Brooke Hogan Wardrobe Malfunction (Picture), Bully Ray, Taz, Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan Comment On Brooke & Bully’s Wedding


, , and have responded to the events that transpired on Thursday’s Impact Wrestling during Bully’s wedding to . In response to Taz joining Aces & Eights and the biker gang beating the crap out of Bully and Hulk Hogan, Bully tweeted:

“What was supposed to be a night of celebration, turned into a nightmare. @TestifyDevon was 1 thing. @OfficialTAZ your dead to me scumbag.”

Taz responded to those comments, tweeting:

“@REALBully5150 dead? I just came to LIFE! All business big man.”

Dixie Carter then responded to Taz:

“Business?? Really, big man??”

Hulk Hogan, on the other hand, actually sounds relieved about the wedding not going down as planned

“Taz screwed everyone , the one good thing was the wedding came to an immediate halt,thank God. HH”

Meanwhile, Brooke Hogan experienced a wardrobe malfunction during the brawl that took place during her wedding between Aces & Eights, Bully Ray, Hulk Hogan and Sting –


  • Rhawk

    0__0 How did I not notice this? Oh wait it was the wedding segment, I just stopped watching as soon as that started.

  • Marc King


  • Guest10

    Nice tanned nip, Brooke.

  • Bob

    Well that’s Brooke’s own hand covering it, not the guy next to her lol

    • Pozessed

      If it was then that Aces and 8’s guy has some soft looking hands Lolz.

  • Cathy Hightower

    if that’s a member of Aces and 8s covering it up for her, he has a very nice manicure

    • Chris Maverick

      He is lucky for the boob touch

  • stayphokus

    tommy dreamer is the only guy to get attacked by both shield and aces & 8’s
    just want to put that out there

  • Ratedy3m

    Feeling this was deliberate to take a shot at AJ Lee’s “Wardrobe Malfunction” On Smackdown

  • MariosG1987

    Why do i get the feeling this is going to be a reaaaalllyyyyyy big flop???

    • Andrew Campbell

      Because almost every TNA storyline is.

    • Count_Da_Money

      Are you referring to Brooke?

      • morrisonfanone

        Just her boobs.

  • Steve James

    For such a manly woman, she sure does have some sweet bewbs.

    • Johnson

      She’s not manly, she’s simply a big woman.

      • morrisonfanone

        She is definitely prettier than her mom. Linda’s a butch looking woman.

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    Puppies!!!!! XD

    • Chris Maverick

      They could’ve let the puppies loose…You see what I did there

  • Serpent Speaks

    “Brooke Hogan+Wardrobe+Malfunction+Picture” the only words that lead me here.

  • Mark J. Skuba

    That’s a woman hand lol. Why does anyone think anyone from A&8s copped a feel? Look closer.

    • Mark J. Skuba

      Gallow has a black glove on and you can clearly see it holding her arm.

  • Oliver_Twisted

    Thank God it was just her boob that popped out and not her Wang.

    • David Powell

      Dude she’s a hottie.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Hogan is gonna fap to this.

  • feigel3cr

    Two words, wear straps on your dresses, I swear everytime she is on tv she has to fix her top from coming down.

  • Eric Zeigher

    Jesus Christ, if T.N.A. doesn’t want to do wrestling,they should get out of the buisness. I still hate the N.W.O.. you would think they would avoid the formula that shut down W.C.W.

    • Brian Cacini

      Hollywood Hogan needs to bring the NWO in to take care of Aces & Eights. They might not have been likeable but they got the job done.

  • phoenix

    Ziggler did wardrobe malfunction better XD

  • MisterE

    LOL…Brooke was so confused and so damn worried about her boob pop, when Hogan told her to go check on Bully…she went to the wrong friggin guy…Tommy Dreamer!

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Bet Hulk Hogan was jerking it to that.

    • Kyle

      Hulk probably already has done the nasty with her, and probably in recent time too. They are always close to each other… a little too close if you ask me. And for a good looking woman in her 20’s she seems to always be single.

      • Dawn

        you do know that is just way over the line, that is something that no one should joke about

  • Kevin Fydrych

    TNA blows….and Bully, please go back to middle school or teach yourself english grammar….YOU’RE dead to me scumbag. Scumbag.

  • Edub

    Looks more like a grope to me…

  • Amber Moore

    U can see his hand in her arm with his black glove…

  • Justin Bruckman

    I’m almost sure that she said, “Daddy, my boobies are out” haha!

  • ItsProgressNow

    Brooke looks alot like Aria T’Loak in that photo lol. as far as Asari matriarchs go, time to let the boobies hit the flooooor!!

  • Imranio

    is hogan really her father.

    how could father do this.

  • morrisonfanone

    You’ve got to give Brooke credit. She’s decent enough to cover up as soon as she can. Most everyone else wouldn’t try. I can’t wait to see how Hulk reacts to his new “son-in-law.”

  • Dick Hertz

    I would jack off to brooke