Breaking News: TNA Confirms The Release Of Five Wrestlers

TNA Impact Wrestling has confirmed the releases of the following wrestlers:

-Joey Ryan
-Christian York
-Madison Rayne
-Taeler Hendrix

TNA may release additional talent as the company is in the midst of taking cost-cutting business moves.

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Matt Boone

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  • Pokemon trainer Jim

    Two words. Blame Rampage!!!

  • Pokemon trainer Jim

    Two words. Blame Rampage!!!

    • Johrdann Miller

      you are so right, they pay all this money to the likes of rampage and hogan who basically do nothing..

    • pwnez

      It also explains why some TNA wrestlers wanna leave the company once their contracts expire. No sense in sticking around.

    • Andrew Campbell

      …and Hogan, brother!

    • sr1

      Number of people that will switch the TV on because Rampage Jackson is appearing > Number of people who will switch the TV off because Joey Ryan, Crimson et al. won’t be appearing. Makes perfect business sense to make those cuts to accommodate Jackson, at least in the short-term anyways.

      • Cujo999

        In a vacuum, yes. However, it’s not like Rampage’s appearance’s have caused huge ratings spikes when he’s appeared on TV or done anything to help the live gate. TNA still doesn’t understand their audience. Their audience is primarily smarks who want to support an alternative to WWE. Bringing in guys like Rampage and King Mo to cut promo’s and do staredowns is simply not going to appeal to their current audience.

        TNA has start being realistic about their roster if they’re worried about money. They have to look at top salaried guys like Sting, Hogan, Rampage, etc and honestly ask if these guys are drawing enough money through increased ratings, gate attendance, and PPV buys to offset, let alone turn a profit off of, the money they are being paid. Unfortunately, they are once again starting from the bottom up with budget cuts. Guys like Sting and Hogan have been MIA for long periods with little to no effect on ratings. Cutting them makes more sense than axing cheaper young talent that they could eventually develop into something.

    • sadowolf

      I could be mistaken on some details, but I do know Rampage’s contract is through Viacom, which also allows him to compete for Bellator. That means he gets paid by Viacom, not TNA. The same goes for King Mo, and I believe Hogan as well. I doubt TNA would sign guys like Rampage and Mo without Viacom’s deep pockets footing the bill.

      So you may not want to be so quick to blame the higher paid wrestlers’ salaries for pushing the lower guys out.

  • jccox01

    TNA is slowly dying.

    • KCfriedchicken86

      Gotta cut the fat

    • Nicolai

      Yet GODDERZ still is gainfully employed. LOL. Good luck TNA, you need it.

    • The Troll Hunter

      lol, people have been saying this same old crap for years now! get over it & stop wishing for wrestlers to lose their jobs!

      • jccox01

        because it’s true, look where it’s at now. they fucked up.

  • Aparpak

    so much for the gut checks…

  • Aparpak

    so much for the gut checks…

  • Michael Jobe

    Why not cut Hogan? Is Dixie really that dumb? Hogan gets paid more from TNA then Cena does WWE. ( I think I read that some where then again I may be talking out of my @$$)

  • Andres0082

    And yet they are salivating with the idea of signing former WWE stars.

  • bri

    TNA really needs to check their priorities, Cutting Christian York and keeping some of that real dead weight. Like hogan and and his horrible daughter. This is exactly why TNA will never be a big promotion.

    • The Troll Hunter

      yea, the 2nd biggest promotion in the USA will never be a “big promotion”. If that’s the case then the wwe wouldn’t have tried to bar them from certain arenas!

      • bri

        if you think they are “big” than you must be smoking to much pot. Most people never heard of them.

  • J-Disqus

    Why won’t my messages get past moderation. No profanity, no spam, etc. ?

  • Marshall Mathers

    Lol tna has always an always will absoululty suck

  • Marshall Mathers

    Lol tna has always an always will absoululty suck

  • Mr. Backlund

    Wow. Crimson was pushed really hard last year. Watch out Magnus. This could be you next year.

  • vintage Fan

    what a CROCK!,

    good wrestlers gone Bye-bye9 (don’t forget RVD)

    lets say goodbye to Hogan too!

    TNA is watched, but not enjoyed–hate this aces &8’s bull, all their storylines,

    bully ray as champ,……shall I go on????!!!!

  • Michael Carter

    Am I really seeing people complaining that any of these guys were released? Where were you guys when Crimson and Joey Ryan were actually on tv? To be honest, I’d release all of these guys even if budget cuts weren’t an issue. They were rarely used and they weren’t exactly lighting anyone’s world on fire.

    • 197921998

      Because they’re the IWC…all they do is complain.

    • Jamie

      It’s not their fault they wasn’t used, blame the damn writers.

      • Michael Carter

        So it’s the writer’s fault crimson and joey ryan didn’t get over when given a chance? Seriously!?! And crimson had a strong push at that. Do you sseriously think any of these people would have gotten over, and if they did, stayed over?

        • Jamie

          You won’t know if anyone can get over unless they are given the chance with a proper storyline.

          • Michael Carter

            Hey, we got crimson’s only fan here. In all seriousness, crimson and joey ryan were given a chance. Crimson was actually given a great opportunity but couldn’t put all the pieces together. Madison Rayne can’t stop getting pregnant and Christian York blew a few spots on tv and just didn’t have “it.” All of these wrestlers are fine, but fine doesn’t cut it when your roster is as flooded as tna’s is. Taelor Hendrix actually got a raw deal. They could have molded her into a star. Now is was really upset to see Doug Williams go. He could have been a main eventer if handled right. Big mistake not using him priperly, bigger mistake letting him go.

  • 197921998

    For those complaining about TNA not releasing Hogan…it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  • boboleelakers1


  • Stayphokus

    thanks for spoiling the new aces and 8’s members

  • -Exotic-

    Hogan ruined TNA. Look at the guys are planning on leaving and jumping ship back to WWE. RVD is ready to return, Sting wants to work with Undertaker at WM30 once his contract expires, Kurt Angle wants another WrestleMania moment and jump to WWE again, Tazz is rumored, I could see Madison Rayne in the diva’s division and help them out and maybe Crimson too. Yeah TNA sucks, I stop watching when the ring was turned into four-sides and it became about Hogan and Bishoff.

  • dandybrian

    release Madison Rayne after she just had a child…classy

    • Jeremy S

      WWE dropped Karma as soon as she got pregnant. You can’t wrestle if you’re pregnant so why keep them and pay them for a year?

  • Aidan Grover

    man this sucks and i rarely even watch tna but i would have loved to see rampage vs crimson

  • terrence ryan

    Isn’t Madison Rayne on maternity leave? Lol, nice. Rayne vs. AJ! Could happen…

  • riyadviper

    Crimson!! why???????????????