Brock Lesnar’s Confirmed WWE Appearances Through WrestleMania

Here’s a look at the shows Brock Lesnar is currently advertised for through WrestleMania XXX:

January 20: WWE RAW (Nutter Center Dayton, Ohio)

January 26: WWE Royal Rumble (CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

January 27: WWE RAW ( Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio)

February 24: WWE RAW (Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin)

April 6: WrestleMania XXX (Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana)

Backstage News On Why Brock Lesnar Might Not Be Undertaker’s WrestleMania Opponent

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • pwnez

    So after Elimination Chamber we’re not going to see Lesnar until ‘Mania? I hope they add some dates for March because having him adsent for a month would suck.

    • Mr 561

      These are just the current ‘advertised’ dates. Agreed, it would be crazy for WWE to not have Lesnar on RAW at least once leading up to Mania

      • Brian Lazar

        It would be crazy, how could they build a match for him if he’s not there, unless the setup happens at ec

        • Pozessed

          Could be, but they do need Lesnar to hype the feud, having Heyman do all of the talking cannot really make it seem that big.

          • Donny Octave

            While i kinda disagree on the Heyman comment, i think it would really pack a punch to have Heyman and whoever he faces at Wrestlemania to hype the feud, and Lesnar standing at Heyman’s side, willing and ready to destroy anything at a moment’s notice, like the WMD he is.

          • Pozessed

            The thing is, who would Heyman be against? Since it would have to be an authority type figure… For example, if it was say… Vince McMahon then it would be his wrestler vs Lesnar. The thing is, it is harder since Heyman has been depended on for Lesnar’s past feuds to pretty much carry them which is why I think it would be more boring, if they want to carry on with Heyman then it should be The Authority’s wrestler (Apart from HHH, had enough of him vs Lesnar) vs Lesnar and have the Authority’s wrestler beat Lesnar.

          • Donny Octave

            As far as im concerned, we could sit here all day circling ideas back and forth, but in the end, WWE makes that call.

    • John Laurinaitis

      Especially the buildup. Lesnar should at least be in last week of Raw before Wrestlemania

  • Alexander Bartlett

    He needs to be at the Raw before wm

    • Raul

      Or even better, the RAW AFTER WM.

      • JN

        Or even have regular matches in Raw

    • brad


    • piggypoopie

      I’ll be there!

  • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

    These sporadic dates are getting annoying, honestly id rather have him for either A) full time, ik it wont happen B) be there for months at a time like 3 months, and come back like 2 months later C) or honestly just get rid of Brock, if he wants money or the spotlight, WWE is his only hope. He’d get pummeled in the UFC so the WWE is all he got

    • JC Brioso

      Agreed, honestly he is awful for the wwe, he makes no sense… He is lazy and passionless for the business. He should be left with two options, come back semi full time or leave for good. By semi full time i mean he should do raw and ppv only. No house shows or smackdown, i think that is a fair deal for the guy, and he can wrestle only the occasional raw match. Aside from that I say be gone if he doesnt like it, he was great but he doesnt deserve a title run the way he is being booked.

  • rashad jackson

    will we see lesnar and batista in the same ring??

  • ObsessiveFanBoy

    I still don’t understand the significance of making him face the Big Show.

  • Enki Lewie

    Elimination Chamber is in his hometown of Minnesota. You never know he might become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. If The Rock can be Champion then I see no problem with Lesnar carrying the strap. But, this year is leading to a lot of predictability. That’s real wrestling for you.

  • Moses

    That’s bullshit because lesnar challenged for the wwe title

  • Daniel

    Buu? is that you??

  • 9 year old boy

    Man Lesnar looks likee he has saggy old breast in that picture LOL.

  • Frank samper

    I thought he was the #1 contender after royal rumble? Assuming it’s for elimination chamber.

  • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

    Guys There was a Correction On Brock Lesnar’s Schedule He Needs To Appear At The Month Of March 31 monday night Raw Heading To Wrestlemania So It Could making an Angle PROBABLY AGAINST The Undertaker.

  • bummed1

    Whats he going to do — mouth off with Heyman? Maybe he should try wrestling. Vince a big waste of $5 mil to pay him to do nothing. Can I get a job there?

  • MAX

    that’s sum bullshit…THOUGHT HE WANTED THE TITLE BACK…..WWE hyped me up for nothin