Chris Jericho Says He’s Been Rehired By WWE & Plans To Make Dolph Ziggler’s Life Hell

– Chris Jericho tweeted the following about his surprise return at the Royal Rumble:

Fooled ya!!!!
One of the best nights of my career…Thank you guys!!
#47min53seconds conducted an exclusive backstage interview with Chris Jericho after the Royal Rumble match.

Jericho spoke about the significance of keeping his return a surprise and was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler. Jericho said Dolph Ziggler got him fired last year, but he’s now been rehired – and he’s gonna be on Ziggler’s case day in and day out every day, month and year ahead.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • pwnez

    Ziggler vs Jericho at WrestleMania. Make it happen, WWE!

    • Junaid Bokhari

      Now why is it that you would welcome a ziggler and jericho match while you bash cena rock or triple h lesnar? ziggler y2j is a rematch from summerslam too. Another example of IWC’s hypocracy.

      • pwnez

        Ziggler and Y2J had a mini feud that ended rather quickly. Rock vs Cena was a feud that went for over a year, there is a huge difference. Another major difference is Rock vs Cena happened at WrestleMania, why would we want to see it again at WrestleMania? Jericho vs Ziggler didn’t happen at ‘Mania though. Oh, and it’s hypocrisy. If you’re going to try and insult someone, at least spell the word correctly.

        • Ramalama

          I agree for the most part. Ziggler/Jericho and Rock/Cena should be judged differently. Unfortunately, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Undertaker have proven that WrestleMania rematches can work out well. But if WWE is going to do Cena/Rock II in NYC, then the plan is to put Cena over. I just can’t imagine them doing it in a bland, predictable way. Possible heel turn? And we’re all on the same page on Triple H and Brock. I want to believe that Triple H realizes this and won’t make the mistake of putting himself in that spot with Brock. But if they do go with Brock/Taker, where would that leave Punk? Does anybody care about a Punk/Ryback match?

          • ff93

            When Ziggler said that he would unify the titles backstage I thought he would go ahead and win the rumble, Secondly, Cena beating the Rock is bullshit, nobody wants to see that happen and that is exactly why I am opposed to it. I would have preferred Cena/Taker, as its one of the last matches where you can fool the crowd into thinking Taker is going to lose. I am also opposed to the Brock/Triple H match, as I didn’t like it. As for Punk’s match, I thought he was going to face The Undertaker, I think Punk should do something with The Shield (kind of like an alliance) The Shield has potential and by the end of 2013, we need them to be huge, that way, when they go their separate ways, we’ll have three main event guys, they need all the rub they can get. What do you think about that?

          • Junaid Bokhari

            LOL. Last year when Rock beat Cena, I remember damn well how people went crazy talking about Rock’s ego and were still bi*ching. There is a reason vince doesnt give a crap about what IWC thinks or wants. pleasing them would kill the business and they will still manage to find something to hate and bash them on

        • morrisonfanone

          Rock and Cena dragged on for a year where Ziggler and Jericho was short. I hope it happens.

        • Junaid Bokhari

          So what? The streak matchez afe always predictable. You saw shawn and taker twice at mania. you saw austin and rock thrice at mania. Hell you saw hhh and taker thrice at mania and loved it each time damnit. My point is, just give it time and see how it all goes down instead of refusing to quit the bashing and the blind hate

      • ff93

        Rock vs Cena was billed as once in a lifetime, and unless you died last year and reincarnated, this is pretty much the second time for you, and the first match wasn’t really good either, the only thing it had going on for it was the unique nature of the match up, something that doesn’t exist this year.
        On the other hand, Jericho vs Ziggler will be a good to great match and is still a rather fresh match up. Oh and you spelled hypocrisy wrong.

        • Ramalama

          I’m with Junaid on this. I’m all for a Ziggler/Jericho match, simply because I think they’re great. However, this idea that the only thing Rock/Cena had going for it last year was the “unique nature of the match up (sic)” is funny to me. It was great! Now, while I would prefer something different (Rock/Brock, Cena/Taker), I’m sure they’ll build it up in a way that will be exciting for the fans. That’s my opinion. And, since you seem to care, your first sentence was a major run-on sentence. Also, you typed “match up”, when you clearly meant ‘matchup’. How do you like them apples? Douche.

          • ff93

            Actually yes, yes it was the only thing the match had going for it, nobody was looking forward to the ‘technical prowess’ of both men. I think Cena vs Taker should have been the match, while Rock should have faced someone else, but now this just makes WWE look like fools, as they booked the whole thing as ‘Once In A Lifetime’, and let me tell you this much, this year, the Rock vs Cena match is not even going to be half as good as the previous years match. Also, the first sentence would have been a run-on sentence if I hadn’t used the comma, I did make a mistake, but it was a comma splice, not a run on sentence, get your correction right man.

          • Junaid Bokhari

            Cena vs Taker is for WM 30 you fool. Just get over it already

          • Junaid Bokhari

            As I said, Its just IWC’s blind hate for Cena/Rock/HHH. Nothing else. THey whined and moaned when Taker Hhh 3 was to happen at WM. But when it was all said and done, that was the match the majority was looking forward to and excited about. These idiots just get ahead of themselves and piss their pants over and over and over for no reason. Just stfu and see how things play out. Then if by WM if you still arent sold on WM, dont buy it. Period.

    • SOBI

      if Ziggler Cashes in his MITB before WM and then we can get
      Ziggler Vs Jericho
      for the WHC.

      • Barhom Basri

        damn, that would be the shit!

    • Jayden53092

      no, we’ve seen it twice and while both matches were great, they were pretty much the same except the outcome. i think Jericho vs Bryan needs to happen!

    • Reality

      I think it’s the main reason he came back. He’s here to save WWE, he’s here to save Ziggler (by putting him over) in a Cm Punk-Jericho caliber feud.

  • ATLien

    He’s Baaaaaack!

  • Pozessed

    Okay I’ma make a wild guess. Jericho will get the briefcase from Ziggler. Ziggler will win the WHC at mania and Jericho will cash it in on him and win the title then there will be a huge feud between Jericho and Ziggler.

    • Ramalama

      Highly doubt they’re going to have Ziggler defend that briefcase for a 3rd time, unless they want the fans to really start pulling for him. I don’t think Jericho or Ziggler will be involved with the WHC match at Wrestlemania. I think it’s going to be a regular match that Ziggler will win. My wild prediction? He will cash in at Wrestlemania, but we’re focusing on the wrong belt. Cena beats Rock to close Wrestlemania. As the NYC crowd is booing like crazy, Ziggler’s music hits. The crowd goes crazy. We’ll see how crowds react to him in the next few weeks. If the momentum continues to build, this is a real possibility.

  • Max

    Its weird seeing him with tattoos

  • Unknownplanet

    I marked out when Jericho came out.

  • Jeff

    Seriously I’d rather see Jericho vs Undertaker(Icon vs Icon) that Ziggler vs Jerich

  • morrisonfanone

    The shock isn’t Jericho coming back, it’s the fact that WWE was actually able to hide it. I must admit, I was going crazy when I saw his name on the results page. I don’t think I’ll ever unsee him that French Maid’s outfit.

  • Lorenzo Dozier

    Chris Jericho vs. Dolph for the World Heavyweight title. A face run w/ the title is something Jericho never experience in his career.

  • HRMA

    Well now we can guarantee Ziggler won’t be getting anywhere near either title for a long time.

    Fuck. This was the worst possible time to bring Jericho into a program with Ziggler. Cements my decision to stop watching entirely.

  • breakfastinbed


  • wwetnadudez

    Hell yeah! I was bummed the feud didn’t take off last time but this is just in time for WM so can’t wait.

  • Wwefavoritefan

    So he is going to stay for good :)yes I missed him:) I am so happy go Jericho I love you .

  • Peter Griffin

    I hope Jericho finally wins at a ppv it’s cool of him to put people over but come onnnn jericho at least win once in a while