’t even sell out the 20th anniversary Raw show?). You can’t blame Vince for bringing in the real stars he had in the past to drum up some interest. Rock gets the biggest pops week in and week out, draws mainstream attention, and all I hear is IWC marks crying about how Rock is going to beat Punk for the belt. ROCK IS A BIGGER STAR THAN PUNK. Deal with it.

      The brand extension is basically over because WWE just doesn’t have the roster depth to fill 2 shows. The dirt sites have reported frequently how Vince is pissed that WWE is failing to being new stars to the roster. You can only blame WWE so much. Some guys just aren’t meant to be in the big leagues.

      Think about everyone that has held the WWE, World, IC, Tag, etc belts over the past 6 years or so. How many of those guys could you honestly say would have won those belts if it were 1998 when WWE and WCW were loaded with talent that was drawing ratings, PPV buys, attendance, etc? Very few.

      Sorry for the rant, but someone would have to be the markiest of marks to be happy with the current product, and think some big rebound is right around the corner with “new stars”. The cupboard is bare. Real stars that draw money are few and far between today, and that’s not changing anytime soon.

      So, we look forward to when guys like Rock, Austin, Taker, etc return. Big fish, very small pond.

      • Peer Pressure

        This man speaks the truth.

        • Mr Idol

          You can put some of the blame on the creative team for not using these newer guys correctly or at all for that matter. You can also blame the fact that the WWE is not nearly as big as it once was. Alot has changed since 1998-2001. Personally I don’t understand why a wrestlers look means so much to some fans. If the wrestler has charisma, can work the mic and can perform a hell of a match then I don’t see what the problem is. Don’t you think that some fans just…hate change? Quite frankly I think CM Punk is the total package along with a few others who may not have the bodybuilder look but can gather a crowd reaction and can wrestle very well.

          • Mr_DJ

            The restrictions they put on the wrestlers in what they can and cannot do in matches is also hurting the product imo…

      • fireworks Ts

        You’re truly a fucking moron.

    • Brandon Mcguire

      It makes sense, but you have to keep in mind these guys perform on live TV, you cant just throw new people in their because of the risk of not selling the moves, im sure if there are more new wrestlers who were capable of performing at a national level they would be brought in. Since wrestling started in the 1920’s the majority of the wrestlers were in there 30’s and 40’s and with the “i know everything attitude” companies are not going to take chances on green wrestlers wanting to come out and not follow the script, hence why the older guys keep coming back because they wont blow the show and they know how to draw money. If you were an owner of a wrestling company your going to pay the guys who draw the crowds and can follow the script. Your not going to hire wrestlers who are going to lose you money. Thats why the small companies are stables for new blood and you have to keep veterans around to teach and show the younger ones about the politics of the wrestling game and help bring them up and develop a name for themselves. Not every new wrestler is going to fit the script thats why it is a process…

  • ThurgoodSinbad

    Bill Goldberg for Aces & Eights President.

  • Ares

    I’d like to see Goldberg. Not full time tho. Ryback and Goldberg have to have some sort of confrontation tho. I mean, comon Lol

  • Pvvnez

    This dude sucks and he has a terrible attitude. He is easily the most overrated wrestler ever. No question about it. I dont miss him at all. Hell I didnt even find him as entertaining as the Ultimate Warrior and thats saying something.

    • fireworks Ts

      Goldberg is the most overrated wrestler ever? Get the hell out of here dude. Ultimate Warrior was a hell of alot worse and so was Hogan for that matter. I dont like Goldberg either but at least his ass would put asses in seats. The crowd would go insane if he were to make a return. Fucking moron.

      • pvvnez

        are you serious you really think Goldberg drew more than Hogan (btw he was big for like a yr tops) or the Ultimate Warrior for that matter?

        • fireworks Ts

          Actually you are totally correct. I went back and read up sorry for my ignorance and thank you for schooling me sir

          • fireworks Ts mom

            I’m ashamed to have raised a son uneducated as yourself so yes thank you for schooling him

      • fireworks Ts mom

        Fag boy

  • thetruthwillsetyoufree

    Who really really cares? Goldberg is NOT going to be the same as he was 10-12 years ago..
    Yes a surprise rumble return would be very very epic! but why do us as fans always look forward to a part timer from the past, than a full timer in the present who is tomorrow’s future?

    • Bro88

      One word dude, nostalgia

  • stone cold 4 life


  • morrisonfanone

    Just think, he could help Ryback take out the Shield. I would love that.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    I’d rather see Gillberg return than Goldberg. With that said, I don’t want to see Gillberg either.

  • FunnyxD

    Goldberg said on Twitter that he will not appear on the Royal Rumble.

  • MattM

    Maybe TNA is going sign Goldberg…Lockdown 2013 is at the Alamodome which seats 65,000…Maybe TNA thinks he can still draw that much

    • kquickstillsucks

      TNA isnt even running in the Alamodome they are going to be in a smaller building attached to the Alamodome He wouldn’t draw flies for TNA.

  • Macc Frost


  • MisterE

    Why does it matter if he returned to the wwe or not, whatever the case may be, if he did return the fans would be in a frenzy of excitement…if he doesn’t or never returns…so the f’k what..who cares. Same can be said for The Rock, it doesn’t matter if he’s in the wwe or not…the fans are use to this sort of thing. But it kills me when people are acting like Goldberg didn’t bring excitement to wrestling?!….if this isn’t true, then why in the hell was he such a HUGE wrestling STAR? And quit hatin on Ryback, he’s trying his best to leave his own mark on wrestling, let the guy do his thing and maybe he’ll end up being just as much of a star as Goldberg, The Rock or Stone Cold. I could understand people hatin Ryback if he was like a ‘Brodus Clay’ type. But he’s not, no where near that…he’s beastin and working his azz off..taking it as well as dishing it out…in grand style.

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    The only two promotions I see Goldberg going “if” he returns, and that TNA or NJPW. Since TNA got rid of Russo-which was one of Goldberg’s biggest complaint-we could see him team up with Hogan against Aces or Eights, or he could be a part of Aces and Eights. NJPW could be possible since the style is stiff, and Goldberg would make a good amount of money.

    Then again, Goldberg could be heading to the WWE; he’s probably having his fans second guess. Then again, Goldberg is probably giving out a lot of hot-air to gain attention.

  • TheUndertakerFan

    If goldberg came back id jump out of my seat WWE needs him back hope they match their bad terming

  • ishagol

    I see all these comments about wrestling not being as popular as it once was. It might be just my opinion but it seems like everyone is looking at this issue within the scope of wrestling and not the whole North American society as a whole. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with what creative or company managements are doing. Maybe they are working twice as hard to find a solution to the low rating. Could it be society as a whole being interested in other things now? I mean 20-30 years ago, the internet was not available to majority of the families in America. Wrestling was one of those more real than cartoon or TV shows and edgier than most sport shows type of genre. I always thought wrestling was 100% real in every way when I was young but nowadays a 10 years old could easily tell me it’s scripted. I think someone once mentioned this about what really ruined wrestling and I personally agree. The overexposure and availability of access to wrestling content ruined wrestling. People are constantly trying to entertain themselves with new things now because we are bored very easily. There are more choices in term of entertainment out there for mass consumption so why should people sit around and dedicate their time to wrestling when you could be doing something that is new and exciting? I hate to admit it because wrestling was always a big part of my childhood but it’s time to let go and accept the fact that wrestling will just be one of many choices on our TV guide and WWE will never reach the height it once did….*sob*sob*

    • Mr.Man

      This is the most logical and probably correct thing I’ve read on this form I’m in complete agreement this is why wwe have changed it target audience to children and families who are easier to entertain

  • Ryan Brentley Gately

    Mike Bennett should honestly make a debut to the WWE. You want to talk about robotic maneuvering in the WWE? Look at Dean Ambrose, he isn’t the brightest tool in the box, but he is honing in on impressive wrestler’s skills and improving on his own currently while he is in the S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s only a matter of time until they recruit the likes of Chris Hero, Bo Rotunda, Sterling James Keenan (Corey Graves), and Richie Steamboat from the NXT roster. Just whenever they have the intelligence to ditch WWE NXT already because it is a useless waste of space with the WWE Main Event and Saturday Morning Slam being introduced. Just stay with FCW.

  • scotthallfan

    as a life long fan,who grew up with wrestling in the 80s and 90s,i have to wonder..not about the new breed of up and coming would be talent,or lack thereof,direction of “said company”ect ect….but rather the new breed of wrestling fans. i mean WTF!! as i look through the comments i am always smh that todays wrestling fan,has no friggin clue about the product,or how to be a damn fan in the first place.the constant bitching about old stars taking new guys spotlight,thiere time being over with a dif. generation,lack of respect for other generations superstars,OR older generation fans.not to mention some of you are the biggest bunch of dum ass fans ive seen out of 30 yrs of being a fan…not to mention a former indy wrestler!! the new breed JUST DOESNT GET IT!first of all you cry about young talent not getting a shot at the top.YOU HAVE TO BE SPECIAL in the biz. to be at the top.along with alot of luck and very good dont just throw a no name jobber,or a mid card talent that possibly will never peak,to superstar status to put asses in seats,and carry the blood has to be seasoned,and ready to play in the big leagues or they and the company will fail.thats why the “old guys” still come back from time to time for a booster shot that the company may fans and smarks fail to realize the reason your asses are still able to see wwe/tna programing is bc of these old timers that made the biz big in the days before you so you could sit there like smarks and arm chair critic every little thing about the very thing youre sposed to be a fan of.personally i like the fact that wwe’s current champ isnt a body builder big guy champ.and hes over the same way the big guy would be..putting asses in seats,when wrestling was hot in the 90s,and i was a either liked so and so or you didnt,you either liked wwe or wcw,rare cases of a hard core fan you liked both and superstars on both,but you ALWAYS respected all wrestling and all fans generally united in some way bc wrestling fans caught major shiz just for being fans.not a buch of whiny sissies mad at the older gen. or know it all mofos who thought they knew the biz. or what it takes to make a star.the only thing us fans cared about was when raw,nitro,or smackdown came on and we got to watch the show.oh and cena haters,you might want to thank his fruitty pebble 5 move havin ass,for being so marketable and helping do his part in keeping wrestling alive so YOU,the ungratefull new age fan can spew toxic crap about the damn wrestling biz.WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUST BEING A FAN BC YOU LOVE WRESTLING??

  • WCWPunk

    Plain and simple, Goldberg IS NOT heading back to WWE >.<

  • jatinmaan

    dying to see a orignal wrestler back in the fack wwe . come back bill u can creat wonders

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    I don’t like Goldberg. This is my opinion, but he’s waaaaaaay too over hyped and overrated. All he had going for him was the unstoppable gimmick, which started to become predictable and repetitive. As soon as he lost, his character fell off in my opinion. I respect what he’s done but do i want to see him again in WWE, no. Go to TNA. They need you. WWE doesn’t. I hate to say it but i like Ryback far more than Goldberg, i just feel they’re using him wrong. Ryback needs a feud. Not a 3 man (the shield) feud, a single feud. Mark Henry would be perfect. I’d stray away from Show, as i don’t think Ryback can do the slam with him.

  • raVen

    side note- katlyn does a better spear than edge and/or batista ever did.

  • Noach

    Just like Ric Flair gave Miz the figure four, The spear is back in WWE with Kaitlyn. I wonder how Goldberg gave it to her? :o)

  • shawn sinclair

    it would be awesome if goldberg to go against Ryback on Monday night Raw

  • Black Green Violet

    goldberg will return on the night after wrestlemania 29

  • Kelvin Benjamin Adcock

    even if he doesn’t return to the ring he should still make a god of war movie

  • Zac Franklin

    as a long time fan of wrestling i must say it just sucks now. the newer actors just cant captivate the audience like those of the attitude era or even before then. the writers suck. pg-13 kills the show over all. they’re forcing out all the performers that people like. case in point over the last few years triple h has went to an office position, micheals quit, edge quit, the list goes on. they split up king and jr on announcement. the only thing they have that’s redeeming anymore is taker and his streak, and thats barely enough to make me stick around for one show a year. they need to bring back some of the old stars, they offer so much more than people give them credit for. theres nothing that can prepare a young star like learning the art from someone who wrote the book with their own blood, sweat, and tears! frankly to get to see an older star in the ring pushing his body to the limit not because they need the money but for the enjoyment of the fans should be an honor, let alone to be one of the lucky guys that get step into the ring and go toe to toe with the legends. the fans aren’t in the wrong for not liking wrestling anymore, management is for making it shit. no one on the show works as a family anymore, they’re all out for themselves, the money, and the fame. back in the day when a locker room wasnt a soap opera of bullshit, when the stars actually respected each other, looked out for one another, were proud to go out there with any of the other stars and get the living hell beat out them they had a connection with their fans, respect for and from them, and that’s what made wrestling great, not some flashy, overconfident, jackass that thinks they can wrestle cuz they took a few acting classes and spent a ton of money to get a spot on a roster. it’s pathetic how people drone on about how “great” the show is now as compared to how it was when they havent seen the timeless classics. i only wish that i could of stepped in the ropes with some of the greatest men to ever grace the name of entertainment television, or that any one of them would even take the time to read this post.