Brooke & Bully’s Marital Status, Why Taz Joined Aces & Eights, Impact Opening

– Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan are married according to TNA storylines, despite the fact that they were never pronounced husband and wife to the attack by Aces & Eights. There was reportedly a lot of internal confusion in TNA as to whether they were married in TNA storylines, with even Hulk Hogan tweeting after the wedding that even though he got beat down by Aces & Eights, “Taz screwed everyone, the one good thing was the wedding came to an immediate halt, thank God. HH.”

– The reason TNA announcer Taz turned heel and joined Aces & Eights is because the company wanted a surprise person to break up the Brooke Hogan wedding and they wanted the faction to have a strong talker on their side. The downside of Taz working as a heel with Aces & Eights is that the neck injury which ended his career also prevents him from doing anything physical in TNA.

– Here is the opening for tonight’s Impact Wrestling:

* Complete TNA Impact SPOILERS For Tonight

(Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

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  • theguy

    My sister is in the aces and eights. Im planning on joining in the near future. Stay tuned.

    • Vexatious

      so your sister is one of the b#@$%s with the group …..

      • Randy James Crawford

        lol good one.

    • WWEFan4Life


    • Randy James Crawford

      if you actually do get in, get me in.

      • Hershey Maxwell Barber

        No, I’m getting in his sister.

  • 2muchfire

    That was a weak turn (TAZ) because he can’t be touched and no one can get revenge on him, really didn’t makes sense even Easy E would get his ass whooped with the NWO.

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      Dude, I shit you not as I was reading this Old School Shit by Eazy-E came on my shuffle.

  • wwetnadudez

    I don’t get why people keep making the “(insert name) is in the Aces & Eights” I mean ok, they have some small names and they are pushing them as big (knox, luke) and they lose a lot, big deal. At least they are doing something with a lot of their roster unlike WWE and they did make a good move by adding Devon, Wes, and Taz.

    • raVen

      oh yes TNA hired a bunch of nobodies who failed in wwe and that’s them using their roster…

      devon, 15years past his prime and never over by himself.

      Wes, a rookie, a nobody. could be big in the future but for now he is just another nobody.

      and taz. taz is right up there in the most overrated ever list!

      the only guy that likes themself more than taz likes himself is bret hart

      • wwetnadudez

        Devon, 15years past his prime but getting back in shape and looking the best he has in a while also while putting younger talents over and serving as a medium name for Aces

        Wes, a rookie, a nobody. He can easily get the type of start Orton and Wade got with their groups and end up big.

        and Taz, a big mouth that when needed works the mic just great and if he were in his ECW days could easily put on a great match.

        • raVen

          yeah devon looks ok but his matches are still boring as hell! proven last night as magnus squashed half the roster. a guy who was this close to being whc. his tag partner who held the tag belts for months. and then 3members of this ultra deadly group that’s going to make wes brisco a big name… right.
          taz never had a great match. he is 1000000x better as a heel commentator but keep his fat midget broken ass out of the ring in any way shape or form.

          • Scott Sanchez

            The fact u say Ta never tells me u don’t know shit…Go back and look at his ECW days and his matches with Kurt Angle in WWE

          • wwetnadudez

            First off, as a commentator Taz sucks, heel or face. Plus Magnus squashed half the roster, yes three people, and that was only because he is from there, Wes can become big I still stand by that, the guy has talent and TNA tends to use talented people.

  • BallsMahoney

    Need to have more titties then I’ll watch it more. Best Impact was the end of the wedding.

  • dae

    Notice: Neither Bully nor Brooke are wearing wedding rings… You think they are playing this up, the should be wearing the bling.

    • Name Goes Here

      Hey, that rhymes!