CM Punk Calls The Pope A Nazi On Twitter

CM Punk

Not one to back down from making controversial tweets, WWE Superstar CM Punk is at it again. In response to the news that Catholic Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down due to health issues related to his advanced age (85), Punk re-tweeted a message from a fan who wrote, “The pope resigned? I did nazi that coming.” and called the joke “Magic.”

Another fan replied Punk’s tweet, writing, “Ouch. That’s an envelope-pushing tweet for a company employee…” Punk fired back:

Punk has since replied to another fan, telling him to “unfollow” him if he takes issue with what he has to say.

Pope Benedict has been criticized for his involvement in the “Hitler Youth” program in Nazi Germany during the late 1930’s. The Pope has defended his participation in the group, saying that all all children growing up in Germany at the time had no choice but to swear their allegiance to the fascist leader.

The historical facts are what they are … but one has to question one of WWE’s top superstars explicitly stating the “Pope was a Nazi” on Twitter ..