Carter Promising Big Changes To Impact, Update On Prichard

Impact Zone

– TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter says major changes are coming to Impact Wrestling. Dixie Carter tells  that she met with Spike TV executives this week and both parties decided it was time to make significant changes to the presentation of the show.

While she did not reveal specific details, the transformation is taking place soon and will include “format changes and new elements.” Carter added the company is making a very conscious decision to focus now on young talent.

Carter also provided an update on Bruce Prichard, TNA’s Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations, who recently suffered a heart attack. Prichard has returned to work, has dropped over thirty pounds and was actually scheduled to undergo heart surgery when he suffered the heart attack.


— Tara is signing autographs today at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. She will also be on hand for the event on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6:00 p.m. Visit for event information.

— Madison Rayne is auctioning off a gold and silver wrestling outfit she has worn on Impact Wrestling and in a pay-per-view match against Mickie James.

Daniel Pena

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  • Ttroytaylor_1

    LIVE PLZ best thing to help TNA, And Show Hogan the Boot lol I am a Die Hard TNA fan but  the WWE Fanboys are right 

  • pwnez

    Yep, we’ve heard all this before…

    • siberian_skies

      Yep, every time they sign someone new, it’s the biggest thing to ever happen!

      • DAX

        I wonder if they would say that if they sign Hornsewogle one day 0.o

        • siberian_skies


        • FullMoonFever

           I’m waiting for that TNA fanboy named rated_maxx to say anything about these lame changes.

        • stormgreyeagle

           hes too busy fapping to the news

        • Kaylyn Owens

          The biggest little thing to happen?

  • Hobo With A Shotgun

    The only big change I see Dixie Carter doing is giving Hogan more air time. It’s a shame Dixie don’t know how to spend the money the right way and make TNA watchable


      WOW! all these haters who probably watch one bad night for impact and write it off as a bad company… but us true I.W. or TNA fans are loving the young talent being pushed and the great matches that are weekly on I.W. the only reason WWE does so well is cause its been around for 60-70 years! with many names so people just watch to watch and dont question. but since TNA has had some rough patches all these haters just say, “oh yea, TNA? they suck even though ive only actually watched one episode.” FUCK THE HATERZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLUS, that wembly arena looked pretty full and they looked pretty happy….. and the impact zone looks pretty full and everyone looks like their having fun and are happy! 

      • siberian_skies

        Wow, you really told us, didn’t you?  FYI, I like and watch TNA every week.  But they have alot of problems.  And it seems like every time they take a step forward, they take two steps back.  One example:  They’ve gotten better at pushing their home-grown talent, but then Hogan throws Bobby Roode under the bus, and not long after that he claims that Garrett Bischoff is the future of the company.

        And nobody ever said the WWE is perfect.

        • DAX

           Only problems i have with TNA is Bitchof, Huckster, and Garret aka. David Flair 2.0. Every time i se them pop out on my TV i have a nagging urge to use a shotgun on it. Other than that its all good. I heard that MCMG are back so maybe i will sneak a peek on Impact. No promises tough.

          • siberian_skies

            Just keep your remote handy, and you’ll be fine.  

          • Kaylyn Owens

            What’s wrong with Garrett? Wouldn’t you like to do that to your dad? Because, I love mine, but it would be awesome.

        • tap_or_snap

          TNA is correct about one change and that is pushing the younger talent,The 2other key elements that they need to do is leave the impact zone and tour to get their product more exposed.Also bring in Heyman to run the show then I would say TNA would have a fighting chance

          • Kaylyn Owens

            That’s not always a good thing.

        • Kaylyn Owens

          I watch it. If I’ve already seen The Big Bang Theory that’s on.

      • the masked middle finger

        Oh God, you’re on of those guys, the “stfu its awesum u suck haterz!!!” guys.

        That isn’t helping me take you seriously. Also, I used to love TNA, I used to go to the tapings all the time, but Bitchof and Hogan ruined it.

        And the impact zone is full of bored tourists. It used to be fun of real fans and had an ROH like atmosphere, now it’s full of people who have wandered in to see a free show and some of them haven’t even heard of TNA.

        I’m willing to bet you’ve never been to a TNA taping, at least not recently. And I bet you liked your own comment.

      • Tripfan07

        The arena holds about 1000 people, and they probably only sell about 800 seats. Ever notice they dont show the whole arena like WWE does and WCW used to do? I have watched several episodes. The January 4, 2010 episode sticks out. They rehashed the Band (nWo version 274), like they cant come up with an original concept. Hogan and Bischoff are parasites and should be banished from anything wrestling. They are only concerned with their own agendas, i.e. Garrett Bischoff, Hogan running the show, need I go on?

  • JR.399

    Dixie is worse than a politician with all these promises of change. She is clueless, mindless and pretty soon jobless if she keeps it up.

  • Number1HashTagHeel

    Big changes to impact?

    Let me guess, another WWE Legend from the 80s joining to make TNA even more pathetic.
    I LOVED TNA so much more than WWE a couple years ago, but then Bischoff Hogan & Flair showed up and that love died. Now that vince russo is gone we just need Hogan Bischoff & Flair out of here to actually make wrestling “matter”

    • Jager1017

      lol so true. never watched tna, none of the wrestlers interested me.. but i wish they would take themselves seriously for once. competition is key.


    I think I’ve heard this song before. lol

  • stoops

    Some of you guys can’t read. That or you choose to ignore what is in print right in front of you. If she met with the network it means things are going to change. TNA is not like WWE in the respect that USA has next to no say about the product whereas Spike does. I gotta think Bischoff will at least be off of tv after the ppv as per the stipulation. Unfortunately HH is going nowhere for awhile. I know some contracts are almost up so i’m sure some guys are on their way out.

  • Drpepper

    Changes again?  How about Firing you Hogan and Bischoff!

  • currygoi

    dixie´s twitter avatar looks hot

  • siberian_skies


    At most, Eric Bischoff will be gone for a month or so.  He isn’t going anywhere.  It’s a stupid stipulation.  Hogan’s touting Garrett as the “future of TNA”, so he won’t be leaving, and like I said Eric won’t be leaving.

    • stoops

      You’re probably right. Just trying to be optimistic. Hopefully these “changes” will include dumping GB’s story line all together. Kinda like when HH deemed Abyss the most dominant wrestler than proceeded to stick him on the back burner.

      • siberian_skies

        I hope you’re right.  Pushing Garrett instead of the real talent is very frustrating.

  • kquickstillsucks

    I can’t wait to see what these “format changes and new elements” are lol. Last time they changed things they made Impact look like Thunder/Smackdown. Maybe Bischoff will channel his “genius” and bring back the Nitro girls but only this time they have walkers. Maybe Scott Baio will be a announcer or the new GM? Maybe they will bring in a DJ? Live concerts? Anyway they go here im sure will be great with Eric Bischoff involved he is truly a power broker and a genius when it comes to the television industry. When is Reaction coming back for season 2?

    • Jager1017


    • DAX


  • Guest

    LMAO- Most people view TNA as a bargain-basement knockoff of WWe, and has been rumored to be unable to pay their talent at times. I love that this perception is fueled by their own actions, as we’ve seen wrestlers talk about how they have to get cheap car insurance “that allows us to pay in cash”, then on an episode of Impact, we see repo guys driving off with one of their cars, and we always hear about Knockouts selling their clothes. Hilarious.

  • Team Awesome

    If Impact can only use the People from OVW and sign them up on to the main Roster properly, expand their promotion outside of the Impact Zone & do something with The Hulk Hogan issue. Maybe Impact will be better than where it stands at the moment. The Politic games are out of control and needs to get hammered down immediately. 

  • Fighter

    Oh no not again? Lost count on how much Big Changes to Impact was promised already.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

    – Snake Plissken

    • DAX

      Fuck this.

      – Ron Jeremy

  • mr84pvmorris

    how bout firing any and everyone who wrestled in the 80’s!!! that would be f*kkin awesome…

  • Bro88

    Yay more changes and big promises!!! Isnt this the 39845098237095 change shes promised since taking over TNA? She and her changes have done nothing good for TNA yet and I imagine will continue to fail at elliciting any kind of positive move for the company.

  • WCWPunk

    I Thought The Dramatic Big Change Took Effect Last Year. That’s When TNA iMPACT! Became Impact Wrestling. That Change Swept Me Off My Feet So Much, Major Changes Happened to Me. I Went from Being 5’6 to All Of A Sudden Becoming 6’5 All Thanks To Dixie Carter.  Thank You Dixie!

  • Kenny

    making the ring bigger is the first change i would do to the show

  • Papa Shango

    Here comes Brutus Beefcake, Jimmy Hart and the Nasty Boys!

    • Papa Shango

       Or maybe the ladies man, Viscera , is comig to TNA for a Live Sex Celebration with Dixie!

  • Harvey

    If I had a dollar for everytime they have promised “BIG CHANGES” I could buy a WWE PPV

  • Austin 3:16

    I think their just waiting for the wwe releases to happen

  • Count_Da_Money

    Big changes? Hopefully this means a complete overhaul of “management” as well as getting rid of any other dead weight currently on the roster.  

  • Finchfurlong

    I know you log onto sescoops the whole time Vince now please read this and do the following, buy TNA use the library or do whatever and put this company out of its misery. Its going nowhere and is ding a slow painful death 

  • freykit

    Until you fire Hulk Hogan, Eric and Garrett Bischoff, there are no big changes.

  • Kaylyn Owens

    Big changes like the show getting canceled? Oh,we could pray.