Chris Jericho Hosting New Robot Combat League Show On Syfy (Pictures)

Former WWE superstar Chris Jericho is returning to the SyFy channel, but not for WWE. Entertainment Weekly announced on Tuesday that Jericho will be hosting the Robot Combat League, which premieres February 26, 2013.

SyFy president Mark Stern told EW, “It has always been our desire — and it’s really come around perennially — to update and do Battle Bots for the new century. Can we do Real Steel? Are we at a place where you can do real bipedal robots? Every time we tried to to do it [the project] was stymied by the technology.”

The league will have 12 teams, each consisting of a fighter (the “robo-jockey”) and a robotics engineer (the “robo-tech”). The fighters and techs are from all different backgrounds, including an Olympic athlete, a National Guard helicopter pilot, a race car drive and Amanda Lucas, MMA fighter daughter of of George Lucas (“Star Wars”).

Fights consist of three rounds, with the winning team advancing to the next round. The winning team gets $100,000.

Chris Jericho will set up each fight and provide play-by-play commentary.

Check out these pictures of Chris Jericho and the Robot Combat League robots:

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