Chyna Recalls Confronting Stephanie McMahon About Triple H Affair, Vince’s Reaction

Chyna, who is clamoring for a one night return to WWE to properly say goodbye to her fans, recounted the nature of her departure from the sports-entertainment organization in 2001 on Twitter Sunday night.

She sorely recalled how she discovered that Triple H, her then-boyfriend, had been having an affair with Stephanie McMahon, as well as the aftermath, which included a behind closed doors confrontation with the WWE chief’s daughter. She wrote, “If you didn’t know, Triple H & I were engaged during the time of the Mcmahon/Helmsley Takeover on Raw. About 6 months into that storyline, Paul would come home and start arguments with me for no reason and leave out for a few days. After he left one day, he left the Haliburton brief case that I gave him in the house. Now, I’m not one to be snooping but something just Didn’t feel right. I opened it up and found a love letter that Stephaniewrote to him a year earlier saying that she was in love with him. I called Vince up and told him what I found out. He just replied that the jig was up.

“The next day I went to the Raw show where there was a Bunch of wrestlers talking as I walked in the backstage. They started parting the way and turning their backs to me. Not even asking why I was crying. The same wrestlers that I had trained and performed with day in and day out. I was lead into Vince office where he was there With Stephanie. She basically said that Paul was his and I just had to deal with it. I said that she was lucky her father was there or I Would of ripped her face off. Vince said to go home and take some time off and then we will deal with it. I was near the end of my contract So basically, he never resigned me.”

Chyna alleges that Vince McMahon wreaked havoc on her professional life post-WWE by having entertainment companies blacklist her. She continues, “He choose his daughters happiness over his talent and maybe he should have. But this was business. Even if he didn’t want me on the show anymore because of the two of them , I couldn’t of been a trainer of up and coming talent? I couldn’t of done something else within WWE where I never would of had to run into or deal with Stephanie. Then to blackball me in other Ventures was inexcusable. Didn’t you know that it was me, not Kristen Loken, that was suppose to be the female Terminator in Terminator 3? But Vince threw his weight around and basically told everyone that if you want access to the wrestlers then they couldn’t desal with me.”

Chyna then ponders why she has not been welcomed back by WWE when other wrestlers have done far worse things than pornography. She writes, “Since that time, I have never heard anything from Paul. Not even just to see how I was doing. Nothing. I will admit that for a long time I was bitter. But lets not forget, I was stilla woman that was cheated on. Wrestling has nothing to do with that fact. And over the course of those 12 years , I have asked many time to copme back not for me, but so that I could give a proper goodbye to My fansbecause they deserve nothing less than that. But he has always said No. I did hear this rumor that he was going to put me into The WWE Hall of Fame but that was before I did the brief appearance on TNA.

“So the idea of me doing porn is the reason why I can’t come back because likeI said, porn was 12 yrs down the line. And, me doing porn only affects me. It was my choice to do it. Other wrestlers have done far worse and Vince welcomes them back With open arms and a friendly smile.

“Pat Patterson was accused of sexual harrassment of a WWE official and is fired. Once the charges are dropped, not only is he rehired but He gets put into The Hall of Fame. And how many times did Jeff Hardy get arrested over drugs and still came back? So see, I’m have a reason tom be bitter but I will let it go for the love of my fans in the WWE. I don’t have to have any interactions with Paul or Stephanie. This is what I would like. Maybe to be a guest announcer one night where I’m able to actually say goodbye to everyone That would be ideal but this is the real world and sorry but I’m not joining Vince’s Kiss My Ass Club.”

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of

  • wiz

    wats worse than doing porn that another wrestler was aloud to come back after doing, oh yeah benoit was welcomed back right?……right?

    • Smith

      Yeah but who would want that ugly piece of shit on their show?

      • Marvin B.

        You would.

        • Smith

          So original…

          • Marvin B.

            Yes it is, no need in telling me something I know.

          • Jorge

            What are you like five?

          • Marvin B.

            This was an A and B conversation, C ya way out dude….who are you? Don’t comment to me unless I said something to you on this article

    • RandomAssPost

      wow you compare that? You’re an idiot.

    • G.I.R.L.

      Sable sued the WWE for millions? Maybe that’s just as bad. Porn is awesome, I just wish she wasn’t doing it. That, and because Linda and junk.

  • siberian_skies

    Chyna needs to let it go. The WWE is never going to let her come back. Not while Linda’s running for office, or in office, and definitely not as long as Stephanie has any say in the matter. And did she seriously think HHH was going to call her?

    • Andrew Campbell

      Yeah, not to mention she has a serious drug problem and has collapsed several times in public. The last thing WWE needs right now is another performer dying whilst under contract.

      • siberian_skies

        Yes, that would definitely be a publicity nightmare, not to mention the ramifications it would have on Linda’s political aspirations.

      • Wil Miller

        Jesus, don’t say that. Lawler is hurting right now. It’s like you’re trying to fortell something.

        • siberian_skies

          @facebook-100001471244332:disqus I want the King to recover. Having said that, Campbell said that 8 hours ago, he didn’t mean anything.

        • Count_Da_Money

          He said it several hours before Lawler’s ordeal. Relax.

    • Mark

      Stephanie McMahon refuse to deride Chyna in any public interview so I don’t think she has hatred with her as much as people think .You also need to remember Chyna career was at top notch since the time Stephanie entered in Triple H life which confirms Chyna traded her love to Money .

  • Puppet H

    I’m still thinking of worse things than PORN other “wrestlers”, not famous people, did that were welcomed back. Pls list them below if you have any,

    • Forceton Banfodder

      It doesn’t matter. She made a porn parody about wrestling. The only way she’s going to a WWE show is if she is paying for a ticket in the nosebleed seats.

      • Puppet H

        Like we all dont know she made a parody movie(lisa ann as steph, definitely buying that) shes saying people did worse things than porn and Vince welcomed them back, wow theres go Melina, who was escorted out of building

        • SavageBomber

          Well, he’s not a wrestler, but he’s in the HOF and featured in WWE ’13. He was CONVICTED of rape. I’d say that’s worse than porn by a long shot. I’m speaking of Mike Tyson, of course. I think it’s even worse that they’d feature him in the game because he’s NOT a wrestler and was convicted of rape and is still in the HOF, but Chyna gets treated like shit. Say what you will about her, but she still contributed MUCH to WWE during the attitude era and women’s wrestling period. As far as any wrestlers that have done worse, I can only think of Benoit at the moment, but he’s not featured in anything wrestling related, let alone mentioned, so I honestly don’t know what or who she’s talking about.

          • G.I.R.L.

            She’s referring to wrestlers doing worst to Vince. Flair and Bret had bad blood and were welcomed back. Sable tried to sue the WWE for like $100mil in 1999 and was then welcomed back to WWE in 2003 and was pushed. Madusa tossed the belt in the trash and WWE had a sit down interview with her last year (or was it 2010?). I believe that’s what she was getting at.

          • SavageBomber

            Oh… Ok. Well yeah, that would make sense then. I didn’t read the last couple of sentences with that implication. I got it now though. Thanks.

          • siberian_skies

            And then there’s Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Who reached an agreement to plead guilty to misdemeanor battery charges, down from felony battery charges. And don’t forget he was found guilty of 2 counts of misdemeanor charges of harrassment for threatening his OWN children. And the WWE, or Vince, wants to work with him for another WM.

          • Puppet H

            but hes not a wrestler.

          • siberian_skies

            @puppeth:disqus True, but my response was in answer to Savage’s comments about Tyson, who is not a wrestler either. Tyson with his criminal record is in the WWE HOF.

        • Forceton Banfodder

          Oh sorry, I misread your comment. I didn’t realized she had said that because I didn’t read the whole thing… mainly because she’s an annoying twat waffle at this point.

    • sixxstring1

      New Jack, Scott Hall, Jimmy Snuka, Great Khali have all committed homicide

      • Puppet H

        hey New Jack/Scott Hall did that before WWE, Snuka didnt kill her, Khali was accidental

      • GMpunk

        Accident, Self Defense, Open Case, and Accident. None of them were actually homicide

  • Hitmaniac

    I agree with her that it’s unfair what happened because at the time, she had to lose her job and, if what she’s saying is true, a career in entertainment because of something which was not at all her fault, and I do feel bad for her for that because she did nothing to deserve it.

    But how can she seriously complain that a) her ex didn’t call her after they had broken up. Does anyone do that? and b) a PG rated show doesn’t want someone who is active in the porn industry to appear on their programming. Can you imagine the response from Linda’s opposition of they found about that, which they obviously would? They’d have a field day.

  • Hobo With A Shot Gun

    I bet HHH fap to Chyna porn movies when Stephanie not home

  • MaxPower

    As far as I’m concerned, if my fiance cheats with you….then you did me a huge favor by exposing them.

    When the grass is cut, the snakes will show. HHH and Steph have to live with the fact that their relationship started based on lies and deception. That’s their foundation.

    I’d wish your asses good luck and move on.

    • Mark

      Did you read Chyna book ? Her book exposes her insanity . Why all of her friend despise her ? She has insulted her own teacher parents in her book . She said Vince did her more favor than her own dad and now you have you tube video were she insult Vince Mc Mahon .The matter of the fact is that Stephanie defeated her in love .

      Read the page 30 of this book ;;

  • God’s Diamond, the Reignmaker

    other wrestlers may have done worse, but her proposed return affects vm’s daughter and son in law, so it aint gonna happen girl, move on.

    • G.I.R.L.

      There’s an interview on youtube with one of WWE’s former writers. He talks about a storyline where the were gonna bring Chyna back for the 2006 DX story and were gonna have her address the affair. It apparently got greenlit by everyone and made it far in terms of developmental ideas until it made it to Vince who canned it asap.

  • charlemange

    Even though she looks kinda good now I wonder why Triple H was engaged to her back to the day because she REALLY looked like a tranny, and If it were me in the situation I wouldnt have cared if Vince were in the room Stephanie would have gotten the shit beat out of her, like she would be missing teeth because Chyna is BIG compared to her

    • G.I.R.L.

      Vince would’ve probably pushed Chyna further to the moon if she beat Steph; that’s his mentality LOL And Playboy era Chyna was pretty hot.

  • Sabrina

    How is doing porn any different from all of the ‘divas’ that posed in playboy?

    • siberian_skies

      There’s a difference between posing nude for photos, and “doing it” on a video. Just think about it a minute or two.

      • Marvin B.

        They’re all the same if they get you to the point your jacking off

    • Waldo

      also the WWE divas dont do Playboy shoots anymore.

    • Desilva

      I think not many people would like to date a pornstar specially someone as big as Triple H SO SHE should not dig at Triple H . You seem to be okay having your girlfriend banged and world watching it but a lot of people do not share your value and morality

  • Steve James

    Maybe he hasn’t called you because he has a full-time job, and a family…oh, and maybe your years of drug and alcohol abuse, and your porn career have something to do with it. No? Then maybe it was the porno you made with one of his best friends?
    Plus, you kinda looked like The Thing back in those days. You should be lucky you even got a little action from Triple H… still not sure what he was thinking, though.

    • G.I.R.L.

      I think she was referring to him HHH calling her in 2001 after the situation, not anytime recently as she doesn’t seem to care anymore.

      • JMB

        If she doesn’t care anymore, why is she still talking about it?

        • G.I.R.L.

          Because she was asked.

          • Steve James

            Yeah, but you hear her talk about it all the time: “Triple H cheated on me. Vince let me go. I still need closure with the fans.” No she doesn’t. Trust me, we got PLENTY of closure with that abomination of a porno she put out with Sex-Pac.
            And somewhere, deep in her mind, she honestly believes that she should have one more run in WWE, and can’t understand why that isn’t happening. Can you imagine Li’l Jimmy typing in THAT Google search? “C…H…Y…N…A…” OH MY SWEET BABY JEEBUS! My EYES!!

  • G.I.R.L.

    Chyna seems to be over in her frustration with what happened, she just keeps getting asked the same damn question in every damn interview. What gives, do these interviewers not do their research as to NOT ask what she’s answered so many times over the years?

    Vince has warped attitude. For example, it was rumored that he didn’t like Morrison for not standing up to Batista. And he pushed Booker T for kicking Batista’s butt. With McMahon, it seems you have to show him you have a spine.

    The thing with Chyna is, he was frustrated with her already. He told her not to pose for Playboy because he had bigger plans for her and she still went in did it, which made it easier to push her in the womens division because duh, no nude IC champs. Not to mention, she has the same dilemma as Macho Man in that she has a bad history with Steph.

    I still don’t know why he made her life a living hell as if she did something uber bad. Blacklisting her? Threatening legal action for every show she appeared on if they ever referred to her as Chyna? Unfortunate.

  • Tennindo Tennison

    Triple H got the better deal! Nuff said

  • Trevor

    I kinda feel bad for her when she mentions she could have become a road agent or something. Not only was her heart broken but she lost her job. BUT, the WWE is the least of her problems now

  • the4thwiseman

    Terminator in Terminator 3…lol Why do I feel this bitch is full of lies?

    • G.I.R.L.

      The CHICK Terminator in Terminator 3 aka the chick who also played Bloodrayne in the 1st (and uber awful) movie. Chyna was in talks to play the chick in T3 and almost had it apparently (not to mention she was pretty close with Arnie).

  • charlie v

    wtf is worst than porn???…maybe i missed something lol…cus if she means drug abuse then back in the 90’s drugs was the foundation of pro-wrestling still is when they can get away with it lol

    • indywrestler22

      Killing a person,suicide,drug abuse,assaulting your mother(Dez Bryant).Ya know stuff like that.

  • Johnie

    Chyna when you did The sex tape with X Pac and that porno you threw away all of those chances of coming back, and even if they did bring you back which i doubt it would bring bad Publicity for the WWE they could use this against Linda in her campaign.

    • G.I.R.L.

      No, she didn’t. XPac (the one who actually SOLD the tape) appeared on TNA last year and appeared on the 1000th episode of RAW. The sex tape did not throw away her chances, her current career did (not to mention, McMahon hadn’t given her any new chances since she left).

  • kquickstillsucks

    Chyna Terminator 3……yeah sure…….you are completely sane can’t believe WWE hasn’t brought you back and made u champion even… were a huge draw people think about you all the time…..*sarcasm*. Do you know what the beauty of twitter is?you can say your goodbye there because those are the only people that really care at this point.

    • G.I.R.L.

      She was in the running to appear in T3, and the rumor was that she had the spot until last minute. She still has a ton of fans (as I am still a fan of the Chyna character).
      People constantly say things like this but the facts remain to show opposite. She was praised for her performance @TNA last year and even boosted ratings on her one appearance for Impact. Her porno (which is unfortunate that this is her career, but she seems happy) was the best selling porno of 2011 so I dunno; she seems to still have a lot of fans that want her to make a last hurrah.

      • kquickstillsucks

        You and the 4 people that watch tna isnt a ton.

        • G.I.R.L.

          I only speak for myself, but I don’t watch TNA or WWE on TV. I only read the spoilers/results and catch up on segments on the net.

  • olbaiD4283

    It’s all about perspective Chyna and when you decided to have one night of sexual deviance with X-Pac and show off you dicklit no wonder you were blackballed.

  • Venomn

    Chyna was a great talent and Vince & Company are Assholes for the way they treated her.I also dont blame her,i wouldnt join his Kiss My Ass Club either.

  • Chill Out

    Even if the details are fictional , It was obvious that stephanie was the one behind Chyna departure from the company , she planted the seed for what Chyna has become these days , I bet Stephanie’s character isn’t as nice as her body , HHH always helping his friends like X-pac and Scott Hall into getting the rehab program from drugs so I know that the only thing that prevents him from helping Chyna is his wife

    • Desilva

      You’re fantasizing . Stephanie Mc Mahon was nothing and Chyna was Superstar in April 1999 . Chyna was dating Triple H . Chyna could not handle stardom and insanity overtake her . Triple H tuned Stephanie a fantastic heel character in late 99 to 2000. Stephanie improved as person . When Triple H TORN UP his quad in May 21 Raw , Stephanie who was WWE executive bring her work to Triple H rehab and use to hang out wit him . She arranged artificial ring at the street of his rehab center ….Whomwould you c


    damn steph fucked chynas life up gooooddd, and triple h dodged a bullet there by not marrying chyna and instead steph

  • Adrian Stottlemyer

    Sorry, but doing drugs is not worse than doing drugs. To my recollection, Jeff Hardy was never Doing drugs on LIVE tv or recorded anywhere of him partaking in drugs. You Chyna, however have recorded footage of you taking Dick(s). Big difference.

  • Clare McFadden

    Joanie Laurer really really needs to grow the F up! Vince put his daughter first because that’s what a parent is SUPPOSED to do if Joanie was any kind of a person at all I would think she would realise that. I heard the real reason she got fired is because she attacked Linda with Vince, Shane and Stephanie watching!

  • Deleted_Account

    It’s good reading Chyna sober, or at least coherent. This whole thing really scarred her.

  • Cyber Criminal

    Good news:- I saw a porn today

    Bad News:- It was Chyna’s porn

    Moral:- My Penis will never erect again!

  • Johnny Boy

    Poor Chynna…now then she tell us all in detail…too late.all i can say is,thanks for the insights,but so what?she should have opened up earlier,have some integrity,but no…she still wanted to come back hence she look even more like an asshole by telling half the story.That 1000episode of Raw,reunion of D-X without her was the FULLSTOP…Montreal screw job??….i think this arguably the worst of the lot….Good luck Chynna…in ur life n porn.

  • Noach

    “Didn’t you know that it was me, not Kristen Loken, that was suppose to be the female Terminator in Terminator 3? But Vince threw his weight around and basically told everyone that if you want access to the wrestlers then they couldn’t desal with me.”

    Thank you Vince for this! I can’t imagine the opening scene of T3 with Chyna instead of Kristana Lokken.

  • morrisonfanone

    She really needs to let this go and move on. It’s not good for her to hold on to all of these things. She really needs to grow up and get over it.

  • John L

    Triple H upgraded. End of story