Bret Hart DVD Trailer, Darren Young Wrestles Despite Injury Reports & More

– As seen on Monday’s RAW, Darren Young wrestled a tag match with his partner, Titus O’Neil. This conflicts with recent reports by the Wrestling Observer and, that Young would be out of action for 6-8 months with a knee injury. After RAW, he tweeted:

“#DYoung out of action? #aintnobodygottimeforthat @WWE #RAW #millionsofdollars”

– WWE’s RAW crew was very tired and beat up following this past weekend’s live events tour of Qatar and Turkey.

– WWE stars Rey Mysterio, AJ Lee, Kofi Kingston and Layla participated in a Make-A-Wish event on Monday at a local Dave & Busters in Dallas.

– Here is a video preview for Bret Hart’s new “Dungeon Collection” DVD set, due out March 5th (now on sale at

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  • Pozessed

    Lol. I really like PTP. The guys are pretty entertaining and quite good in the ring, I hope they become tag team champions soon though.

    • Oreial

      imo darren has more singles ability

      • Pozessed

        I think they should continue being a tag team. They are the best tag team in WWE at the moment in my opinion. They are the whole package, entertaining and got in ring ability. I thought they would of sucked without A.W. but they are still pretty solid.

  • TheUndertakerFan

    No body wants to buy your dvds Bret Fuck Off

    • TheUndertakerFanIsADick

      How about you fuck off

      • Fabian6sic6s

        hahha wtf! Your name man! hahahaha

    • wpm131

      Are you sure? I don’t see any sitting on store shelves for years and years until the finally put them in the bargain bin like the hbk DVDs and others.

  • TheUndertakerFan

    But its true he goes on and Disses everyone but what has he done Hes washed up and he sucks