Bo Dallas Pays Tribute To His Brother Bray Wyatt

The man with the face you just want to punch pays homage to his older brother, Bray Wyatt:

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  • VJGraziano

    If Bo can overtake Cena as the guy who delivers insparation and positive messages, much like Cena’s Hustle, Loyalty, respect stuff, (along with some other new and over faces) then just maybe Cena can finally turn heel, and we can see an awesome “brother vs brother” “good vs evil” WWE title showdown at MW33 once Bo has earned his spot.

    And yes, i know that Cena is more than likely not going heel, but if he were to lose this feud with Bray, he has an excellent lead in to a turn by claiming how everyone has turned on him…including the kids.

    • bri

      Bo is a heel. I’m guessing you don’t watch NXT

      • VJGraziano

        Nope lol. Nevermind then. His promos seemed like that of a good guy. I literally only watch raw and sports games. Other than that I dont watch television. Oh well.

        • bri

          you should check out NXT, it’s one of their best shows.

      • youngrob2121

        I’m a casual fan, but arnt they gromming this guy to be their next cena in the future? Or is that not the case.

        • bri

          no, he’s a heel. His gimmick is that he pretends to be a good guy but he’s a douche that stabs you in the back and does dirty things to win. He’s kind of a Justin Bieber type.

          • thatguy

            funny how people who have no idea who Bo dallas is wonder why others allready dont like him…hes a huge douche on nxt and i cant lie im excited to see how they use him on the main roster

            Also…..go ahead punctuation and grammar Nazi’s have your lol fun complaining about my mistakes….(which are purposely done)

  • bri

    That’s actually funny. Usually the guy gets on my nerve. He got me to pop for him.

  • omega riddler

    I don’t want to punch that face. I want to rip it off and flush it down a toilet

    • samijai

      I want him to have a severe career ending injury in his debut like a Sycho Sid leg break or get Tombstoned by Owen Hart.

      • Dan Kincaid

        what is wrong with you?

      • omega riddler

        I hate his cheesy grin but you have taken it too far. You are a terrible person.

    • Chris Zaia

      why? i can see that happening to that adam rose clown but why bo dallas?

      • bri

        Don’t be a lemon, Be a Rosebud!!!

  • Undertaker316

    no hes got the bo-le in his hands

  • Noach

    Is he humping the world?

  • CSSA

    I wonder if they will be storyline brothers.

    • Dmonty2000

      They’re brothers in real life

  • Marshall Mathers

    hope roman reigns spears him and sends him back to nxt

  • Buzzard Follower

    i bo lieve we have a heel that will actually never get cheered

  • Donny Octave

    That’s one bizarre family tree right there…

  • Summer Rae Dudley


  • GN-0015

    Epic trolling. I’m a Boliever.