Booker T News: HOF Video & Booker’s Reaction, Harlem Heat Reuniting

On Monday’s WWE RAW, it was announced that SmackDown General Manager Booker T will be entering the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2013. Booker T tweeted the following reaction to the news:

Booker T spoke to Matt Striker at RAW during an exclusive interview for the WWE App. Booker T said he’s overwhelmed by the honor and teased that his days in the ring are not over. He also said that Harlem Heat will be reuniting at the Hall of Fame ceremony, as his brother Stevie Ray will be there with him.

Here is WWE’s Hall of Fame induction announcement video for Booker T:

Brad Davis

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  • Lorenzo Dozier

    Dustin, Stevie Ray or his wife should induct him into the Hall of Fame.

  • Grey Avatar

    ‘thanks to all me fans’. For some reason, I can’t stop reading that in William Regal’s voice.

  • fatneal

    i got mixed emotions…booker t is one of my favs of alltiime but i kinda wanted him to headline the HoF hes like 4th place in this hall behind foley, bruno, backlund…great class but still i kinda wish they put it off for another 5 years atleast…i like when we see guys we havent see in a while…booker is seen way too often

    • Jeremy Gordon

      No way in hell would he ever headline the HOF.

  • satishwarne708

    Booker is a legend no doubt but such legendary figures are nominated this season that he is looking a little out of place but well deserved regardless.Now can you dig that suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?


    Booker being inducted over Paul Bearer is a crock kinda like Koko B Ware being inducted.

    • Jeremy Gordon

      William Moody just died you retard, the HOF is determined a while ago because deals need to be reached.

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    His WWE career was a joke, what a way to bring down an otherwise great HOF.


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