Bob Backlund Talks HOF Induction, Drugs & Steroids, Hogan Taking His Top Spot & More

Bob Backlund joined the VOC Wrestling Nation Radio Program to discuss his WWE Hall of Fame Induction, his upcoming book, his website, and much more. The VOC Wrestling Nation is the flagship show of the VOC Nation Radio Network, and can be heard every Wednesday from 5PM-7PM ET. Here is some of what Mr. Backlund had to say:

Performing in front of hot crowds: There are a lot of things that I can’t do in practice, but when I get into the ring with the emotion of the people, it makes your adrenaline run very high and I can do them very easily.

His new business evdeavor, Gym in a Box: Back in the 80s I used to run for conditioning. If you run long enough, you will end up hurting your knees very badly. I learned about a product called “step test”, and you can do these step exercises for a long period of time without damaging your body.

A return to the ring: I’m in better shape now than I’ve been in a long time (because of the Step Test); the WWE said that they would not welcome me into the ring – I said to them that if the people want me, they’ll put me into the ring. It’s all about what the people want.

Finally getting inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame: There were some things going on that we had to get settled behind the scenes before I agreed to go into the Hall of Fame. I have a book coming out in late 2013 that will chronicle all of my trials and tribulations with the WWE, as well as my whole life.

Taking Drugs: I didn’t party. I didn’t change my rules for everyone. I don’t go down to their level, I make people come up to mine. I hate to see young kids make that decision to go down to someone else’s level. I hate to see people try to fit in; they want you to fit in because they want to bring you down to their level.

Steroids: I never, ever desired to have big gigantic muscles. You can’t judge a book by the cover. I was as strong as anybody in the business, and I’m proud of it because I worked very hard to get that way.

Getting his opportunity to be the top guy in the WWE: I was going the extra mile, and doing more than I was expected to do. People behind the scenes took notice, and I got my opportunity.

Hulk Hogan coming in and taking his spot: At the time (I felt slighted). I thought I was sort of family with the McMahons. But then, when I think back, you can’t hold on to something forever. When someone new comes in, he wants to make new decisions, and it worked out very successfully for them.

Working as a heel at the end of his career: I explain this in great detail (in my book). I refused to be a bad guy in the 80s. (Then we saw an opportunity) to make me a bad guy by being good. I built up a huge vocabulary to I could agitate the plebeians. I said they changed and they were going in a bad direction. The thing was, I meant every word of what I said. I was trying to encourage children to memorize things and they thought that was a bad thing.