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Brock Lesnar Tells UFC His MMA Career Is Over

Brock Lesnar has retired once again from the world of professional mixed martial arts. The former UFC Heavyweight champion informed the UFC and USADA of his decision on Tuesday.

USADA will no longer be able to test Brock Lesnar for PEDs.

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Brock Lesnar and the Wellness Policy

Lesnar received a 1-year suspension from USADA as a result of failing two failed PED tests stemming from his UFC 200 bout with Mark Hunt. For Lesnar to return to MMA he would have to allow USADA to test him for a period of 1-year before he would be eligible to return to the sport. By retiring he is taking himself out of USADA testing pool. If he ever wanted to return he would have to allow USADA to test him for a period of 1 year beforehand.

Last summer a WWE spokesperson told TMZ that part-time performers, such as Lesnar, are not subject to the company’s wellness policy. This means Brock is free to take whatever he wants with no repercussions from either WWE or UFC.

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