Breaking News: Rampage Jackson Signs With TNA, Bellator & Spike TV

TNA issued the following announcement on Tuesday afternoon, revealing that UFC legend Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has signed a groundbreaking deal with TNA, Bellator MMA and Spike TV:


Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, the mixed martial arts icon and action-movie star has agreed to a monumental, multi-year partnership with Spike TV, Bellator MMA, and TNA Wrestling, it was jointly announced today by Kevin Kay, Spike TV President, Bjorn Rebney, Bellator CEO, and Dixie Carter, TNA Wrestling President.

The landmark partnership includes Jackson competing in Bellator MMA, along with joining the superstars of TNA’s “Impact Wrestling,” which includes fellow Bellator fighter “King Mo” Lawal.

Spike TV will also create a special reality series featuring Rampage that will lead into his debut with Bellator, along with other entertainment initiatives.

“Rampage is a true superstar both inside and outside the MMA cage” Bellator CEO & Chairman Bjorn Rebney said. “The partnership that we’ve created with Quinton is unlike anything that’s ever been done in the sports & entertainment arena and Rampage is the perfect athlete/entertainer to carry it off.”

“Rampage is one of the best known MMA fighters competing today,” said Carter. “He is a true cross-over star and his talent, big personality and popularity among a wide range of fans make him an extraordinary fit for our company,”

“We are thrilled to create this opportunity for one of the greatest athletes and personalities in MMA,” said Kevin Kay, Spike TV President. “Rampage is a proven ratings driver who brings incredible star power to both Bellator and TNA.”

Jackson (32-11) joins Bellator as a former Pride and UFC champion, having last fought on Spike TV in September 2007, in a fight vs. Dan Henderson that drew nearly 6 million viewers, making it one of the most watched fights in the sport’s history. In 2009, Jackson served as a coach on Spike’s “The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights,” the highest-rated season by far in franchise history, delivering over 3 million viewers per week. Rampage joins a Bellator Light Heavyweight division that features “King Mo,” Renato “Babalu” Sobral, Emanuel Newton, Attila Vegh and Vladimir Matyushenko.

The charismatic fighter from Memphis, TN began his professional MMA career in 1999 and established his legacy across the globe through epic battles with MMA titans including Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddell, Jon Jones and Dan Henderson among others.

Jackson starred in the 2010 blockbuster film, “The A-Team,” as “B.A. Baracus,” the character made famous by Mr. T in the television series. Jackson’s other film credits include “Confessions of a Pit Fighter,” “Fire With Fire,” “Never Surrender,” and “Miss March.”

  • Andrew Campbell

    RAMPAGE!!!!!!!!!! Wow, wasn’t expecting that.

  • #heel420

    So this was this big signing? For once Dixie wasn’t bullshitting. This is actually a pretty big deal.

  • Bam Bam

    Now we know who the Big free agent is. That was a left turn thought it was gonna be a Former WWE guy but I like this better.

  • Andrew Campbell

    Rampage has a lot of charisma. The guy knows how to talk which makes him a good fit for pro wrestling.

    • #heel420

      Agreed. I love Rampage.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      Yeah and TNA is great at letting people shine and show their true potential. I mean Samoa Joe’s been on top for years now, right?

      • Andrew Campbell

        I wouldn’t know, I haven’t watched TNA in years lol.

        • Michael Carter

          I don’t know about that. Rampage’s head and heart haven’t been in fighting for years now. Can you blame him though? He’s had a lengthy, brutal career.

          • Andrew Campbell

            You’re right, I think he lost interest in MMA towards the end of his first UFC run. I think his initial desire was to move into movies starting with the A-Team movie, which unfortunately for him ended up being a flop. I think MMA is purely just a means for him to make money now.

          • Krypton Magic

            A team wasn’t a “flop”, it wasn’t a super summer blockbuster, but it was actually a watchable, fun movie, and props to rampage, he was good in it. perfectly cast.

          • Andrew Campbell

            It was an enjoyable film, but in terms of what it made at the box office, it was considered a flop. That’s why no sequel will be made in the near future.

        • Krypton Magic

          that is EXACTLY what has happened. the headline SHOULD READ. TNA get’s leftovers from Rampages deal with Spike and Bellator, meaning he will make an appearance 3 times a year on TNA.

        • Forceton Banfodder

          So you’re saying he’s the Brock Lesnar of TNA? Sounds about right.

          • mrchopper

            BLACK LESNAR.

          • Andrew Campbell

            *Choc Lesnar lol

      • Krypton Magic

        uhhhh Samoa Joe is a generic, day late dollar short, no charisma having hack. Rampage is a draw, much like the rock, but not the acting chops of the rock or mass appeal.

        • Forceton Banfodder

          Your opinion. Still doesn’t deride the fact that TNA regularly drops the ball with their talent.

          • Hellaluyeah

            So does the WWE. They have so many Jobbers (even their Intercontinental and US Champs job regularly) and so much talent wasted…. Samoa Joe isn’t as fit or over as he once was and he lacks charisma. He’s exactly at the level he should be right now. Christopher Daniels, Robert Roode, Austin Aries and Kazarian are the best wrestlers/talkers in TNA right now imo (AJ Styles of course is a great wrestler too, but not so much a talker). And they get to cut promos and wrestle almost every week or at least get to do one of the two. All of them are homegrown talent. They are not in the main event currently, but don’t really have to be either. Everyone knows they are the best (future and former World Heavyweight Champions), so it just matters that you see them every week. TNA gets some things right. The main event doesn’t have to feature the best wrestlers, it has to feature the biggest draws. The best wrestlers have to go into the other matches to make the entire show entertaining, not just the main event.

  • Clay Edwards

    Kudo’s to tna & company, thats big time & could actually move the needle a little bit if done properly. It’s kinda funny because I remeber the exact same hype about King Mo (who I had never heard of & I’ve been a avid mma fan for 15 years). Rampage knows how to promote a fight & this should be big time if they use him for their 4 ppv’s per year & on Impact to promote those ppv’s kinda like the wwe does with Brock Lesnar so you dont have the burnout factor or the novelty doesnt wear off.

  • Manuel Viramontes

    yes!! I love Rampage! For those who dont know the impact he can cause, look up on Youtube, Rampage slams Arona! he has some of the most devastating power bombs that he used in MMA that look like stuff one would use in pro wrestling. This is huge news for once!!

  • TDR25_Forever

    I’m a little skeptical about this one, but I always kinda figured that he would be perfect for the Sports Entertainment-like wrestling world.

  • Real


    • Andrew Campbell

      To be fair, they both suck right now. And this is coming from a loyal WWE fan.

      • Real

        it’s boring because it’s PG era …

        • Forceton Banfodder

          Wrong. It’s boring because scripts.

          • Krypton Magic

            wrong, and wrong. its not pg era, or scripts. ITS THE TALENT! there are no originals left. Pro wrestling was founded on, and successful in its biggest days because of 2 things. Characters, AND storyline. Its why I watch it. I don’t watch it to see guys take fake bumps, or fake headbutts, feigning injury, etc. I watch because its like a soap opera for men. Until they get some new, original talent, its gonna suck.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            And those old school wrestlers used to go off the cuff, they didn’t read scripts. The storylines were booked, the wrestlers made them happen. Now everything is SCRIPTED and it sucks.

          • Peer Pressure

            I agree with you, bro. I get bored quick during wrestling matches. I only enjoy fast paced, spot filled matches. You’re right, there are no more interesting characters in main stream pro wrestling, and the last good wrestling storyline IMO was the Nexus storyline.

    • pwnez

      WWE hasn’t been good for well over a year now. Raw is watchable only because of the Shield.

      • Real

        WWE needs a BIG stars like Brock Lesnar,Batista,Bobby Lashley…etc

        • Andrew Campbell

          Brock and Batista, yes. Bobby Lashley, no. That guy sucked.

          • Marko

            Lashley is a 100x better wrestler than Batista and his amature background matched that of Brock Lesnar’s. He only sucked at talking but he had that charisma of doing very high spots for guy his size. I was like HOLY S***T! when he busted up the steel cage on Umaga with his back.

          • Kris Mystery

            Batista sucked too

        • Forceton Banfodder

          All those guys you mentioned were unknown at one time. Seriously, no one has any patience to build up new guys. I see loads of potential in the newest crop. Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, Ziggler, Big E, Sheamus, Cesaro, etc. Those guys are the next batch of stars. Quit pining for the old days and the old guys, or just quit watching.

      • Marko

        And Daniel Bryan.

  • I’m a Paul Levesque Guy.

    I am absolutely fine with this. Hope his TNA career doesn’t end up like Frank Trigg’s.

  • TimS

    Tenay: OH MY GOD TAZ! What’s Rampancy Johnson doing in the Impact Zone!?

    Taz: “He finally CROSSED THE LINE! It’s the biggest signing in the history of history!”

  • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

    I love the idea of the signing but in the end i dont think it’ll help them at all, look at “King Mo” for an example

    • Kris Mystery

      Rampage Jackson is much more known than King Mo. I still have no idea who that guy is.

  • GN-0015

    OK, let’s give him a chance.

  • DropkickMurphy

    He is a big free agent. However, he isn’t a wrestler. He may train to be a wrestler but he’s not going to come in and make this summer at TNA huge by any means.

  • pwnez

    For once her major announcement was actually major. Well, I hope this works out for TNA.

  • riyadviper


  • Progress_Now

    never heard of him :)

  • Derringer Duo

    Dang, I thought Dixie was just going to drop another Turd, but this actually is a nice signing. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see Rampage in Pro-Wrestling. The three guys I wanted to see most were Rampage, Tito and Forrest. Rampage was at the top of that list. He has the charisma and athleticism, and actually WANTS to be more than an MMA fighter. Good pick up, IMO.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Big name, but it’s TNA. He will get pushed hard once and then left in the shadows of others for the rest of the time. Don’t need to be a psychic to see this future.

  • Pozessed

    Agreed. This could work pretty well

  • Marshall Mathers

    I still won’t watch tna

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    Damn i wish WWE got this guy. I love Rampage.

  • Mr 561

    Rampage is a megastar and is probably one of the biggest free agents that TNA could have signed .. Kudos to them, some of their “MAJORRRR!!” announcements actually deliver

  • Adam-Michael

    I only know who this guy is because they mentioned him on TNA before…and how exactly is this BREAKING NEWS when they been talking about and promoting him training for a match in TNA all year?… this sucks and he is going to fail as a wrestler, end of

    • Forceton Banfodder

      I think you’re thinking of King Mo.

  • Adam-Michael

    I only know who this guy is because they mentioned him on TNA before…and how exactly is this BREAKING NEWS when they been talking about and promoting him training for a match in TNA all year?… this sucks and he is going to fail as a wrestler, end of

  • Adam-Michael

    how wasn’t you? it’s been talked about by TNA on impact for months…

    • Andrew Campbell

      I haven’t watched a TNA show in years.

  • Adam-Michael

    how wasn’t you? it’s been talked about by TNA on impact for months…

  • bri

    Kind of old to just be getting into pro wrestling. He’s also a bad actor.

  • Paul Kersey

    Is he going to actually work a match, unlike King Mo?

  • Getting fed up with TNA

    TNA can’t come up with an original idea to save their lives. A day at the TNA office. First Booker says “Hey, Vince got a big MMA fighter in Brock Lesner and that went well.” Second booker says “Your right, lets do that too.”. TNA copies just about every story line and idea that WWE does. Stop focusing all your time and effort on the old farts and build up the young talent that you have. I think that I’m one of the last six people that actually still watch TNA. Fire Bishcock and Blowgan and get better bookers and writers. This company was much better when it was NWA Total Nonstop Action.

  • LOL

    Who toells Dixie that these are good decisions? Bring in washed up Hogan and Now he wants a title shot. I know theres TNA fanboys on here and they may find this to be a big deal but at least Vince can come up with better big surprise announcements than this one. No wonder TNA will never give WWE a run for their money.

  • DigitalWWE

    Alright TNA, I’ll give you this one. Pretty big signing.



    • Zack Stinson

      Austin Aries?

  • askbillmitchell

    Come on Dixie. No one can serve two masters (at least long term). I purpose that we just cut out the middle man (being you in this scenario) and have you just sell the promotion to Viacom seeing as how they already own Bellator and they are obviously calling the shots anyway.

  • askbillmitchell

    Until Rampage suffers a injury during a Bellator fight, then he is pretty useless.

  • Nicolai

    You, and anyone who “liked” this are crazy!!! Rampage is very talented, he has a ton of charisma, but he ISN’T A WRESTLER!!!! His game is now winding down, and good old TNA as its known for, opened its doors for yet another random famous person to stay on tv. WHAT A JOKE. This company is comical.

  • Zack Stinson

    Would not mind seeing a Rampage Jackson/Kurt Angle feud.

  • Kris

    Remember seeing a comments a little while ago on here about a WWE vs TNA PPV. Well, if it did happen, Lesnar vs Jackson could be a possibility. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  • tman

    im still kinda confuse does this mean rampage is now a prowrestler or just make apperace from time to time