CM Punk & AJ Lee At NHL Game (Photo), Undertaker vs. Sting Video On YouTube

– As previously reported, WWE teased a possible Undertaker vs. Sting match in a “Fantasy Warfare” feature on their official website. They have added the video to their official YouTube channel, which you can check out below.

– A fan recently sent along the following photo of CM Punk and AJ Lee together at a recent Chicago Blackhawks NHL game.

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    • Tyrant

      No privacy anymore, everyone wants to be the paparazzi.

    • Marvin B.

      Clearly his name is Keith, leave Keith alone. What does this have to do with Punk?

    • Buzzard Follower

      Thats not cm punk. Its phil brooks from the talking dead show

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      isn’t your lease up yet on AJ, Phil? Time to trade her in for another h0e.

      • Filthy_animals

        All of your comments are stupid ….. At least he has a girl and doesn’t make love to his hand like you .

    • ibeBrave

      Damn lol the world needs to hop off his Diyacccckkkk lol Let the guy recover and simmer down

    • Ouch

      This is getting kinda creepy/stalkerish, I think you need to calm down SEScoops.

    • 9 year old boy

      That video gave me goosebumps.

      • lllNinjastarlll

        you watching the Lego movie gave you goose bumps

        • AVPredator4985

          I’ll bump your mom’s goose. Whatever that means.

          • Leather Face

            Your mom gave my goose bumps :(

    • TheBear

      Looks more like a fat guy and a Taiwanese hooker.

      • Pozessed

        I like the avatar picture. One of my favourite actors from one of my favourite films.

    • Noah

      CM Punk is still a d-bag for walking out.But just leave him alone.

    • memoryman00

      CM Punk seen on planet Earth. Social media goes into meltdown

      • brad

        Omg for real, imma bout to freak.

    • Shockmaster

      That video is awesome. I would love to see just one match between Sting and Undertaker. The end of the Wrestlemania streak actually sets it up well. Undertaker says he is going to retire, they tease it on Raw for a few weeks, will he or won’t he retire. Then Undertaker says he will make an announcement on Raw. He comes out the next week to say he is going to retire, and then Sting comes out and gets Undertaker to have one last match against Sting.

    • HHHmytime

      Guy just cant get some privacy!

    • Chris Savage

      oh my god you mean punk and aj have personal lives? please sescoops find a real story

    • Castle

      I’m going to be honest, I really don’t think it’s that important what Phil Brooks does in his personal life. It has zero to do with WWE. Who cares if he’s at a hockey game, a basketball game, at an airport, if AJ is with him… who cares. Being that he isn’t involved with WWE anymore, it’s pretty much like posting any random Joe going to a game with a girlfriend. It’s not interesting. It reminds me of those silly tweets The Rock likes to put out on twitter of his meals or his work outs every now and then. I can’t believe he does that btw.

    • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

      I figured CM Flunk would be a hockey fan >:(

      Anyways, I’m glad to see AJ Lee wearing glasses and not caring about the stereotype of people wearing glasses being nerds. Not my type(she looks like Bambi), but I wish her the best!

    • TNA_taylor_wilde


    • brad

      Punks the mane, hopefully he will be back in the wwe before the year is over.

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      what is sad you gotta make fake accounts on top of fake accounts to up vote your own stuff and reply back to yourself K I L L Y O U R S E L F YOU ANNOYING A S S TROLL.

    • Filthy_animals

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    • Jeremy-County Roberts

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    • Pozessed

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    • Filthy_animals

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    • Jeremy-County Roberts

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    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      it’s late, so I’m not fully awake, but I think you are saying these clowns are a-holes and have nothing or something like that.

    • Filthy_animals

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    • brad

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    • Jeremy-County Roberts

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    • Harry Be

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    • brad

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