Chris Jericho Puts Over WWE’s Music Composer, Talks About Entertaining The Masses

The following are highlights of a new Miami Herald interview with Chris Jericho:

Entertaining the masses with his talents: “I think after a while people don’t really give a %$#@ what it is [else] that you’re doing. When I’m wrestling, I’m in wrestling mode. When I’m on stage with Fozzy, I’m in Fozzy mode. They’re two separate things, and it’s cool that I do both. I think a lot of people think it’s cool and can understand that I’m good at both. I don’t listen to negative people or care about negative people or worry about negative people. I just worry about doing the best I can do with whatever projects I decide to do.”

Similarities between music and wrestling: “There’s a lot of similarities between the two. They’re both very high energy, aggressive forms of entertainment, very dependent on the reactions you get from the crowd. If the crowd is excited, it makes for a better show — both in wrestling and with Fozzy. So you get a lot of crossover because there is that certain vibe in both. Certainly WWE superstars are like rock stars — larger than life, over the top personalities — and that’s what you’re always looking for in rock-n-roll. Sometimes you get it, and sometimes you don’t, and sometimes you get that in wrestling, and sometimes you don’t. Especially when you go to a WWE show with all the fire [and loud noise] and pyrotechnic, a lot of times it’s more than a rock show, than a rock show you might see. There is a common ground between the two.”

WWE’s Jim Johnston, who composes theme songs: “[Jim Johnston] does a great job at what he does. He really finds the inner core, the inner seed of what the person’s personality is, of what the character’s personality is, and really latches on to that. It always amazes me to see what he comes up with for guys who have been around for years, for guys who are just starting..He’s definitely an invaluable member of the WWE’s team for sure.”

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Undertaker316

      jim johnston > cfo$ they need to get rid of cfo$ immediately the dude is terrible at making theme songs

      • Matt Gallagher


      • Matt Gallagher

        Example A

        • Undertaker316

          a few good songs doesn’t make him good when was the last time jim johnston made a bad theme song

          • Matt Gallagher

            A lot of his stuff isn’t that good

      • Pozessed

        Nah, CFO$ have made some good themes.. One that comes to my head first is Titus O’Neil’s…

        • Undertaker316

          he also made this monstrosity

          • Pozessed

            Agreed on that one, it sucks, his older theme was better, having Swiss/French/German whatever rap added some sophistication to him, made him that much more unique and added class.

            • Undertaker316

              i hope when he turns face he goes back to using miracle as his theme song

          • Sigma ?

            Oh lord. Not the heavy traffic diarrhea theme.

      • WCWJobber

        cfo$ is hit or miss on his themes.

    • pwnez

      Who doesn’t Jericho put over? He’s definitely one of the classiest wrestlers in the business today.

      • Undertaker316
        • pwnez

          Cena didn’t kill Wyatt’s momentum though; he’s still popular as heck. Ugh. I agree with everything else though.

          • Stephen Wago

            Yes he is popular, however the Cena feud derailed the momentum he was on.

            He’d had multi awesome matches with The Shield and came out on top, and prior to that he had a classic with Daniel Brayn at Royal Rumble.

            People were so high on him, then he had that feud with John Cena and now people are chanting “boring” during his promos. Some of that blame falls on Bray, but a lot of it falls on how he was booked. I was actually behind Cena winning their feud, but he could of been booked as strong as he was prior.

            • yrabadi

              yawn… I’m tired of this argument. To me it sounds like people just say it because it’s the popular thing to say. Connecting the ‘boring’ chants from ONE occurrence to Cena is even more ridiculous than everything else.

              Wyatt wasn’t hurt at all by the feud with Cena. People are still talking about Wyatt. The IWC still loves him. He’s still a big part of every show. He’s still working his way up. If he went over Cena, where else would he go? What would be left? A crowded title shot scene a year after debuting? Splitting that with Roman? It’s lame – and quite possibly rushed (as I think is the case with Roman, personally).

              It was smart having Cena go over – regardless of how unpopular that decision is with many. Wyatt will get his moment in the spotlight.

            • brad

              I agree he needs more time and right now the best thing to do is keep giving him these feud’s with various veterans, legends because it is doing nothing but elevating him. Also I think Roman Reigns isn’t quite there yet but he will be by the Rumble and Mania.

            • Stephen Wago

              There is no way you can argue that Bray Wyatt has the same amount of momentum behind him that he did during his feuds with The Shield, D-Bry and even the beginning of Cena’s.

              As I mentioned, I was behind Cena winning, he was the right guy to go over and it made the most sense. But they made Bray look incredibly weak. – Theres no excuse for that.

              And the general consensus in regards to Bray Wyatt over the web has been increasingly in the decline. With people questioning his promo skills along with various other elements of his character. – Which is ludicrous, I know but people are fickle. But I’ve only got to spend 5 minutes to look at a Facebook group to see this.

              The reason? Perception is reality. Bray was made to look weak, his momentum took a huge hit and a percentage of the audience isn’t in to him as much. He can most certainly rebound and this Jericho feud can help that. But his feud with John Cena did NOTHING to elevate him. It only served as a place holder for John Cena.

            • yrabadi

              Well we disagree. A lot of people saw Bray fighting Cena and holding his own for months and months. If that’s not elevating the guy I don’t know what is.

              People get bored very easily these days. God forbid some people are just tiring of what Wyatt has been doing for over a year now. Nope, gotta be Cena’s fault.

        • People who live in reality

          This is so douche smarky it makes me sick.

        • Ha

          I agree with all 6 so true!

        • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

          Operators are standing by

    • Aceofspades801

      Chris Jericho “The Putting Over-Machine”

    • yrabadi

      Jericho still has the best entrance music out there in my opinion… and the brilliance of it is that it’s stuck this whole time.

    • Guest

      Jim Johnston is awesome!

    • Joe

      CFO$ did good on paige theme

    • Buzzard Follower

      Jim johnson is really good at what he does just like a certain interviewe here

    • Scott

      Think this guy does some pretty good work. I wish he would do something better with Cesaro’s entrance