Chris Jericho Claims To Be Done With Wrestling

It’s been rumored for months that Chris Jericho is on his way back to WWE, despite his repeated claims that he is done with pro wrestling and focusing his attention on his metal band Fozzy and other non-wrestling projects.

Jericho addressed his WWE future on Twitter once again on Sunday night, stating once again that he has no plans to return to the company again:

“Sick of all the questions so this is it…from now on I’m not answering anymore wrestling related questions. I’m done w WWE. Deal with it.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Topol345

    Ok Chris see ya next week

    • Troylawrence19

      same here

  • pwnez

    It’s simple…just…wait……and……..see. Is it that hard for people? So much for the element of surprise.

    • Zbeau Zbarker

      I swear if I hear anymore W8NC shit…

      • pwnez

        It’s true though, people will dig and pry to get information early. They will say WWE is way too predictable, yet it’s their own fault. Just wait and see and be surprised.

        •!/AIexlicious Alex Caesar

          Lets be honest, some of the fans are pretty fucking stupid.

        •!/AIexlicious Alex Caesar

          Lets be honest, some of the fans are pretty fucking stupid.

        • Anonymous

          It’s not just that, but much like Jeff Hardy he has been bombarded with wrestling-related questions/demands on a daily basis ever since he took time off. The fact that the whole purpose of this site is to give information and spoil things for those who are willing to be spoiled doesn’t help the issue, not because that’s what the site does, but then you have idiots harassing Jericho saying “I READ ONLINE THAT ITS YOU IS IT YOU?” -_-

          But yeah, I can’t blame other people for digging for information, that’s why majority of us come to this site. I don’t have the time that I used to have to sit through 6+ hours of wrestling a week and know what all is going on in the wrestling world.

    • Timmer82

      I think you’re right. me and a friend were talking about this this week. Once some fans cross the line from ‘fan’ to ‘online scout’ they cease to be fans and are over critical and can’t be suprised anymore. They don’t have fun with it anymore, just criticize.

    • Polarbaker

      You have people asking superstars divas and personalities over twitter and facebook, they get mad when someone dont answer them or something of that sort then if jericho flat out said yes its me im coming back on 1.2.12 you would have people saying i told you and 2 seconds later going i hate how wwe dont do anything surprising anymore they are boring i for one have done everything i can as far as watching the videos to figure out who it is but as far as people asking jericho, really people leave him alone if its him its him if not then squash it if he wants to have a fued till mania with punk okay if not we will have a punk someone else and the this one troll on this site will say o punk/puny blah blah blah, i would personally laugh my ass off if it was like ryback or dean ambrose and the freaking videos didnt have nothing to do wih y2j or taker or whoever else you people and tna lovers have said. Next thing u know TNA will be doing a 2.1.12 promo for chavo

  • Heaney

    I just love how annoyed Jericho is getting. He’s clearly coming back and fuming that everyone can see through his bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    I still hope it’s Ryback.

    • Vbac23

      lol fingers crossed

  • Anonymous

    they might go with Taker now that EVERYBODY knows its gonna be Chris.I mean we’re all expecting Jericho n then we’ll hear the Gong n lights go dim.

    •!/AIexlicious Alex Caesar

      It was never Jericho to begin with.

      • Anonymous

        Why were they using lyrics from wormwood if it was never him

  • Kiaranh

    When Undertaker returns next week you’re all going to be annoyed…

  • Black 14th

    I hope it is Jericho, but I feel for the guy, having the same retarded question lobbed at him every single day. But then again, Chris, if Fozzy hasn’t made it big after all these years, despite an already famous frontman, and DWTS isn’t calling you back for another season, then maybe it’s time to think about the one profession where you rule ass daily.
     But I like the W8NC attitude- every one wants to know every little thing about everyone all the time, yet get pissed when it’s not a surprise anymore.
    As for me, I’m going to turn on RAW tonight, mute the CM Punk and John Cena segments, try to be interested when Klumsy Klumsy tries to wrestle in gold-plated granny panties, be happy to see Kane, and wait for the last “It Begins…” promo, knowing that, since next Monday is 1/2/12, tonight’s clue will probably be a REALLY GOOD ONE. Since WWE wants high ratings and gate receipts for next Monday’s big reveal, they’ll probably make it somewhat obvious who it might be, while leaving it juuuust ambiguous enough to leave us second-guessing all week.
     Better not be Skip Sheffield, though.

  •!/AIexlicious Alex Caesar

    Hope all you want, it’s Ryback. Undertaker would be fine but it’s the same shit they did last year~

  • Vbac23

    I wish i had a twitter account to tell him stfu no one cares plz dont come back

  • Vbac23

    I wish i had a twitter account to tell him stfu no one cares plz dont come back

  • ry

    if chris wasn’t returning then why would he go through all this trouble to convince people that he is not? Wouldn’t he just say it once and let people find out on there own that he isn’t returning?

  • Anonymous

    If it really is not Chris then I feel sorry for him, nobody will listen to him, even after repeatedly saying it 100 times everyone is still tweeting to him asking.

  • Timmer82

    Woe, hey, i was worried. It had been like 3 days since our last Jericho NON-Update. And ‘not answering anymore questions’ is exactly what i said he should do weeks ago. See you next week Y2J

  • ryan stewart

    What The Hell Is A Millienum Falcon

    • PL4life

      Its a spacecraft

  • DiBiase posse

    i would laugh so much iv it wasent chris jericho and the internet geeks are like shit i was wrong fml

  • night

    don’t go getting your hopes up on Jericho returning next week coz remember at the being of this year everybody thought sting was coming to the WWE when it was really the undertaker returning instead

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Chris here. For god’s sake these pandering idiots who keep asking him when he will return are just driving him nuts. You don’t need to tell them anything about your future Y2J. Just stay healthy and do what you love and if you want to return be my guest.

  • Jóhannes Kristófer Kristinsson

    He’s just pissed cause a lot of people know that it’s him on jan 2nd. It at least was suppose to be for him like I’ve always said but they might make it for Ryback. 

    I know it was suppose to be for Jericho and so do a lot of other people, it isn’t to late for the WWE to make the return on jan 2nd. for someone else like Ryback, if Chris hasn’t signed a contract yet.

    But I know he’ll return on jan 2nd, so all I can say is:

    Jericho, nice try, go f*** your self and see ya next week.

    • Ludeonline

      You don’t KNOW anything lol. Just say you’ve read reports online like everyone else not in the business

  • Anonymous

    If I was Jericho I would punch people in the face just so they can leave me alone.

  • No_Shoots_Just_Gimmicks

    Save us from the Indie Era, Jericho!

    • Al Oli

      You do realize that Jericho started as a Indie wrestler? Bryan made his name in Japan and other countries just like Jericho did. You should be banned from this site. You have no reculection of what real wrestling is.

    • Mind of the North Star

      Indie Era? Man….you have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on. I don’t even know where to begin with you lol. 

  • Opus

    If I were WWE, if Chris is actually coming back (assuming that the deal is done, and everything is confirmed),  I would use this opportunity to try and get a new debuting heel some quick heat.  

    Whoever they may choose for this does the following:

    Have a jobber in the ring, waiting for an opponent. 
    Play a final video and recap the previous ones.
    Build up a bit of suspense, maybe have the jobber get on the mic and start ranting and yelling for this person to show their face.  All the while, the crowd is obviously going to be chanting Y2J.
    Finally, have Brodus Clay, or Skip Sheffield, or whoever they plan on building up, come out and identify themselves as the ones behind the video.  Cut a promo about how they are here to dominate and leave everyone in their path lying in a pool of their own blood.
    Let him squash the jobber and move on as if thats the end of it.

    The crowd will be sufficiently let down, assuming that they were all wrong.  Then (if the reports are true, and CM Punk is Jericho’s target) during CM Punks segment or match on the show, have Chris come in through the crowd to interrupt and let the place go nuts once they realize he is there.



  • my honest opinion

    the promo was for undertaker end of story

  • Delta_destroyer_666

    Chris Jericho is the HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT, and is by no means “Done” with wrestling.  

  • For-Real

    Lol you guys are just a bunch of dumbasses that don’t know shit.  You all should be privileged that you are going to get to see Chris Jericho in action once again.  One of the greatest to ever be in the squared circle.

  • Coreyevans

    year      (Y)
    2012     (2)
    January (J)

  • Troylawrence19

    chris, i know your fooling us all. your gonna be back on jan. 2

  • Some Guy

    I will swim the Atlantic and beat the shit out of the “creative team” if it isn’t Jericho on Monday, and if it isn’t Jericho I hope whoever it is will get booed out of the stadium.