Cena’s Angry Face, Foley Bumped, DiBiase & McIntyre Updates

Cena Mad

– On Monday’s RAW, John Cena made an “angry face” at the camera after Zack Ryder was taken away in an ambulance. WWE is teasing that Cena is finally giving in to the dark side “embracing the hate.”

It’s highly unlikely that John Cena will never undergo a complete heel turn, but his recent storyline with Kane has allowed an emotionally battered Cena to show a darker side.

A possible scenario that’s been discussed for Sunday’s match between Cena and Kane is that Cena will snap on Kane and his anger will explode to the point where he gets himself disqualified.

– Ted DiBiase is backstage for tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Tucson, Arizona and sporting a brace on his wrist.

DiBiase has reportedly been trying to downplay his wrist injury to those within WWE.

– Mick Foley’s appearance on the ABC show Wife Swap will be postponed due to President Obama’s State of the Union Address tonight. The episode will air next Tuesday at 9pm EST.

– There is some confusion as to Drew McIntyre’s future on the SmackDown brand. McIntyre was fired by Teddy Long during last wek’s show, but appeared as one of the lumberjacks during the main event.

(Partial credit: pwinsider.com, f4wonline.com)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • KP

    He looked constipated, bit like the product for the last few years, a load of sh*t backed up

    • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

      or those Fruity Pebbles must’ve really got to him…=P

  • http://www.youtube.com/ac1dchr15t ac1d_chr15t

    Josh Matthews was probably crapping his pants.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Cena can’t even sell angry.  I laughed when he did this face. 

    • Anonymous

      I think he can sell angry pretty well, but anytime someone does that^^, it always really forced and not believable.

      • pwnez

        I agree, he can sell angry pretty well if he isn’t trying too hard. If he’s beating someone down then he looks likea legit heel but with the face he made…doesn’t make me wanna believe he’s a bad guy or crazy.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. I think I could actually get behind him as a heel (even tho I don’t want to admit it lol) as long as he never dose the face again.

    • Anonymous

      He did do a hell’ve job selling the sad bastard far away stare to the camera. ;) haha

    • Coldmilk

      nobody takes him seriously cz we all knw he is gonna strt smiling agn in a few weeks

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TCZDBY7SMOAPBMSCWBVMXNST3I Sam

    He looks like a child who doesn’t want to eat his vegetables. Maybe we were all wrong to want him as a heel… WHAT HAVE WE DONE!?!?!?!

  • Henry TheGame

    oh yeah youre right mcintyre was fired and brought back at the main event, push mcintyre and bury santino

  • Nightmare

    Im putting my money on jericho, or drew winning the rumble. IF ziggler wins he wont get a good title run which is why i say he isnt ready yet. id rather for him to wait and build himself up some more rather then having a 2 week run then getting cut off by wwe creative and embarrasing himself on his first title run like ryder was done with the U.S title. he needs pushed a little longer before hand.

    • Anonymous

      hes been on this neverending build since 2009! How much longer does he have to wait. Its time for him to enter the main event and become the top heel in the company.

      • Nightmare

        when he gets to the point where he gets to drop vckey and swagger. as long as he has them i can just about guarentee you he will never be wwe campion. they are holding him back id like to see him shoot up in ranks for the title myself. plus he’s just now getting to where he can get fans behind him, wwe creative wants a champion that will sell t-shirts. its all about money and creative could care less if he ever becomes champion. they have so much good talent thats been waisted, or killed. (regal, santino, and drew) for starters. they are killing zigglers career with swag and vickey but there to blind to see it =/.

  • pwnez

    Cena’s forehead looks huge in that picture lol.

    • Anonymous

      Prob just someone with a terrible camera …i hate pictures from a camera of a image on TV.

    • Anonymous

      Prob just someone with a terrible camera …i hate pictures from a camera of a image on TV.

    • http://twitter.com/KidKannabis Kid Kannabis

      Agreed 100% lmao

    • http://twitter.com/Count_Da_Money Count_Da_Money

      You could sell advertising space on that forehead. 

  • http://twitter.com/LizaMMX Elizabeth Deacons


  • http://twitter.com/videogamefan24 Lawrence Wider

    #EmbraceTheHate cena #EmbraceTheHate.

  • Anonymous

    Cena face vs. Angry Miz girl face at Wrestlemania

  • Triple H’s Pop-Up Book Deal

    Thats one mad, pale Darren Young

  • tommy

    after this pic was taken, Vince McMahon sent Cena to the FCW temple to exterminate all the younglings

    • TVR

      Next week on raw Cena is coming out to the imperial march when he comes to the ring

    • RVDIzzle

      John Cena’s metachlorian count is off the charts…

  • Aussie-fan

    Drew was fired but if you remember correctly in a backstage segment Santino convinced Teddy to rehire him

    • JIMMY

      then he lost the match and was refired……

  • Alopezb5

    What’s Josh Mathews problem? First, he makes Big Show cry, now, he provokes Cena to the point where he now embraces the hate, (or got constipated…or both). Jerk.

    • Anonymous

      Oh sure, blame the interviewer. Lol

  • Anonymous

    Any one else think Cena looks like the bad guy in Ghostbusters 2 in this pic?

    • HRMA

      Ryder: “Long Island vill be mine and Cena’s…mainly Cena’s…”

    • tommy

      he is VIGO!!

    • Bobcat2010

      “I Vigo as cena shall rule the world!”

  • http://twitter.com/SCSA4life John 3:16

    ooooo scary

  • Kage

    He looks like a zombie in a way. 

  • Anonymous

    Is this what to many fruity pebbles dose to you?

  • A.J.

    Drew McIntyre is so underrated when they gave him that run with the IC belt a couple years ago he really looked like he had a bright future. I really enjoyed that character he played then he had an awesome entrance and they really looked like they were strapping the rocket to his back then that wife shit happened and he never recovered from that nonsense. I really wonder if there was anything more then just that backstage.

  • cheeze

    Am I the only one that thinks Cena looks like Beavis in that pic?

  • Jonboy01uk2008

    I said to my gf when he did this “dont you just love bad cheesy wrestling acting”  and it’s true. I can think of loads of examples over the years of bad cheesy wrestlers trying to act, its all part of the magic.

  • Anonymous

    I think he might be holding his breath till Ryder gets another title shot

    • Anonymous

      he gonna die then lmao

  • m8h3r

    That picture just has to be the thumbnail for John Cena news from now on.

    • Ejlpsalms161

      LOL! Yes, SEScoops please do!

  • http://twitter.com/lawishumanity Law Is Humanity

    Cena’s acting skills pretty much sucks as his wrestling skills ..His angry face made me LOL coz it’s way beyond convincing.
    btw >>Nice photo Escoops.

  • Anonymous

    I think he’s stealing Vladimir Kozlov’s grunt mug facial expressions.

    • Anonymous

      You Right Agree.

      Thank You Comment

  • Anonymous

    EVE sound Chick Kid Woman and Slavery in Gimmack.
    Kane Male is Great Terrorism and Evil Male Empire  All men no ladies black out.
    Kane drama true as Charachter horror movie for the women of scared EVE and Kelly  get  can’t hottest soon death as Divas WWE and Knockout TNA.

    • Seannyc

      you my friend need to stop smokin’ that s#%t … English please, thanks, have a nice day!

    • JohnnyV

      The English language is your friend

    • Hulkster

      Meth is bad …

      • Anonymous


    • Hulkster

      WTF learn to speak English first before making any attempt at writing … if I ‘try’ to read your post I fear I will become incoherent by the time I finish — ENGLISH IS YOUR FRIEND!!

    • Fear No Evil

      Lmao!!! Wtf!?!

      Crack cocaine is a helluva drug!

      Don’t do drugs kids … they destroy lives.

    • Anonymous

      WTF are you saying????

    • RVDIzzle

      He must have made eye contact with Cena during this segment.  Brain Melt! 

      I wouldn’t look Cena directly in the eyes because I was afraid this would happen!

    • http://twitter.com/Count_Da_Money Count_Da_Money

      Sorry, but are you a caveman from the year 2,000,000 B.C.?

    • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

      TRANSLATE (I guess):
      Eve sounds like a kid and has a slavery gimmick ? (wtf ?…o_O)
      Kane is a great terrorist (he’s a monster not a terrorist…o_O) and he could be an Emperer who’s so scary men black out and he doesn’t get any ladies ?
      Kane’s very dramatic as his character is like something from a horror movie and Eve & Kelly Kelly are scared of him and they’re not the hottest so they’ll die soon and so will the other WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts ?

  • IN YO HOUSE 69


  • AhhhhhNow

    Unfortuantly as much as we want Cena to turn heel he wont EVER cos WWE is know for this, he will be kane at thr royal rumble and that will be that…fail on wwe storys

  • AhhhhhNow

    fail on my spelling….

  • Carlito8

    Hey Cena you alright my dude, you need someone to talk to? Lol

    • Anonymous

      you not need talk himself drama as moive in WWE Program.

  • Anonymous

    As soon as he started make the face I changed the chanel real quick i was a lil embarassed for him

  • Vegeta241

    Hey, does anyone remember that time Randy Orton gave a spike DDT to Stephanie Mcmahon, and Triple H ran out, stared legacy down, and made that angry face. You know the one, his started to shake and his face turned all red and you were sure that his head was going to explode! This Cena thing made me remember that, just Trips pulled it off better.

    • Anonymous

      John Cena destoryer Attack EVE powerful without Heel or Kane.

    • Tiran66

      Noone does mad like HHH does, that’s for sure.  Well maybe Vince…..

  • http://alexlicious.tumblr.com/ Alex Valentino

    Busted my balls laughing

  • A.J.

    Cena looks like I just farted in his face and he is taking a BIG wiff

    • http://twitter.com/FatalKrouzer Steven Pandopulos

      Hahaha that made my night. :)

    • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

      lmfao…must’ve smelt bad then…xD

  • http://darwinbuena.biz.nf Darwin I. Buena

    U mad bro?

  • TVR

    Cena is thinking “Who stole my fruity pebbles”

  • Anonymous

    actually for some reason I wanna see an evil Eve align herself with Kane, like Crimson Lita did

  • Fear No Evil

    Hahahaha what a clown!

    Cena’s a fuckin’ joke.

    Looking old as shit. Lol

    That’s not a forehead … That’s a fivehead!

    He don’t have dreams … He has movies!

    Nah, I’ll take that back … he don’t have movies … He has trilogies!

    • http://twitter.com/Count_Da_Money Count_Da_Money

      His movies are nightmares!

    • Cooper

      Cenas movies arent that bad…Legendary was great

  • Yahyes

    wow cena is so overrated. 

  • Anonymous

    Wait till he finds out someone took a dump in his suitcase…

  • WestCoastPoop


  • http://twitter.com/FatalKrouzer Steven Pandopulos

    Can use his fucking forehead as a dinner plate.

  • Anonymous

    Got diarrhea?

  • Steamboat86

    johnny ace try to act like he was reading the fax back satge was awfull aswell

  • http://twitter.com/Daniel_Howells Daniel Howells

    I burst out laughing when this happened

  • John Cena

    Dammit, i really wanted to see Wife Swap

  • Anonymous

    he looks like his lily wilted when trying to get it on with his boyfriend

    • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

      CENA’S WIFE HAS A PENIS ?!?!…OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…=O

  • TheTedHallowell

    Embrace the forehead.

  • Tiran66

    I laughed my ass off when Cena turned to the camera with that face.  Then I thought, who the hell is he looking at?  Was that for Kane’s benefit?  The segment would have been better if the camera had panned around to “catch” Cena’s reaction instead of him turning to the camera.  Also did anyone else think they should have rehashed the SCSA/Bret Hart ambulance scene by having Kane behind the wheel?

  • RVDIzzle

    Ok – I must say it… this picture may have spawned the BEST sescoops thread ever.  Some GREAT comments here…

  • RVDIzzle

    Does anyone else feel like Cena looked right into your soul and discovered all your secrets?

  • Kaylyn Owens

    Cena looks like he needs to use the bathroom.

  • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

    “BITCH WHERE’S MY FRUITY PEBBLES ?!?!” – Cena’s thoughts in this photo…seriously though I almost pmsl when I saw his angry face…it just looks like he’s taking an extremely, painfully, large dump…=/

  • GodsLoyalSon

    Thumbs up if that sescoops should start using that pic for all Cena posts from now on

  • Jimmy

    It would be nice for WWE to make Cena a heel again after so many years as the good guy. I like Cena but this good guy bullshit is getting old and he needs to change up a bit.

  • Anonymous

    yea… john cena couldn’t even sell a chocolate bar to a fat chick :/

  • Anonymous

    THANK GOD!!!!

  • Tom

    He quite frankly looks stupid. His character is boring anymore (I never liked him anyway but that’s beside the point), so the WWE is trying new things to push his character once more. I think instead of helping him, it’s actually driving fans farther and farther away from him.

  • Nick

    he looks like hes gotta take a poop hahahahaha

  • Rhythm