Brock Lesnar Returns To WWE On RAW & Attacks Vince McMahon

Brock Lesnar made a surprise return to WWE at the end of Monday’s WWE RAW, just as Vince McMahon was about to fire Paul Heyman.

Vince’s decision to fire Paul Heyman came after video footage was uncovered showing Heyman admitting to hiring Brad Maddox and The Shield to attack WWE superstars on behalf of CM Punk.

Lesnar delivered an F-5 to McMahon to end the show, as Paul Heyman looked on and screamed, “What have you done?!”

Lenar was last seen on WWE television at SummerSlam, where he defeated Triple H in the main event. He then quit WWE via a tout video [View Here].

This will likely set up Triple H’s return to television and the eventual WrestleMania match between Triple H and Lesnar.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • pwnez

    I’d rather see Lesnar vs HHH at Elimination Chamber and then have Rock vs Lesnar for WrestleMania. Either way, Lesnar returning made raw a little better. For a guy in his late 60s, Vince sold that F5 perfectly.

    • WCWPunk

      Good post. I couldn’t agree with you anymore XD

    • Guest

      Lol he sold it better than Cena and HHH.

    • Junaid Bokhari

      Why make false hopes again and then get disappointed again when Rock Cena and Lesnar HHH gets booked? I guess people threw enough temper tantrums after Rumble. Maybe we’re gonna have em all over again after EC

      • pwnez

        I didn’t see anyone throw temper tantrums. Maybe that’s what you wanted though, who knows.

    • Steve James

      Would LOVE that. Brock pins Rock, then pretty much holds the Title hostage for most of the year, maybe until SummerSlam. Way better than Rock/Cena II, or Cena/Punk XVII.

  • Peer Pressure

    Vinny took that F5 like a champ. I guess what the smarks said was true. HHH will get his revenge on Lesnar at Mania.

    • pwnez

      Vince can take bumps pretty well for his age. He sold Big Show’s KO punch pretty well even though his fist never hit him, heh.

  • Javo

    Not Triple H vs Lesnar again,this is BS,why WWE cannot find another competitor for Lesnar,i mean put him in ELimination Chamber,maybe we can watch interesting match

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Hopefully Wrestlemania will be the end of this pointless feud with HHH then we’ll get Lesnar/Punk/Heyman story going on. As of now I’m not interested in anything Rock is involved in anymore I’ll be more interested in how Lesnar will be used since he’s signed for another 2 years, in that time I see them putting the title on him and actually steamrolling everyone

  • A Paul Heyman Guy


  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    Sounds like Raw was pretty good; it looks like I’ll have to find the segment once the show is uploaded. I have no problem with Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar if they add something intriguing; like a gimmick match or if Sable, Stephanie, Vince, and Paul get involved in this match.

    • Brandon Sco??

      no, it wasn’t good. at all. it absolutely sucked.

  • scotthallfan

    got no prob. with lesnar/trips at mania.ppl dont forget that angle want finished.ppl will pay to see lesnar.that =$.triple h adds 90s nostalgia to it.and like i said that angle wasnt over anyway.look at all the other rematches from back in the day where to superstars had 2 or three rematches.same thing really.

    • Progress_Now

      1) learn to talk so we can understand you
      2) there’s really no reason for HHH/Lesnar 2. that feud was over n done with. HHH wanted to fight, he got his ass kicked, the end. nothing left to do in that pairing.

  • Randy James Crawford

    For everyone saying they don’t like the rematch I do because of the future Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker Wrestlemania Match.

  • 7 year old boy

    Was I the only one who felt really weird seeing CM Punk without the belt :(

    • ff93

      Now that he doesn’t have it anymore, you have to admit, it did look quite good on him.

    • mrchopper

      I think Punk should go after all the under-titles and where them all at once.

      • Roger Penland

        kinda like Kurt Angle. he had the european and IC belts at the same time during WM 17, wasn’t it? i know he lost them both at a WM… then he had like, all the belts TNA had at one time too. including the World title.

        • pwnez

          You’re thinking of WrestleMania 2000. He lost the IC and European titles to Jericho and Benoit.

          • Roger Penland

            yep, thanks for clearing that up. i was confused, and didn’t feel like googling. haha

          • mrchopper

            Pretty sure that was Jericho and Stevie Richards…

    • chris keller

      I think he felt weird too, at RR, you could tell he was living up those last few minutes in the ring with it before the match started, he knew that was it and he wouldn’t hold it again for a long time.

    • WWEFan4Life

      Yeah, i dunno, somehow it seems a bit weird knowing that a guy who only shows up once or twice a year is getting the belt

      • 7 year old boy

        Nah I don`t mind the Rock holding the belt, remember its all about the MONEY! It`s `just for 434 days Ive seen him with the belt and now its gone. I wanted him to hold the belt for another year.

        • WWEFan4Life

          No, dont get me wrong, Rock holding the belt is good for buisness, as you said, it IS all about the money and whats good for buisness, because all the little kids wanted that, so i understand its just a bit weird seeing the rock hold the title that he hasnt had for so long.

          • 7 year old boy

            its the design

          • WWEFan4Life

            Of the belt?

  • Wwefan13

    Ur absolutley retarted if you think lesnar vs taker will ever happen. If it does happen then wwe is absolutley retarted. If they did taker va lesnar this year or next year lesnar will probably screw all of wrestling nd knock taker out nd end the streak. He said he hates wrestling. What other way to destroy wrestling then to end the presents greatest thing in pro wrestling.

    • Coltcabunny

      YOUR (not “Ur”) argument nicely falls apart when you somewhat ironically show you cannot spell “retarded” correctly.

      • Roger Penland

        i was gonna do the exact reply, and cheeky name. haha

  • Boomshakalaka

    I’m kinda hoping it was Heyman acting alone in hiring of Maddox and Shield instead of being told to do so by Punk otherwise it will make Punk look way more weaker than ever. At least this can give Punk a legit excuse as he in fact would not have been affiliated with the interference plans and can lead to Heyman’s betrayal thus setting up Punk vs Brock.

    • Melloyelloman20

      Which it’s likely, cause Brock want to feud CM Punk

    • GodsLoyalSon

      Well that would have to lead to Punk turning face, which would be cool but right now he’s on a roll as a heel and needs to see this through

  • Backstreet Bungalow

    Damn it all to hell!!! I had a feeling he was show up and I missed it. I turned the chanel to family guy during the tensai/brodus clay dance off then got sidetracked and ended up doing something else

  • Progress_Now

    lol woooo told ya this was the setup for Lesnar’s return :)

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    i marked out like a little bitch when Brock came out and laid out Vince.

    • Coltcabunny

      As did I.
      I liked the bit where Michael Cole said “Don’t do this Brock. He’s a grandfather.” to which my housemate said at the TV “So is Brock, what’s your point?”


      • Roger Penland

        Brock is a grand pappy? woah. mind fucked. musta had a kid fairly young. haha.

  • ddp

    Rock, Brock, Y2j are back, and still ppl are crying. wtf do u want? enjoy it till it lasts.

    • Neha Choudhary

      undertaker must return………..rock is the only fine wretler and entertainer der……need another one like undertaker to return………..

    • WWE universe

      we want Batista !

  • Max

    WWE will hopefully become TV14 in a year or so

    • Junaid Bokhari

      Maybe you should move on with time as well?

    • Roger Penland

      that’s seriously….. a good idea, but it’s never going to go back to TV-14 ever again.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    I liked the way they used him here. I was actually hoping Hunter would have come out right after Vince was dropped for the mega pop. Either way, it was a good ending to a somewhat lousy show minus the last match and the Punk/Rock interaction.

  • ?????? ??????????

    I loved it when he F-5’d Vince!!!! But unfortunately, Triple H will bury him (as always) at Wrestlemania….

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Dude signed a 2 year deal and he’s going to get buried by Hunter? What is it with people still talking this burying/Hunter garbage? The dude has wrestled how many times in the past 3 years and has buried who exactly?

      • ?????? ??????????

        Back in Evolution dude. Triple H was always cheating to win. And yeah I believe that there will be a match between Brock and Triple H at ‘Mania, and Triple H will win (do you think that HHH will NEVER wrestle?)

        • fatneal

          your fucking stupid bruh

        • tiran66

          You do understand the concept of a heel yes? If not here’s your lesson. Heels CHEAT. Just like Punk cheated to win most of his last title defenses. People need to understand that when Evolution was going on they were the number one heel faction at the time. You are supposed to hate them. It was there job to win by nefarious means. It’s the reason they were around as long as they were. You need an example of a heel faction that died because they weren’t booked correctly? Nexus had great potential but died a slow death because WWE beat them clean too early.
          Has HHH buried people before? Absolutely. But he was the top heel in the company and technically it was his job. He’s almost always laid down when it made sense. He ultimately lost in practically every major fued he’s been in when he’s a heel which is the formula for good booking. The heel wins and wins and wins by hook or crook until the face gets a huge defining win. Everyone remembers he tapped out clean to Lesnar yes? If he wins at Mania it doesn’t mean he’s buried Lesnar, he should win, he’s the face now and he’s avenging all the crap Lesnar has put him through and now the F5 he gave to HHH’s father in law.
          I’ll admit I’m not exactly looking forward to this rematch, their first match wasn’t great. But I’m going to reserve judgement untill after I see the build. We’re already in the exact same position we were in last year with HHH/Taker 2. Everyone cried and moaned and look what happened. Great build and a great emotional match at Mania. Despite the ego that we all know HHH has people need to realize that when it comes to wrestling, HHH always delivers.

          • ?????? ??????????

            I know the fact that heels cheat, but what about when Lesnar beat the Game at Summerslam without cheating?

          • tiran66

            Because Lesnar is a monster heel. There are different kind of heels. Lesnar and Show are monster heels. Jericho plays a great chickenshit heel. Flair, HHH and Punk are “anything to win” heels. Fans will hate a monster heel if they cheat or not because monster heels are booked as bullies. Fans stop caring about chickenshit heels if they win clean because then faces have nothing to avenge.

  • Neha Choudhary

    undertaker must return………..undertaker to return………..

  • Neha Choudhary

    punk>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cena

  • Neha Choudhary

    rock vs undertaker ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wrestlemania match

  • Roger Penland


  • vesela georgieva

    I don’t know about you but I don’t want to see Lesnar vs HHH at Wrestlemania! I would rather see Lesnar vs Undertaker now that would be interesting! I know everyone is saying that Lesnar is to dangerous for the Undertaker but I think it would be awesome! And it could go this way: Next week Stephanie Mcmahon calls out Paul Heyman and Lesnar and tells them that Lesnar has quit the WWE so he doesn’t have a contract anymore but Lesnar tells her that HHH has signed him back! And then he tells her that HHH signed back so he can end the Undertaker’s streak and with that he challenges the Undertaker and so on! :) It’s just an idea but I know it will most likely never happen! :D

  • wwetnadudez

    I gotta say I was just sitting on my couch saying and out comes Lesnar and he did and it was great but the best part of the show was Paul Heyman begging Brock, Paul is pure gold.