CM Punk Calls The Pope A Nazi On Twitter

Not one to back down from making controversial tweets, WWE Superstar CM Punk is at it again. In response to the news that Catholic Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down due to health issues related to his advanced age (85), Punk re-tweeted a message from a fan who wrote, “The pope resigned? I did nazi that coming.” and called the joke “Magic.”

Another fan replied Punk’s tweet, writing, “Ouch. That’s an envelope-pushing tweet for a company employee…” Punk fired back:

Punk has since replied to another fan, telling him to “unfollow” him if he takes issue with what he has to say.

Pope Benedict has been criticized for his involvement in the “Hitler Youth” program in Nazi Germany during the late 1930’s. The Pope has defended his participation in the group, saying that all all children growing up in Germany at the time had no choice but to swear their allegiance to the fascist leader.

The historical facts are what they are … but one has to question one of WWE’s top superstars explicitly stating the “Pope was a Nazi” on Twitter ..

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Johrdann Miller

    fs punk are you trying to get fired???

    • John Enuch Heaney

      Punk could shark Stephanie McMahon and get off with a mild warning.

      • Johrdann Miller

        hahaha xD

  • Paul Kersey

    “That can’t be good for business”.

  • Redneck Rockstar

    Dont hate the man for telling the truth #PipeBomb

    • pwnez

      Whether it’s true or not he still shouldn’t have said it.

      • Jamie Hawker

        Why not?

      • God

        Why not though?

        • YappaPie

          I think its pretty obvious.

      • Aiii

        Considering this Pope says stuff like “gay marriage, like abortion and euthanasia, is a threat to world peace” I can’t fault Punk for being harsh on the guy. In fact, I am dissapointed (more) Catholics haven’t distanced themselves from the guy. It’s 2013, time to check your intolerance at the door Vatican.

        • pwnez

          Religion + wrestling + dirtsheets = doesn’t mix lol. I see where Punk is coming from but he should have kept his comment to himself.

          • Aiii

            He should have, yeah. Then again, a Punk that doesn’t blurt out what’s on his mind is a boring Punk. :)

      • GN-0015

        I agree. It is too controversial for a public figure with a strong following like Punk to say something like this. I am a CM Punk fan, but I think he made a tasteless comment.

        • Christopher Negron

          Since when is the truth considered tasteless?

      • Anthony


        • siberian_skies

          I’m all for freedom of speech. But does that give Punk the right to insult millions of Catholics by calling their Pope a Nazi?

          • Bro88

            I gotta ask how it insults them to speak the truth? If the Pope was at one time a member of the Nazi regime then all Punk said was a historical fact.

          • siberian_skies

            You’re absolutely right. I was just thinking about how Punk’s statement could have been perceived by Catholics. Regardless of what he’s done in his past, and whether he was right or wrong, they still see the Pope as their spiritual leader.

          • Holliezboy5711

            I am catholic and I am not offended.

          • siberian_skies

            Thank you for your input, and I’m being sincere.

          • Anthony

            Funny, you’re all for freedom of speech but not as long it’s not stating the truth, or deemed as offensive. So much for freedom of speech, eh?

            And says it does give Punk the right, hence freedom of speech.

          • siberian_skies

            That’s not what I meant. I meant just because a person has freedom of speech, it doesn’t mean they have the right to insult people.

          • Trevor

            Yes. Freedom of speech gives everyone the right to insult. Insults aren’t actual things…just words.

          • Mr 561

            Bingo. Insults are purely subjective, based on the person. Punk says Pope is a Nazi. Aside from that being a historical fact.. That might offend one person and not offend another. Trevor is right when he says insults aren’t actual things. Being insulted is a person’s reaction, based on how that person feels.

          • Mr 561

            Freedom of speech, by definition, gives you the right to offend millions of people with your words.

          • siberian_skies

            You guys are right.

          • Mr 561

            The possibility of not liking what the person has to say goes hand in hand with the freedom of speech ;)

          • siberian_skies

            You’re right, it does. :)

      • backblack25

        There is this great thing in AMERICA, it’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! I know most democratizes “Political Correctness Police” hate the constitution but its there for a reason.

        • Apostle Kried

          Freedom of speech means he can’t be arrested for saying it, doesn’t mean WWE can’t punish him, or that people can’t unfollow him. Or that millions of Catholic fans around the world can flip the channel every time Punk’s face comes on.

  • cappa37

    Look at this idiot. This is why indy dirty bags should keep on doing shows in high school gyms. He just doesn’t understand the business.

    • John Enuch Heaney

      If that were true he wouldn’t be the most successful champion of the last two and a half decades.

      • cappa37

        lol he has the Rock to thank for that. Puck was scheduled to drop the belt to the Rock and that’s the only reason they kept the belt on him for so long despite the piss poor ratings. Look at the ratings spike since the belts been off of Punk.

        • TheKillingMoon

          Raw ratings went up without the people’s ass on the show and didn’t change much even when he was around making Disney jokes. Your argument is invalid.

          • cappa37

            lol the ratings went up because people tuned in to see the Rock. The majority of ppl who watch the show aren’t on dirt sheet memorizing the dates the Rock would and would not be there. They simply expect the great one to be at Raw b/c he is the WWE Champion. You your brain for 1 minute before you hit post.

          • TheKillingMoon

            People tuned in to see Jericho and Brock Lesnar return, instead of that travesty excuse of an asswipe champion. Oh yea and I’ll try that “You your brain” thing before posting like you do for sure.

          • cappa37

            lol Jericho??? hahahaha is that why 2012 saw some of the LOWEST ratings since the 1990s? Wasn’t Jericho apart of that roster for almost the whole year?? gtfo. lol The great one has come back and saved the WWE from the pathetic indy infestation.

          • TheKillingMoon

            Or so you think. Can’t blame you for having a shallow mind.

      • HP Loveshaft

        Yeah, such a “successful champion” that he can’t even be in the main event most of the time, even though he holds the company’s biggest title.

        Punk needed the title to even approach the main event. John Cena, on the other hand, often gets the main event in spite of not being champion.

        No, I’m not speaking of talent, so all you Punk jock-sniffers can settle down. Punk doesn’t draw worth a damn. For a year and a half WWE has crammed him down our throats and had tons of other talent putting him over, and he’s STILL a lackluster champion. Meanwhile, Cena hasn’t had the title in over a year and has been putting people over, yet is still in higher demand than Punk

        Face it…without the title, Punk is mid-card bound.

        • G.I.R.L.

          I don’t recall ever seeing you on here before but i love your approach.

      • G.I.R.L.

        That’s quite an exaggeration.

    • pwnez

      His comment had nothing to do with indy wrestlers so i’m not sure why you decided to even mention them.

      • cappa37

        My point is that indy guys can only “work” they just don’t understand the “business of wrestling” where money (and consequently sponsors and brand image) is the most important thing. They just don’t get it. Proof is how he went on a rant about Tyson Kidd not getting tv time… well Tyson doesn’t draw, simple as that. He just doesn’t get it; all he is is an indy worker.

        • pwnez

          I have a few issues with what you’re saying. One: You’re assuming every indy star is like this based off of what CM Punk said, that’s not fair. Since when does Punk represent every indy wrestler out there? Two: Daniel Bryan understands the business very well. He knew he had to be more than just a great wrestler; Bryan evolved his character so he would be more entertaining because that’s what you need to survive in the WWE. Three: It’s not like every indy star is the same. Some are good and some aren’t. Davey Richards even admitted he wouldn’t make it in WWE because of the schedule and the lengths of the matches. Believe it or not, some indy wrestlers are good. To judge every indy star without even giving them a chance is just stupid.

    • Spike_Spiegle

      Yeah thats why so many more indy guys are in high demand in the wwe. And what does him making this comment have to do with the wrestling business? What he has to censor himself and act like a boy scout? This is why i like Punk because hes not putting on a front. He is who he is and piss off people like you.

      • cappa37

        Doesn’t have to be a boy scout. Is the Rock a boy scout? Is Stone Cold a boy scout? You have to understand that you are representing more than yourself, You’re representing a multimillion-dollar company. You need to draw a line and act accordingly

        • Spike_Spiegle

          I understand that . But this is a multimillion-dollar company that made those multimillion dollars on this kind of behavior. This was once encouraged (Being controversial). But now you have to not cross that line because its a family friendly show? Point is he didn’t say this on t.v. or go on a rant. He shouldn’t have to compromise who he is because a few feathers might get ruffled.

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Shut up Meg

      • 2muchfire

        no one finds that funny… lose it, find a new line

        • G.I.R.L.

          Shut up Butters.

        • Holliezboy5711

          I think it’s quite funny.

      • HP Loveshaft

        Mom mom’s pet parrot can repeat things people say as well. So, you don’t impress me.

  • MariosG1987

    had no choice —–> Well, ex Pope, there is always an alternative

  • Angle1

    We’ve Seen Many Era’s In The WWE, Welcome To The “Internet Era”

    • pwnez

      If Punk can get away with telling a fan to kill himself and hitting a fan on live TV, he will get away with this.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Its’ a build up for a match at WM. The pope VS CM punk.

    Gods favorite child VS The best in the world.

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Hahaha another failed attempt at thrying to be funny

  • ac1d

    This is all the Miz’s fault.

  • Deante320

    Well I guess the miz isn’t going the doghouse alone

  • cwcm

    what happens when the pope dies ……another one popes up……… in the world

  • Jr.

    Maybe he was talking about Elijah Burke?

  • MariosG1987

    love the smell of butthurt Catholics in the morning. They smell like….. victory.

    • HP Loveshaft

      And I get annoyed at religious bigots who eagerly swallow factually incorrect bullshit from a fictional character to try and justify their shallow hate.

  • joe

    This pope dodged federal charges from covering up all those child rapes…over 30 year span, if not for W given him the pardon.

    • MariosG1987


    • John Enuch Heaney

      I’m pretty sure that was the last Pope.

    • HP Loveshaft

      Bush issued no such pardon. I don’t know where you got that “information” from.

      What happened is that the Justice Department told a lower court to dismiss the case because the Pope is immune to American prosecution as a head of state (you do realize The Vatican is its own country, don’t you?).

      There was no pardon issued, and Bush had nothing to do with the court’s decision. Hate Bush all you want, but at least have a logical reason steep in facts.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Who really gives a shit about Pope, Nazi’s or Catholic religion.

  • Spike_Spiegle

    Are people seriously gonna get upset over this? He said it when the pope stepped down so who cares. Someone told him about it and he gave his stance on it. It wasn’t like he just blurted it out for no reason.

  • arcade_arson

    i won’t get punished, he never does unless its in a storyline

    • arcade_arson


  • Richard Sanders

    Breaking news: Heel makes offensive statement. More news at the top of the hour.

    • Paul Kersey

      If he said that on live TV, you might be onto something.

  • Smith

    Who gives a fuck about religion. What Punk sad was funny get the sticks out of your asses. Religion is corrupt and pathetic. Saying he shouldn’t have said that because of religion and shit is just wrong.

    • HP Loveshaft

      “Saying he shouldn’t have said that because of religion and shit is just wrong.”

      Except no one is saying THAT. I’m saying Punk shouldn’t have said what he said because, a) it’s factually incorrect, and b) far too many WWE fans are Christians and won’t take kindly to the Pope being unfairly smeared.

      • cappa37

        These guys just don’t get the business side of wrestling. CM Punk is cancer to the WWE brand and these people on here will defend him to the death because he’s a good worker

        • pwnez

          Punk isn’t a cancer to WWE. I get it, you don’t like him but to say he is a cancer is going way too far. You may not like him but alot of fans do and no, they aren’t all indy fans. The casual fan doesn’t even know what ROH is let alone know that Punk use to be indy.

          He is a good worker but I also agree that he should have kept his mouth shut. I dislike this site because I swear everyone is bias. If you praise someone you’re called a fanboy, if you bash someone you’re a hater. You know it’s true too.

          • Fighter

            B.S. Punk is a damn cancer to the WWE, and 99% of his fans is the stupid IWC. Since Punk became champion, he has pulled in less fans than the likes of any WWE Champion in the last 15 years, 3 Raws in a row. The IWC claimed back in 2011 he needed time to pull in ratings, well 400+ days later, he did absolutely nothing when it came to ratings.

            If Punk was such a good worker, then hundreds of thousands of fans would not be turning out whenever he appears on tv. Clearly the majority of idiots who thinks they know Wrestling better than anybody support this cancer, yet he can’t get a surplus of fans, over the likes of Cena, Big Show and even AJ Lee. Who beat CM Punk as WWE Champion in ratings a number of times when they was on television.

          • pwnez

            The Rock will always out-draw anyone from this era for a number of reasons. I really shouldn’t have to explain why. The Rock is WWE champion, he appeared live on raw and yet ratings dropped the third hour this week. Last week he wasn’t even on raw and the ratings were good. We can thank Lesnar for that.

            If you really need me to tell you why Rock draws more today than anyone else on the roster I will. A cancer is someone who is completely dragging the company and/or locker room down. Punk isn’t that bad and the fact that you even think this is just stupid and makes you a hater. Hogan was a cancer to WCW towards the end and he is a cancer to TNA. HBK was a cancer in the locker room back in the day for being an asshole to everyone. Vince Russo…need I say more? Punk isn’t even close to being on their level.

  • Sisisi!

    Punk’s twitter always entertains me, I like how he speaks his mind without care, it is the internet after all.

  • Eric Zeigher

    What’s to get away with? The Pope was a Nazi.

    • HP Loveshaft

      No, he was not. He refused to join the Deutches Jungvolk (the optional, junior version of The Hitler Youth). He was forced BY LAW to join the Hitler Youth at age 14, but disagreed with Nazi doctrine (especially their practice of eugenics) and skipped a lot of the Hitler Youth meetings. He was later conscripted into the German air force, but upon reaching adulthood defected back to Austria.

      Anyone who stands by the “Pope was a Nazi” line is either willfully ignorant, a religious bigot, or an idiot who lets a wrestler tell them what to believe.

  • Dan Kincaid

    He isn’t wrong?

    • HP Loveshaft

      Except that he is. Pope Benedict was FORCED (by threat of imprisonment or worse) to join the Hitler Youth (as were ALL 14 year old males). He never joined the optional junior version of this group, mind you. He was later conscripted to join the German air force, but upon reaching adulthood he defected to Austria.

      • Dan Kincaid

        Yes, everyone knows the Hitler youth story, it is well known, probably what he’s referring too, but what you just said is the equivalent of someone saying “no, I wasn’t in the KKK, I was just in their developmental program”

  • WWEFan4Life

    Woah, thats jst going to far from Punk…

  • Michael Carter

    Punk is completely ignorant on this subject. Makes him look very foolish. Horrible thing the Pope had to go through and Punk should be ashamed for those comments. Living in America, hes never had to experience anything like living in nazi germany.

    A lack of knowledge and a big mouth is a bad combination and Punk has both.

  • fabian6sic6s

    The fact is that he genuinely was a Nazi. If you were offended by the comment, you are allergic to truth.

  • A Paul Heyman Guy


  • MIKE

    UH OH!!Punk Better apologize or Bruno’s pulling out of the HOF

  • Chris Collier

    This is a wrestler playing his character… If you think this is bad look at old DX and nWo footage of interviews …

  • david

    thats dumb but i forgive him even though thats an igneret thing to say and offensive

  • Hooker Jay

    In my house, the Pope was always referred to as “Der Panzerpapen” or “Emperor Popeltine”. Because we couldn’t resist. And we’re sick evil socialists that look forward (not backward) to roasting in hell or getting unitarily executed by drone-point — which ever comes first …

  • Turdis MacGruber

    I have to ask..who really cares? I mean, so what? He insults the pope…Oh No! What, so now the catholics are insulted? That’s surprising (being sarcastic). Seriouisly folks, it’s simply entertainment and nothing more. Either watch it or don’t. Some people just try to find anything to bitch about these days and it’s pathetic. Hey serious catholic want something to really bitch about? Your god doesn’t exsist. Never did and never will. You need something to believe in in order to fill that empty spot in your life? How about believing in youself for a change? Give yourself a little credit perhaps. Maybe those good things you do or happen to you are not a result from a “higher power” but comes from something you did and worked hard for. Stop giving your god so much credit and take some for yourself..MAN! I though that by this day and age people would have stopped with the fairy tales and started something better.

  • Peer Pressure

    Punk could shoot a baby in the face then piss on his or her corpse, and his sheep would still defend him. It doesn’t really matter, I doubt the pope even know who the fuck Punk is.

  • Mr. Censorship

    No one has to question him. He has the right to say whatever he wants.

  • Cajun Mark

    CM PUKE, some of us Catholics can really and seriously kick your punk ass. Leave our faith out of it.


    fuck the IWC. If someone had said that jesus never died on the cross,motherfuckers would of had a heart attack. If someone in punk’s position would have said FUCK GOD,all hell would have broke loose.Punk is a nice wrestler,but some things you should leave alone whether true or not.

  • Trevor

    Punk can say whatever the fuck he wants. By the way, SO CAN YOU!

  • SkyWalkSky

    Very concerning tweet from someone employed by the WWE and just shows how dumm Punk is and how he know nothing about the situation, Germany and the Third Reich. Would be too funny if Bruno now pulls out of the HoF since he is a strong catholic and even had an audience with the Pope…

  • JamieEvsxx

    I know this is supposed to be a serious matter, but I couldn’t help but lol when I read the headline “CM Punk Calls The Pope A Nazi On Twitter”…xD

  • Fighter

    And this is the man the IWC loves. CM Punk is a two faced bastard, who has no business stepping into the square circle, the more he is on tv as champion, the more people changed their channels and for good reason.

  • Fighter

    Punk looks more like the Nazi, especially when he guts his hear. Pot calling kettle black. And for idiots who hates the Pope for talking his mind and standing up for millions of religious Catholics, it’s a clear indication of that these “fans” of CM Punk and pro Gay Marriage and Abortion Rights is hypocrites. They preach about freedom of choice and speech, but when somebody exercise just that and talk up against them, they toss out exactly the freedom of speech they believe in. Because freedom of speech in their book is only and as long you agree with them. Disagree and you’re a Nazi.

  • Daniel Paddon

    This is why punk is a loser The pope has had several heart attacks people today cant see the bigger picture people were FORCED OR THEY WILL SEE THEIR FAMILY EVCUTED PUNK IS A LOSER decides where are the facts of this allegation best in the world more like BEST LOSER IN THE WORLD