Camacho Speaks On His WWE Release, His Relationship With Vince & HHH, More

The following are highlights of a new interview with former WWE Superstar Camacho:

On NXT: “The growth is amazing and the brand has incredible fans. One of my close friends who loves wrestling used to watch ECW a lot and now he goes to the NXT shows.

“I love the environment of NXT because it’s more intimate and close-knit. At Raw or SmackDown, I feel like people enjoy the show but they don’t have much of a chance to be a part of the show. NXT allows them to have more of a say.”

On his WWE run: “It was an enjoyable experience even though it was short. I got to see parts of the world that I’ve never seen before. Hopefully one day, I get to do it again.”

On his relationship with Vince McMahon and Triple H: “Vince and I talked to each other maybe once or twice. Most of my conversations were with Triple H.”

On his WWE release: “I think creative did not have anything for me. We were running with Camacho in NXT and then I talked about changing my character. Camacho was going to be scrapped and a different character was going to be created altogether. I was going to start a tag team with Wesley Blake in NXT, but because of my release, it didn’t happen.”

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Jomo

      Mexican and black stereotype Camacho and JtG released. Why am I not surprised that stereotyped gimmicks dont work in wrestling in this era

    • brad

      I almost forgot about this fella, he wasn’t a bad worker he just had the case of a god awful gimmick. I mean who wants to see a beaner with chains and a wife beater ride out to the ring on a gay bike every Friday, not me and I’m not knocking on the Mexican community I love wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero and Alberto Del Rio but dam Camacho had a bad gimmick.

      • Pappy

        Presentation is everything. His Mexican thug gimmick could’ve worked a lot better but it was done in the worse way. A better example of success would be Konnan, Homicide and Henandez as LAX. They weren’t the typical lowrider barrio type like Camacho was

        • juansupreme

          Word Bro.. LAX was the Best I have eva seen.. Gimmick was awesome!

      • Scott

        The Mexicools worked out okay didn’t they? They were stereotyped the worst possible way. And whats with people on here using racial slurs?

        • yrabadi

          They got over, but it was pretty short lived if memory serves me correct.

          • Scott

            Well the crowd hated them as heels and loved them as face. I think they all had a pretty solid run in WWE while they were there. Definitely an entertaining group

            • yrabadi

              Yeah true, I’m just saying it didn’t last long… I have fond memories of those guys… Still remember their feud with BWO and Richards and his gang riding out on tricycles. Cute stuff.

            • Scott

              Haha I cant even remember their biggest feud its been that long but I do remember them because they were solid in the ring and became funny after they turned face. But now I do remember the BWO. Those guys haha

      • Yogie

        Lol Camacho isn’t even mexican. He’s tonguan. Just a terrible gimmick to begin with

    • Progressed_Now

      Camacho stole my bike!

    • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

      Who is this jobber?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tugg Speedman

        Who let you on the internet? Get back in the kitchen

        • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

          Why do I need to be back in the kitchen, you idiot!

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      creative did not have anything for me? Colt Cabana knows that feel.