Christopher Daniels Talks About The X Division Evolving, Wanting To Be World Champion, Retirement Rumors

TNA star Christopher Daniels was recently interviewed by Scottland’s Big WrestleShark Show Here are some highlights of what Daniels said about:

The X-Division Evolving: “I think it’s a testament to the guys who have come through. I think the guys that were most successful were the guys like myself who had worked around the world and were given themselves the opportunity to showcase and hone their talents. The first name that comes to mind is obviously AJ [Styles], he had opportunity to travel the world and hone his craft before TNA came around. The same thing with Samoa Joe, he had traveled Japan and worked extensively and very hard on the independent scene. He had had his Ring of Honor career, and by the time he came to TNA, he was ready to show the world who he was and he stood out… As the years progress, TNA knew they had something good with the X-Division, then they started building their tag and heavyweight division, and it became one of many good divisions as opposed to the ‘stand out’ division. It goes through waves, there are times when there are a plethora of talent and times when it takes a backseat. But I think with the current crop of talent — guys like Zema Ion, Sanjay Dutt, Kidd Kash — I feel like there are so many good guys there now. So many guys that can kick it up a notch and go in the X-Division, but are still viewed as major players overall.”

Wanting To Be TNA World Champion: “Anyone who is not trying to be the world champion is wasting their time. It’s always been a goal of mine, and honestly right now I feel like I’m as close to the world title as I have ever been. The company has a good confidence in me, to give me opportunities and I feel like I’ve shown the world I can play at the top level. I feel like I’ve shown the world I’m ready to be the top guy and be a major player. It’s just a matter of waiting to see if I get given that opportunity, your guess is as good as mine, but at the moment I’m feeling positive and just waiting for that opportunity.”

Rumors That He Is Retiring: “I don’t know where that started, I’m not looking to retire any time soon. Right now I feel I’m doing the best work of my career. My first goal was to get to 20 years, and in one month that will be the case. I’ve always said the minute it stops being fun I’ll stop. But I’m still having fun, I’m still doing what I love, I’m working with great guys, I’m in good condition, I’ve been lucky to have had very few injuries over my career. I’m not looking to hang the boots up anytime soon.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Pozessed

    One of my favorite wrestlers.. This guy is a talented in-ring performer, has charisma and is great on the mic; he has a creative open mind which is why he brings new stuff to each of his matches. Happy to see that he isn’t looking to retire.

  • Guest

    the second it stops being fun is if he ever signs with WWE.

  • Rhawk

    How this man hasn’t been TV or World Champion yet astonishes me. He’s been ready for a few years now imo, and in terms of his character he’s only gotten better. Hopefully we can see him as World Champion sometime this year, maybe with Kaz as the TV Champ alongside him? Keep bad Influences together, milk that shit out until theres nothing left, which I doubt will even be the case.

  • Zachary Adder

    the second it stops being fun is if he ever signs with WWE.

  • TheKillingMoon

    Daniels has always been cool. Hilarious too.

  • The Solomonster

    the second it stops being fun is if he ever signs with WWE.

  • wwetnadudez

    I really like Daniels, he’s just a really talented all rounder, has a great tag team with Kaz (only thing missing is the titles) and has a perfect home for him in TNA

  • Stranger

    Honestly, I think Daniels should’ve been a World Champion a LONG time ago. And I personally think it’s too late, sadly. He just isn’t the same to me anymore. He isn’t bad but… yeah. It just does irritates me when a company pushes a talented guy so far and never really pull the trigger. Daniels absolutely deserved/deserves it. He should definitely win the world title in the very near future even if I think it’s well overdue.

    • Stranger

      And by “not the same” I mean the way he’s being booked. I was more into him in the past than I am now. It’s the same with Joe… they’ve handled them so poorly that it’s hard to get excited for whatever they’re doing.

  • Word Life

    The X division is pretty much done. I wouldn’t say it’s evolving at all. It doesn’t matter how talented they are. It Doesn’t MATTER! If they don’t speak and gain appeal with their personality, it’s worthless! Unless they start giving these characters a mouth to speak, it’s nothing. I’m not going to sit through X division guys of Zema Ion, and Kenny King etc… and actually know anything about them or hear them talk a good game on the mic. It’s worthless then… I could understand why RVD doesn’t talk, he’s never been much of a talker. But it’s boring that way! It will never gain mainstream appeal, EVER! It’s too dull, and they literally don’t seem to speak at all. Austin Aries was the only guy worth watching this past year with the X title because he was actually larger in character than the whole X roster including RVD put together! yes Austin Aries IS better than RVD on the mic and in the ring! Now that Aries moved on, the X division should be canned. Make the TV title the mid card belt of sorts and work around that I say.

  • Bro88

    Daniels is an amazing talent. One of my favorite matches of all time was him and Styles in an Iron man match at BFG 07. It was an insane intense match that had me saying holy shit, and that was awesome.