Bret Hart Talks About Today’s Top Talent, WWE Stars Celebrate Milestones & More

– Canada’s has published an interview with WWE Hall of Famer . Hart talks about the new WWE ’13 video game, WWE’s Attitude Era and says he’s got plenty of respect for today’s talent “especially because it’s a much more drug-free environment.”

“There’s a lot of innovators,” he said, citing Rey Mysterio, and Daniel Bryan. “They’ve really stepped up a lot. They might not be as big and as bulky as the wrestlers back in the ’80s were, but they’re every bit as hard-workers as this industry has seen. I think they’re working harder today than they’ve ever been working.”

tweeted the following on Friday, giving a shout out to his buddy CM Punk:

– WWE’s Tyson Kidd and Justin Roberts both celebrated career milestones on Thanksgiving. Tyson Kidd tweeted:

Justin Roberts wrote:

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