Brock Lesnar Quits WWE & Says He’s Never Coming Back

UPDATE: The Real Story On Whether Brock Lesnar is Quitting WWE & His Possible WrestleMania 29 Opponent

Paul Heyman just posted a video on Tout of his client Brock Lesnar quitting WWE:

The news (and a link to Heyman’s video) were posted on Twitter by WWE and listed as “Breaking News.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

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  • No1LitaFan

    They can’t think of any other reason to keep him off TV!? Really!?

    • shazzam

      its is stupid on the creative team side… i do agree wit u ….

  • fdsaffffff

    well that’s not good ,oh well see you in 3 month’s brock

  • Jordan Zelisko

    Ohh that’s a shame Brock! See you around Survivor Series!

    • pwnez

      He’ll be back so he can break more peoples arms, heh.

  • helen

    he will be back

  • helen

    he acts soo strong but everyone is beating him now

  • Dsluggy

    Ok Brock, I look forward to seeing you come back early November just in time for Survivor Series

  • Ramona Cookie Hundley

    Could we get bLUCKY enough for him to mean that?

  • Trevor Carnage Clark

    See ya in November Brock!!!! :)

  • Tennindo Tennison

    So now we wait for a Rematch with Triple H at Survivor Series sense Creative is not very creative

  • Chris Keller

    im amazed at how bad the creative team at a multi billion dollar entertainment company is. yes, i still watch it, only out guilt to not watch it since ive been watching for almost 30 years. I mean i feel the fans could write better stories and plots than these guys. Really? this is what we get? LOL!!!

    • LumpySpacePrincess

      it’s not that hard to stop watching lol. After 15+ years I just gave up on it. Storylines are pitiful and talent is wasted.

      • Adrian Goodison

        and yet here you are :P

        • G.I.R.L.

          That’s not necessarily far-fetched, I haven’t watched WWE programming for years. I keep up with Sescoops and other sites to stay in the loop of things. I do watch select matches online though.

    • siberian_skies

      @google-9aff788d94c6bc0461953b2450682f9b:disqus I know. The term “creative” in the WWE has become an oxymoron.

    • WWEblows

      and then people have the ballz to make fun of TNA…REALLY!?!?

  • shazzam

    team brock vs team hhh
    bring it on!

  • Anthony Liesenfelder


    • siberian_skies

      Couldn’t agree more. And I’ll add, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  • Quinton Jackson

    See you at Survivor Series Brock!!

  • Dey_See_Me_Trollin

    Is this like an inside joke now?

  • RKOViper2600

    Whatever you say, Brock. What ever you say.

  • CultpersonnaCM

    Perhaps it’s time for a change of the winds direction, say, TNA? Bound for Glory?

    • backblack25

      R U kidding us?
      Brock would never go to TNA. They ain’t worth it.
      This is obviously Kayfabe.
      You can’t even take Brock seriously in this vid.
      No expression to follow on. It’s almost as if he’s reading his flash cards right in front of us.

      • siberian_skies

        @backblack25 You’re partly right. Lesnar wouldn’t go to TNA, because they can’t afford to pay him what he thinks he’s worth.


      Heh! U wish.

  • MayhemRUs

    We’ll see you next week, Brock.

  • Clash_Styles

    Brock: “I said what I said, and I meant what I said. An elephant’s faithful, one hundred percent.”

  • TheGreatJoe

    Bye Brock see you in a couple months have fun on the farm :D

  • G.I.R.L.

    Never believe anything posted by WWE. And didn’t he “quit” a few months ago as well? LOL I wonder what the plans are for him at Survivor Series. No more HHH vs Brock. It was great, let’s end it there.

  • JamieEvsxx

    reminds me of those annoying people you find on YouTube who claim they’re leaving but end up coming back 5 minutes later…xD

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    And we now have Lesnar v Hunter @ WM 29 set up. The only way this will make me happy is if they go with Rock v Punk and Cena v Taker on the card. Otherwise, not doing Lesnar v Taker is stupid.

    • zarux666

      its in lesnars contract to taked on taker at mania it will begin at survivor series thats takers next scheduled appearance

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        Oh, gee, I had no idea you worked for WWE or Lesnar and know this stuff.

  • aj2000

    Really WWE!? really?! is that the best the “creative” team can come up with? I guess ill see Lesnar around Survivor Series.

  • Bowzzer Rector

    taker taker taker

  • Roger Penland

    Too much Kayfabe in this storyline…
    i mean, if they HAVE to do it like this, i’m sure Lesnar, Heyman, Triple H, and Michaels could make it more believable.

  • Adrian

    WWE is planning Untertaker vs Lesnar at Wrestlemania Survivor Series is when taker comes back to storylines and soo who better to face then Lesnar both of them are impressive and who knows WWE may have Lesna end the streak if the match happens

  • VJGraziano

    Quitting on Tout is like sending a video in a text message to announce a break up. So lame…

  • Eo

    wow that jericho contract angle was terrible

  • joe dittmore

    brock not really done with wwe just a story line

  • Stranger

    Did I miss something? I thought Heyman and Lesnar were letting everyone know that Lesnar is the new king of kings, and that they’ve conquered WWE. They announce they’re never coming back on the same night? Just doesn’t make any sense.

    • Shockmaster

      Well, not surprised. This is WWE we’re talking about.

  • brandon cox

    i told would quit

  • chris jericho #1 JERIHOLLIC

    We dont care he will be back in a few months, a bigger legend (chris jericho) wont be coming back for ages :(

  • God’s Diamond, the Reignmaker

    Brock saying he won’t be back until after he’s watched Wreck-it-Ralph would’ve made more sense lulz

  • Junaid Casim

    Brocks still under contract for WWE until Mania, which means he’ll be back against either HHH or HBK. As for Jericho, he’ll be back to, he just has to tour with Fozzy now, and its WWE’s way of giving him an excuse for a break, also the foot on the rope ending to the match is a good excuse of returning / an excuse for his contract not to be ‘terminated’.

  • Thomas LIN

    They need his music to hit when Ryback is shouting feed me more.

  • Sir Joe

    hard to keep brock around when cm punk has the belt…i was really hoping legitimacy would stick around a while

  • Scott Wolf


    • TheKillingMoon


  • FoleytheLegend

    So losing to John Cena and beating Triple H is everything that he wanted to accomplish? Sounds like a great run!

  • Trevor

    He was never a real ‘worker’ just a publicity stunt. F*** em!

  • Benjamin James Hinrichs

    Was nice seeing your few appearances since you’ve matured a little as a character. See you at Survivor Series and Mania(possibly Rumble?)!

  • Hector Cortes

    Can they not think of a better way to write this guy off TV smh at the WWE seriously he did this same shit earlier in the year and it was pointless…

  • John Green IV

    Any1 else thinking taker v lesnar? (does taker not do a bit of ufc style fighting himself ?)

  • Neil

    See you soon Brock oh and looking forward to you against undertaker at wrestlemania

  • Shockmaster

    So, he came to WWE to lose ot Cena and to break HHH’s arm? That makes so much sense. What about becoming the WWE champion? Well, this is yet another stupid WWE angle. Makes no sense.

  • Wrestle4life

    If Brock is truly gone for good, Paul Heyman must be pulling out what’s left of his hair, I mean that if he is gone for good, Paul can only broadcast matches or even manage someone like Damien Sandow. Paul, you’d make a better commentator, you could take Booker T’s spot or even Josh Matthews’ spot but be careful, you could go flying across the room like he did if you say something nasty to Kane.

  • Michael Smith

    Funny.. He said that after extreme rules too..