Chris Jericho Talks About Issues Fans Have With Him, His Feud With Wyatt & More

The following are highlights of a new interview with Chris Jericho:

On who came up with the idea for his program with Bray Wyatt: “The office. I do what the boss tells me to do. In this timeframe I wasn’t going to come back unless it was something that interested me to do, and the Bray Wyatt thing was something that i pitched months ago and they finally came through and said ‘we want you to do something with Wyatt’, and that’s how that went down.”

On his awkward relationship with the fans: “I don’t think there’s such a thing as a bad Jericho return at this point, because I think when I leave as frequently as I do that people are always excited to see me back. And always mad at me for not being here, and then mad at me when I’m here, and then mad at me when I leave again, so… people are just mad at me all the time, you know?

It’s funny, because I think last year it was like ‘Jericho never wins’, and it was like, I think I won almost all the matches, but just lost a few big ones, and then this year I beat Bray Wyatt and it’s like ‘Jericho’s burying the young talent’ and I’m just, like shut up! Just go away.”

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Camaro88

      He’s absolutely right. People always complain about him. Can’t do anything right in people’s eyes. So instead of you complaining, why can’t you just shut up and enjoy the product for what it is. If not, stop watching. Simple as that.

      • SomeInternetGuy

        I agree. People should enjoy or stop watching. I understand people don’t like some things about WWE, but I don’t get why people watch WWE every week and hate on it. I stopped watching after WM30 and I’m a happier man. Why stick around and hate? And of all people, CHRIS JERICHO??!!

        Seriously?!! The only guy who does everything right when he’s on TV? The guy who can not only wrestle and cut a promo better than most of the guys, but who comes back 2-3 times a year just to put young guys over and people complain?!! Meanwhile, the soap opera with the two women near the main event gets rave reviews…

      • pwnez

        The majority of fans seem to enjoy when Jericho returns and works with a newer talent. WWE needs more wrestler’s who are willing to do exactly what Jericho is doing now. I honestly wasn’t even aware there were fans who hate on Jericho for returning on and off.

        As for “enjoy the product for what it is,” I dislike when people say this. There are good elements and bad elements to the WWE’s current product. Some watch to see certain feuds and wrestlers; they hope to see them get a push or for something new to happen. Everyone has a different take on what is entertaining to them so it’s hard to just enjoy the product for what it is because it’s not always good. That surly does not mean you have to stop watching.

        Fans complain about their favorite baseball, football, basketball, and hockey teams, right? We always hear the “oh, they should have done this and why can’t they do that?” stuff. Does that mean you should stop watching? Of course not, this is the same exact thing; fans complain no matter what.

      • Elvin Zammit

        This can also be said for Cena. Exactly the same

    • Umeer Cheema

      Hasn’t this interview been posten already?

    • Poppy’s Hammer

      I’ve had the up most respect for Jericho, when he makes a return, he makes the other wrestler look great and outstanding. If he wins, so what? He made a memorable match and made the talent look like a veteran. If he loses, he is trying to secure that talent as a future star and make them look even stronger. I remember his match vs Dolph Ziggler before he went on tour and it was for Zigglers contract against Jericho for his job which led to a great match.

      What is really awesome is how down to earth Jericho is in person.

    • Buzzard Follower

      I made the one joke at battleground with the BNB pick of if you thought y2j would put wyat over blah blah blah. i know jericho is going to put wyatt over in the feud and im happy jericho is back if i wasnt my profile pic wouldnt be save us y2j

    • Michael Russo

      Agreed. Jericho said it best, “Shut up! And go away!”

      • brad

        Would you please shut the Hell UUUuUuUuUuuPppppppp ,

    • danielrusso

      I am still mad that Jericho never got a run as a face with the world title (none that I can remember at least.)

    • brad

      Jericho is the man and he is most certainly not bring anyone. In fact he is doing quite the opposite by putting over countless talents from Punk to Cena to Wyatt to Orton and so many more. I personally think that Y2J has helped out the younger talent better then anyone else from the Attitude era or eve really the Ruthless Aggression era.

    • Eskylee

      I think you guys are off, Jericho will prob beat Bray again! WWE was in need of some serious face power after Bryan and Punk being gone. Truth be told Cena can’t carry the entire roster because everybody wants to be a heel. With the heels getting over they need at least one good guy winning….Jericho is that guy. He’s a great in ring talent and def a monster on the mic. Maybe someday when Chris is old it will be believable that Bray Wyatt can beat him

      • Triple X

        Jericho isn’t even sticking around, the hell are you talking about.