Clayton Jack Talks About His Goals In WWE, Santino Marella Taking Time Off After His “Not Good” MRI

– Newly signed WWE developmental wrestler Clayton Jack was interviewed by Oregon’s FOX12 this week and spoke about what he is hoping to achieve with the company:

“I am just really excited for the opportunity to work with the WWE. As far as goals go, I just want to learn as much as possible. Hopefully if I do well in the three years, maybe I can get an NXT title or move up to the WWE.”

– Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown scored a social media score of 70,048, down a sharp 17% from the previous week, which featured The Rock’s and Alberto Del Rio winning the World Heavyweight championship.

– WWE superstar Santino Marella will be taking time off after recently suffering a neck injury and finding out that the results of his MRI exam were “Not good.” Santino said the injury is affecting his spinal cord and he will update everybody when he gets more details.

On this week’s episode of Santinon’s Foreign Exchange Youtube show, the Italian superstar (sporting a neck brace) handed off the reigns to his international correspondent Yoshi Tatusu:

Brad Davis

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  • Fighter

    “I am just really excited for the opportunity to work with the
    WWE. As far as goals go, I just want to learn as much as possible.
    Hopefully if I do well in the three years, maybe I can get an NXT title
    or move up to the WWE.”

    That statement right there is a guy who is humble and most likely has a whole lot of skill. Meaning he’s probably going to make in the WWE. When you’re that humble, it’ll probably be easier for him backstage. A likeable person in WWE’s backstage area, usually does well.

    • butterpecs

      Well he was talking to the news and wanted to make a good impression. He could be serious or he could just be choosing his words wisely, but either way time will tell, not his statements early on.

    • ItsProgressNow

      lol never heard of PR, have ya? if everyone was honest, there’d be noone left employed


      well, most amateur wrestlers are hard working and humble…at least that’s the way my coach taught our team. no need to be arrogant after a win, because your opponent will remember that and you never know when you will have to wrestle him again.

  • ItsProgressNow

    not good? very bloooody good in my scorecard, to finally get rid of this embarrassing joke. and how on earth did he get a spinal injury? from playing with his cobra? now if we can get rid of Hornswoggle WWE will be well on its way to a post-PG era

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Yeah cause him and little bastard are the reasons why WWE is PG…. Nice use of “WELL ON ITS WAY” like it’ll happen soon.Again PG era ain’t going nowhere. If swearing and a little bit of blood gets your dick wet go watch a porno or action movie

      • ItsProgressNow

        clearly that’s what gets YOU off, so just speak for yourself from now on


      what a great post, i couldn’t agree with you more man. what a fucking joke this dickhead is and yeah how does he get a spinal injury ? I want zack ryder out too along with Khali

    • Dan Kincaid

      you and….how the hell are you happy a guy is hurt? Assholes man, seriously, I’d like it if you had the same injury, posted about it on facebook and the only replies you got were “good, I hate you anyway”

      • ItsProgressNow

        injuries are sometimes a necessary evil. if it’s the only way to get rid of certain pests like Santino and CENA, then by all means. I’d personally pay for Batista to come back and powerbomb him again from the top turnbuckle. you’d also never catch me on Facebook or any of that bullshit :)

        • Guest

          you so are an idiot

          • ItsProgressNow

            go back to your prayer room, sweetie. who let you out?

        • Dan Kincaid

          you sir are an idiot

          • ItsProgressNow

            takes one to know one

        • Josh Foley

          yea because batista was such a great wrestler compared to cena smh

          • ItsProgressNow

            one Batista = 1000 Cenas any day

        • Your Conscience

          He doesn’t have a chance to get injured. He never leaves his parent’s basement. He fears his collection astro glide and retro dildos will be stolen.


          • ItsProgressNow

            hmmmmm…….takes one to know one :)

        • Jj Vaness

          First of all, Santino is a draw. The kids love him. Have you been to an event? It’s all families. So its not good for business. So bad point.

          Also, you have no soul if you’re wishing injury or worse on a person. So bad point.

          Basically, @ItsProgressNow:disqus you are an asshole

          Dan Kincaid, you’re a good dude

          • yesIMeanIt

            Nigga fuck a santino

          • Dan Kincaid

            Thank you

    • Mr Idol

      Get it through your thick skull, PG isn’t going to go anywhere. The fact that you think Santino and Hornwoggle have something to do with the product being PG is flat out hilarious…just pure comedic. Lol what a stupid thing to say.

  • TheUndertakerFan

    Lol His gimmik will be lame THE ALL NCAA ALL AMERICAN CLAYTON JACK!!!!
    Im interested to what he will bring though

  • Noach

    I’m gonna take it day by day. I just want to do what I can’t to help the ballclub.