CM Punk A Modern Sammartino? Punk-Merriman’s Beef, Goldust Supports Hall has an interesting article up looking at Bruno Sammartino’s return to WWE and how a good case can be made that CM Punk is a modern day Sammartino.

– Following the news that Scott Hall will be joining DDP’s Accountability Crib next week, former WWE superstar Goldust tweeted the following supportive messages this afternoon:

– NFL player Shawne Merriman appears to be resuming his Twitter feud with CM Punk. The two had some heated exchanges on the social media service last year after Punk called Merriman out for once flirting with WWE Divas. Earlier today, Merriman tweeted:

A fan asked Merriman if we’d ever see a match between him and his old pal CM Punk. Merriman replied, “I wouldn’t waste my fist.”

* READ HERE: Shawne Merriman GOES OFF On CM Punk, Says He Wears A Thong

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • vadertime33

    he didn’t start anything

  • cappa37


  • pwnez

    Just because Punk had a long title reign doesn’t mean he is the modern day Sammartino. No one even comes close to being like him.

    • lunchbox87

      You are right Punk is way above Bruno

      • pwnez

        Two guys from two very different eras…they can’t be compared.

        • Seth Bob

          You just compared them by saying “No one comes close”. That’s a comparison. DERP.

          • pwnez

            You can’t compare anyone from this era to Sammartino. I never said you couldn’t compare wrestlers from this era to Punk. You just can’t compare Punk to Sammartino because they are from two different periods of wrestling. DERP.

    • A Paul Heyman Guy

      hey your back :)

      • Roger Penland


    • Roger Penland

      i think what he means is that the neither one can be compared to the other. they’re both great IN THEIR ERAs…. in Bruno’s prime he’d break Punk in half. he was three times Punk’s size. there’s not a doubt in my mind that if Bruno in his prime met CM Punk in his prime in a shoot fight, Bruno would tear Punk apart.

  • 7 year old boy

    I am too young so I find Punk more entertaining then Bruno. He has personality!

  • Peer Pressure

    LOL Merriman would kick Punk’s skinny fat ass. Hell, I can probably kick Punk’s skinny fat ass.

    • wwetnadudez

      Let me just point out all the things I see wrong right now, “Skinny fat ass” well..I guess same difference right? Peer Pressure as a name? no comment and of course the picture..I honestly hope to god your 12 and a girl.

      • Peer Pressure

        I’m a nine year old girl. LOL! HHH was the first one to say “skinny fat ass” and I always thought it was funny.

    • heterosexual

      the internet made this guy say that. anonymity is a cruel mistress

    • Peer Pressure

      It looks like I pissed off the CM Punk cum guzzlers. Look at all those down votes I got. LOL! It was just a joke fan boys, relax.

  • guest

    But CM Punk can’t draw a crowd like Bruno did back in the day.

    • Roger Penland

      Punk marks voting your comment down. lol
      they’ll most likely vote this one down too. oh well.

  • Smith

    Punk is above Bruno and in 20-30 years will be recognized as such.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      I don’t know about that. I don’t think Punk’s impact on wrestling will be bigger but we’ll see I guess.

  • synkara

    Bruno is from a totally different time. Some fans might go on a debate about Macho vs Steamboat, and whose better between Ric and Bret, but long-winded sports-like “wrestling” matches like they do in Japan wouldn’t keep many US fans attention. Non-hype non-storyline matches that are dominated by 2 minute headlocks and 3 minutes of stalling in the aisle working on the strategy with a manager – Bruno was a classic of his time, the Beatles were the stars of their time, but Bruno’s matches and the first 3 Beatles album wouldn’t do business in the 2000’s if they were brand new.

  • jushu

    Goldust, or Dustin Runnels, is a phony fucking prick. Preaching is ALL he does. Go away sobriety freaks.

  • Stephen Wadelin

    Wtf is a Shawne Merriman and why should I give a crap?

  • mr. rogers

    CM Punk is not even the top dog of this era so of course not he is not better than sammartino. i wacthed his matches as a kid growing up and it was pure magic. it’s pointless to compare bruno and cm punk though cause nobody even knows who sammartino is in this site. i base it on the posts i’ve read. i am 50 years old and still watch wwe with my grand kids and yes they like john cena. cm punk is the #3 guy in wwe today behind the rock, john cena, and cm punk close third with ryback close behind. let’s just see how cm punk plays out years from now cause he’s only been in the spotlight for about 2 years and still no wrestlemania main even to show for it. sammartino sold out the garden every time he performed punk hasnt even headlined

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Well duh @ him not being better than Sammartino at this point. Punk’s story is only halfway written.

  • Paul Rotando

    Punk is amazing, but Bruno was considered by far the best in the WWWF for 12 years. It can be argued that Punk has yet to acheive even one year where he’s considered by far the best. He honestly has 11-12 years of being at the top to go before he’s Bruno’s equal. And that’s no knock on Punk. Let’s reopen this discussion in 2023 or so.

  • Miztery_Meat

    Of course Punk’s not gonna be considered the top guy in the company as long as Cena’s around, shoving his fruity pebbles down our throat every week..And Shawn Merriman is a player for the Buffalo Bills, who was a beast in his first three years in the league, but now nobody gives a shit about him because he can’t even play half a season without gettin hurt..

  • Prabhu Prasad

    who is CM Punk?

  • Prabhu Prasad

    i know undertaker ,HHH, Brock Lesnar who is punk?

  • Prabhu Prasad

    what he achieved with people i mentioned

  • Prabhu Prasad

    punk is just entertainer but undertaker more than that if undertaker is in India he be in movies like a superstar Rajani but poor guy born in usa