CM Punk Banged Up At WrestleMania, Time Constraint Issues, Talent Upset & More

– CM Punk banged up his knee last night during the spot where he dove off the top rope onto the Undertaker, who was laying on the announcers table. People backstage were amazed that Punk didn’t slow down his pace because he was in a lot of pain backstage afterwards. Punk is rumored to be taking some much-deserved time off in the coming weeks.

– Several of WWE’s mid-card talents were not in great spirits on WrestleMania because they were not booked on the show.

– WWE’s decision to eliminate the 8-person mixed tag team match from the WrestleMania card was made before the show went on the air.

– A few minutes were cut from the Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger match at WrestleMania due to time constraints.

– The reason there were no fireworks to open WrestleMania 29 was due to the sun still being out. Additionally, there was some concern that the fireworks would overshadow the Hurricane Sandy video with Governor Chris Christie.

* News On JOHN CENA’s Next Feud & Several Top Superstars Taking Time Off


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Vince

    They need to stop bitching so damn much.

    • Mr 561

      Not saying Cesaro was one of the people bitching, but he’s got every right to feel slighted. What a miscarriage of justice

      • SOBI

        i heard some where that VKM ain’t a big Cesaro fan

        • Progress_Now

          good, neither am I. he looks like a vintage porn star, grosses me the hell out

          • ozzie

            I think he resembles Jason Statham.

          • Progress_Now

            equally grossed out

          • ozzie

            You just don’t have good taste in men do you?

          • Progress_Now

            the opposite, I have FAR too good a taste in men.

  • Scott Kinnard

    You know that somehow, someway, The Miz is going to get blamed for CM Punk banging his knee up… Damnit, Miz!

    • Progress_Now

      you’re under the impression that was ever funny.

      • The Guest

        Never, ever was that joke funny. Hell, it’s not even a joke. Not to mention it’s about a year and a half old. Poor, out of touch people. Scott still probably does the cabbage patch, listens to the Spin Doctors, and does that hip hop dance move from the 80’s where you grab one foot and jump over it with the other one.

        • Progress_Now

          lol you think HE is out of touch? I don’t even know what the fuck those things you listed are.

          • raVen

            The Brain wins again!

        • Progress_Now

          lol you think HE is out of touch? I don’t even know what the fuck those things you listed are.

  • SOBI

    well earned vacation for Punk, his and taker’s was the best match of this WM
    I hope when Punk returns he does so as Heel cause he is brilliant as a Heel.
    the guy who set up the spanish announce table must be is some serious trouble

    • SavageBomber

      Now, this, I agree with.

    • IKeepsit100

      IT was best of the night? WTF…so many damn fail attempted moves in this one match. I started to careless after the fail counter roll pin from undertakers submission. HHH vs Brock was Clearly the best of the night…everything went as planned except when brock was hitting HHH with the wrong damn stairs lol.
      —Take note,this is not a message stating any of them as bad wrestlers—

      • Deante320

        Please give jack swagger back that weed cuz taker/punk was the the match of the match. HHH/lesnar is second to it.

      • jccox01

        You guys enjoyed the Lesnar vs Triple H match? that match was plain boring. Triple H getting tossed around for 15 minutes, the commentators being drama queens, “omg someone should stop this” “I don’t think we have ever seen this before” and all he was doing was suplex’s. The only decents matches were John cena and the rock and the shield’s match.

        • Daniel

          cena rock was absolutly terrible

        • darun1an

          cena and rock match sucked. even Tons of Funk vs Rhodes Scholars was better than that.

      • Hitz_em_up

        Lol no offense your opinion is urs but hhh vs lesnar was one of the worst matches ever. I think last nights wrestlemania was probably the worst one ever. Cm punk vs undertaker wasn’t that much better but you know punk gave it his all, rather have that than hhh vs lesnar

  • Feelmemore

    You can tell he was in pain that was a brutal spot.

  • Frank John Tabarez

    Punk is BEST IN THE WORLD!!!! get some rest big guy. We will be waiting

  • 2muchfire

    Let me say this… Anyone who has ever seen me comment on this board knows I’m no Punk fan, but damn… Gotta give credit where it is due. Punk was amazing last night, everyone in WWE needs to work to get on his level. He brought it, he told a story and he was magic.

    • Harley Alderson

      same here that match was awesome lots of holy shit moments in that match.many times in that match i thought punk was going to win but im glad the dead man won lol

  • WWEFan4Life

    Punk NEEDS time of! Think of all the macthes he has been through and not taken a break. Think of his injuries he has endured and STILL not taken a break. He is the hardest working guy in the WWE at the moment and that is why he is the BITW! He does a hell of a lot more then the current face of the company, Rock! He has worked for all he has and had in the company and not just been handed the title after returning for ONE MOTHER FUCKING NIGHT, also like Rock! Punk is the BITW but WWE do just not see that… shame really…

    • Jason

      Rock has wrestled more than Taker this year….

      • Progress_Now

        Taker has wrestled more than Rock the last 10 years….

      • George Stevens

        zach ryder has wrestled more time then taker this year but that’s not the point. if your going to bash taker then what i wanna know is why do most people moan about hulk and ric flair maybe not so much flair now i think his finished but when taker jumps back in the lime light its fine. im a taker fan and like his lil come backs. but ill prefer him to manage kane and do a tag match with him every now and then on top. the yearly matches are stupid and he needs to start thinking about himself

      • WWEFan4Life

        Thats different… Taker is old, banged up and is not in any physical state to compete in more than a few rare matches and also, when Taker comes back, its special. You feel something when Taker comes back where you either love him or hate him, and I know for a damn fact I hate the rock!

  • Steve James

    Wait, so not only where we treated to a Punk loss last night, but now you’re telling me he’s going to be out for a few months? Why did WWE jack up the price of WrestleMania? Because it was worth it!

  • Larry L Abernathy

    im a little disappointed that Punk lost to a old legend. CM punk, do whatever it takes to get to where you need and deserve to be.

    • GMpunk

      He lost to the Undertaker.. at Wrestlemania!

    • lunchbox87

      No shame in losing to a great like Taker .. Punk looked strong in it and gave Taker a great challenge i wanted Punk to break it but o well 21-0 great for taker

  • Dave Smith

    I don’t know if you guys saw or not but Chris Jericho Hit Fandango in the nose and Fandango was hurt, he kept holding it and trying to get the refs attention throughout the match and even tried to tell Y2J

  • guest

    A potentially great match was completely ruined by that table botch by CM Punk. How did the table not break from elbow drop? That’s what happens when a Cruiserweight like Punk lands on a table. Did you guys see how awful that GTS looked on Taker since Punk could barely lift Taker. The only things learned from this match is that CM Punk is too sloppy and small to carry the company. I hope this isn’t Takers last WM match. We wouldn’t want his career to end on a sour note thanks to Punk screwing everything up.

    • Stranger

      The table didn’t break at Chamber when The Rock was on it either, and it broke too soon at Rumble. Obviously the problem has been the table itself, not the performers. Calm down jabroni, Punk and Taker still had the best match on the card, easily.

    • Kris

      Not sure if troll or just really stupid..

    • lunchbox87

      coming from someone with a guest account ? get over it Punk is the best they have in the company right now the table not breaking had nothing to do with Punks weight and size and he has lifted ppl weighing more than Taker and did a perfect GTS that match was the best of the night and im sure taker would say Punk and him did a great Job

    • Nelson Carvalho

      youre just a kid trying to get attention on this post.get a f*cking life.youre just one of those guys that loves steroids on big wrestlers.

    • Thomas Wing

      How is the table not breaking Punk’s fault?

    • Randy James Crawford

      Other people will agree with me so i’ll just say it SHUT THE HELL UP.

  • Nelson Carvalho

    oh people complain about some moves on the match if any.instead of you bitching like little dolls go try doing that and lets see if you botch or fail.
    even the best wrestlers fail.they are not made of perfection or iron.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Take some time off Punk. You deserve it more than anyone.