Bully Ray Headed Back To WWE?, Backstage News On WWE Title Situation

– It’s worth noting that as soon as WWE became aware that Daniel Bryan was going to have to be stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship due to his neck issues, they immediately decided to put the belt on John Cena again. While Bray Wyatt may have been a popular candidate to win the Money In The Bank ladder match, he was never legitimately considered, as they already knew that they were going with Cena.

– Bully Ray noted during a recent Opie & Anthony radio appearance designed to promote TNA’s television tapings in New York City that he would jump-ship to WWE if given the opportunity. Bully mentioned that he would return to WWE in a “heartbeat” if Vince McMahon called him.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • Reality

      Because that’s what you do when you become a Tna hall of famer. Sting, Angle or now team 3D: talk about WWE in interviews, that’s what’s good for business :)

    • 2vwd34gs

      Why would Bully ever want to come back? So he can be fed to Super Ceman? NTY

      • valo

        so he can have a job and get paid. tna cant really offer either of those anymore..

      • pwnez

        The better question would be: Why wouldn’t he want to come back?

        Ceman? Horrible…

    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316
      • Jose Mourinho

        So i can powerbomb steph.

    • Land of the SMARKS

      Here is that O&A interview. More than worth it and far better than the podcast interviews I feel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jnfQHaHfOw

      • TNA Live Crowd

        Do we really need a link to hear Ray say what is already written above

        • Land of the SMARKS

          Yes, because they left out a lot.

    • llllNinjastarllll

      Never really did like the BUBBA rey , if he would and were to come back it would have to be with Devon as a tag team , but even then their isnt really any tag teams in wwe that i would wanna see them feud with , so Meh’ i dont wanna see him back in wwe . Maybe just for the hall of fame thats aboot it

      • valo

        dudleys vs usos would be awesome. also dudleys vs the wyatt family would be epic.

        • GMANFREAK

          Dudleys vs. either USOS, Wyatts, Goldust/Stardust and The Ascension would all be great for Business.

    • brad

      I would be all for Bubba coming back as long as they would give him a shot at the world title because that mans great on the mic and he’s not that bad in the ring.

    • Fantasma Del Guapo

      If he did go back, could they give him his old theme from the Dudley Boyz? B/c really, that would get me more amped up to watch a fight than anything by Powerman 5000.

    • TNA Live Crowd

      Bully Rat sounds like he really wants to join Vince’s kiss my ass club

    • my name is buh buh buh buh

      unless you bring brother devon, wwe has no use for you

    • Buzzard Follower

      Arrive > Tna hall of fame > leave to wwe > repeat

    • Progressed_Now

      Dudleyz Vs Wyatts is definitely something that’d make me get the Network!

    • esnips

      Devon, get the tables!!!!!

    • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

      I don’t mind if Bully Ray comes back to WWE , but I hope Devon stays at TNA being irrelevant! No one cared abput Devon when he was in WEE and people actually cared more for Spike Dudley!

    • insomniacreviewer

      Of course super ego Cena was going to win the WWE WHC. God forbid he ever puts anyone over ever but that would require him to actually care about the future of the business.

      • gdaddy1971

        Get your trolling a$$ off here and get a life.

    • Dixie Carter

      I guess Bully is accidently gonna have a sore neck or leg…putting him out of action.

    • RUSSO

      WWE has all those PG B*A Star anti-bullying programas…..there’s no place for a “Bully” Ray, instead they come back with the Dudleyz and going to the tag division again

    • CallHimUndisputed

      Would love to see him back in the WWE.. A return of the Dudleys would be great but the Bubba that has become the TNA champ and the top heel in TNA would be an awesome Main Event heel in WWE…. His promo’s alone would be a great addition especially if they let him loose..

    • Stephen

      I wonder how much TNA paid Bully to promote WWE… I mean their event like that?

    • Simon Rolle

      the only thing bully ray will be in the wwe is a jobber to every superstar in the wwe right now,boy you better stay in tna..

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      Bubba and Bray could have an excellent feud.