Brock Lesnar Added To Another RAW, Chris Jericho Talks Robot Combat League

– WWE is now advertising Brock Lesnar for the March 18 edition of Raw in Pittsburgh, PA. With that appearance set, Brock Lesnar is now advertised to appear at the following four RAW shows leading up to WrestleMania 29:

* February 25 from Dallas, Texas
* March 11th from Indianapolis, Indiana
* March 18th from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
* April 1st from Washington, DC

– Syfy has posted the following preview video for Chris Jericho’s new Robot Combat League show, which premieres Tuesday, February 26th at 10pm:

Brad Davis

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  • Peer Pressure

    Brock Lesnar and CM Punk’s dirty ass should both join The Shield, and Paul Heyman should be their leader.

    • tgabriel0891

      no that’s a terrible idea, lesnar needs no help destroying people and punk is too big a star to need a stable, and neither of them would take orders from anyone

      • Peer Pressure

        It’s a great idea

        • Name Hoes Here

          …says the guy with Beiber as his avatar.

          • Lord Spliffmeister

            ROFLMAO!!! XD

          • Peer Pressure

            Bieber is sexy. LOL @ you making a fake account then replying to your own comment with your real account. SMH

  • raVen

    i’m so excited for robot combat i hope it is half as good as it should be.
    big robots fighting eachother!…this is what my childhood was made of

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    Hope they use Lesnar better this yr n the next.