Bret Hart Blogs On The Passing Of The Ultimate Warrior

WWE Hall Of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart recently posted the following blog on his official Facebook page regarding the passing of :

“I’m deeply saddened at the sudden passing of Jim Helwig, The Ultimate Warrior. I wish I’d been kinder to him in the last moments that we had this past weekend at WrestleMania 30.

We did cross paths once or twice, but we were all so busy. I never went out of my way to see him, but if I could… I’d tell him he looked good. He looked content, and he looked like he’d finally found happiness within his children and his wife. He never ever harmed me nor did we really work with one another… I wish we had.

His final ring promo breaks my heart. I’ve many fond memories of times we shared, only now do they pile up in my head. I’d also tell him that he was right, he never was such a bad guy. My thoughts are with his wife and children. I never thought his time would be so short.

I know one thing, I will never forget him.
– Bret”

  • Andrew

    What about all the things said about the Make a Wish kid? Wonder if Bret made that up?

    • Mr 561

      It looks like Bret now has a very different perspective on Warrior, being that he just died. Bret and Warrior were never close buddies and there was that Make A Wish story (who knows the actual circumstances, we only heard one side of the story) – but Bret’s lost another “brother” from the Golden Age of WWF that he came up with. I’m sure that’s humbling

      • yrabadi

        Yeah, death changes things. Everything the other dramas of life seem so pointless when you know someone is gone, forever. It’s sad. Bret seems pretty kind and on point here. Good on him.

  • John K

    Don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Warrior moved on when it didn’t work out at WWE, and was attacked for it. Most of what he said was in his own defense. I’m glad he got to reconcile with everyone, and I was hoping to see more of him in the WWE. Warrior wasn’t just a good guy, he was ULTIMATE!!!!!

    RIP, Warrior. You were simply the greatest, and we love you. God has a new champion, and the devil is cowering somewhere in hell.

  • Mr 561

    Classy comments from the Hitman

  • Grizzly

    Whether they were friends or not it is a classy move by Bret to say some positive things about Warrior. There is no need to stomp on a man’s grave. R.I.P WARRIOR

  • john

    bret comes off as bitter most of the time and usually when he has something to say it’s negative. nice to see something positive for a change

  • Andrew Hass

    When someone dies there’s always going to be some regrets by some people because they wish they could have handled things better.Plus Bret could be worried about his own mortality now.

  • Alicia

    Ultimate warrior was a great wrestler i remember him when i first started watching wrestling he is one of my all time favorites. May he rest in peace and he finds his resting place with the lord.

  • birdbrain2

    Thank you Bret for recognizing Warrior as one of the best.

  • one warrior nation

    Bret and UW were opponents exactly two times, both in WCW. The first was War Games where they did not touch, and then the week before Halloween Havoc a tag match where Bret took a few clotheslines near the end of the match. (Bret in NWO Hollywood was the biggest overall story mistake for WCW)…

  • Pete Medina

    Forget you haters, Bret Hart is a stand up man
    why would you question his word. There no one
    in wrestling can say otherwise.

  • Mahnnie Tolentino

    Somewhere in hell, Warrior is making a promo against Satan about taking his plane on a nosedive…RIP