Charlotte Talks About Her MSG Debut, NXT Takeover, Ric Flair & More

The following are highlights of a new Between The Ropes interview with NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte:

On sharing the moment with her father Ric Flair when she won the NXT Women’s Title at Takeover: “I really don’t have the words. It was so special. I mean, to follow in my dad’s footsteps. I think if anyone’s followed my father’s career, they truly know how passionate he is about sports entertainment. And to be able to carry on his legacy in my own way and to win the NXT Women’s Championship, it just meant the world to me. I know how much his legacy, hard work, sacrifice and his love for his fans and the WWE Universe that he put into them. And to know that I’m representing his brand that he worked on for so long means a lot to me. So I just want to do it justice and I felt that pressure that night. I think it went really well. No matter how grand the stage is, he be proud of me. But to win my first title with there, was special.”

On her WWE debut at Madison Square Garden this past weekend: “Heck of a way to start your main roster debut. It was amazing. While Sasha Banks and I started pretty much at the same time and to have her tagging with me was special in itself. But Madison Squarer Garden has so much history and tradition. And to walk out there and know that I was making history within that building and having my dad there and being on the same card as him, that’s what made it special. Like his name was on there, I was on there. But facing Natalya again, that was pretty awesome too. That was the first time I faced her since Takeover and obviously going up against Nikki (Bella) too. Also, what was so cool, they (the crowd) knew who we were. Walking out there playing our little package and knowing us made you feel like even more like a superstar like NXT means business.”

Check out the complete interview above.

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      “If the Bible has taught us nothing else…and it hasn’t, it’s that girls should stick to girl sports, such as hot oil wrestling and foxy boxing and such and such.”

      ~ Homer Simpson

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        So very true.

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      I would smell her booty but then again she looks like Ric Flair

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        I laugh if she farted in your face. She’s a loose goose from those promotions by being around the right people *wink wink*

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          Hahaha yes best call … Dixie my friend you are amazing .

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      Charlotte will be the next divas champion.

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      The girls have no business in a wrestling ring. People like Maria give the business a bad name. People like no personality AJ Lee, Bre and that trash female announcer on NXT who sucks the guys off backstage to get a promotion. I guess you probably need the no talent filth around to keep the wrestlers happy.

      Agent: “Renee report to Randy’s locker room”. *Goes in and gets it up the buns* And the moral is up. We all know they find these “divas” from pxrno mags that each one reads.