CM Punk Discusses His Problems With Vince, The Rock & The Miz

CM Punk appeared on the The Hot Click podcast and did not hold back his opinions on The Rock, Vince McMahon, The Miz, his near exit from the WWE and a slew of other topics. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

On not sleeping: “We just did a European tour. I would honestly say on the European tour if you want to average it all out, I slept two hours a night… Eventually it gets to you. I know when I start seeing things that I really need to try… It’s not like I’m forcing myself to stay awake. It’s a thing. I got in late last night. I met up with my buddies, H20, the band and we went out. I got back to my hotel maybe at two in the morning and I had to meet in the lobby at 6 AM so I got a 5:30 wakeup call and next thing I know it’s 3:30. I’m reading comic books in my hotel room.”

How hard it is being straight edge: “It’s not hard at all. A lot of people ask me that. I almost think it’s a really weird question. How hard is it for you to wear glasses? How hard is it for you to have back hair? I was born this way so, no, it’s not hard at all.

“I just turned 33 so I’m assuming I’m what you call an SEOG: Straight Edge Old Guy. There are not a lot of us. I know everybody that was straight edge when I first claimed straight edge, when I was like 15-20, everybody fell off; everybody sold out. There’s like me and my friend Natalie back in Chicago. It’s like you find somebody else who’s straight edge and you stick together.”

On almost leaving WWE: “The last 12 months… I was leaving, I was out the door. I wasn’t quitting. My contract was up and I was like, “You know what, my contract’s up. I fulfilled my obligations to you. You have fulfilled your obligations to me and you let me slip through your fingers.” That was my attitude and I was leaving. One of the conditions of me resigning, I was like, look, if I resign I’m all in. I’m back to old form CM Punk. I’m not sleepwalking through this. I’m not just going to be a robot. I’m going to get excited about things again. I’m going to
watch all the matches and I’m going to praise people, yell at people, give people my opinions, and help out guys. That’s what I’ve been doing.

If he ended up staying for the money: “No, it’s not about money. It’s funny; on Twitter I get a lot of hilarious tweets. I’ll be crabby and complain about somebody. I’ll have my headphones on in the airport and I’m eating. I don’t know if anyone knows what it’s like to have someone legitimately walk up to you and wave their hand like an inch away from your face because I have headphones on and I can’t hear them. I don’t know if anyone knows what that’s like but that happens to me multiple times a day then I complain about it, and then on Twitter I get, ‘Oh, shut up crybaby. That’s why you’re rich.’ I was rich before I had any money. Being rich has nothing to do with anything monetary. No, it wasn’t about money. I’m not a money guy.

“I know people who are wealthy and they’re miserable. I was miserable. I was coming to work every day and I was like, ‘This is ridiculous. I’m seeing all this stuff. Miz is the main event of WrestleMania. What is wrong with this world? Okay, I gave it all.'”

If The Miz has a problem with his comments: “No, Miz knows exactly how I feel. I’ve told him about it… I think Miz doesn’t know how to deal with that. It’s just my brutal honesty. I think you got to just let it roll of your back or you get confrontational about it.
“I was strictly basing it on the fact that I was the best bad guy. In my world, the best bad guy wrestles the best good guy. I was specifically told, ‘Hey, leading up to WrestleMania we don’t really know what you’re going to do yet but you’re going to be John Cena’s little TV feud.’ I was like, ‘I’m nobody’s TV feud. That’s bullsh-t.’ They just continued to piss me off.”

What made him re-sign with WWE: “The chance to change this place. One of my best friends in the world is Lars Frederiksen. He plays guitar for a band called Rancid. He told me a story about when the Ramones went into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Marky didn’t want to do it; half of the Ramones were dead. The Ramones, as a band, were always musically shunned and he didn’t want to do it. He didn’t want to show up, accept the award. Lars told him, “Look, you have to. It’s your responsibility. You paved the way for guys like me. You have to go accept this award because you think not accepting it is this big middle finger to the establishment but actually accepting the award and being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – that’s the middle finger.

“Lars and Joey Mercury, two people who are wise beyond their years, told me, ‘You can’t change the place from your couch.’ I said that on television. That was all real. That’s the truth. I couldn’t change this place from my couch so I resigned and I’m trying to change it.”

If he’s happy about re-signing: “I’m very happy. I’ve never been busier in my entire life. I had conversation with Vince McMahon. I was like, ‘Look, I’m not holding you up for money. I’m not holding out for this contract but if you’re going to sign me you’re going to sign me to the best money deal possible and if it’s your prerogative to not use me but pay me that ridiculous amount of money. I don’t see you being that stupid.'”

His relationship with Vince McMahon: “Honestly, I don’t think if Vince ever got me. I don’t think he does. I don’t know what’s not to get but some people just don’t see things. I don’t know if this is a good example but I don’t know if Vince gets The Rock. Vince gets Cold Stone Steve Austin. He gets that guy. I don’t know if he gets The Rock but he recognizes that he’s a hell of a talent. I might throw myself in that category. I don’t know if Vince 100% gets me but he finally has recognized, ‘Alright, this kid is the real deal.’

“I’ve been the same guy since I stepped foot in the WWE. I’ve always acted like a top guy, not in the regards of, ‘I need a limo and first class travel.’ I have never let anybody tell me that I can’t or I suck or anything like that. I’ve always had an air of confidence about me, which always rubs people the wrong way. It’s like the whole ‘best in the world’ thing. If I didn’t honestly believe that, and it’s obviously borderline narcissistic and egotistical but it’s like, well, if you don’t think you’re the best in the world at what you do then you should at least aspire to be the best. Why do you do what you do?”

If Vince likes to knock people down: “I don’t try to run the show. It’s his company; it’s his baby. I think the WWE has knocked me down a peg or two. That’s the most frustrating thing about what we do. I don’t know if this is the Brock Lesnar legacy. It’s just like holy crap, strap a rocket to this guy and give him everything. Then all of a sudden a year later Brock’s like, ‘Oh, I want to go home.’ I don’t know if there’s a fear that that’s going to constantly happen, which is legitimate. I can see that. You put yourself in Vince’s shoes and it’s like, okay, I get that.

I take this responsibility very seriously. When you are the champion and you are on top, you’re pulling the train. It’s the tradition in pro wrestling where everybody thanks everybody. ‘Thank you for the tour.’ The guys on top are the ones that are drawing the houses. You’re the reason why everyone on the undercard is getting paid. I get being spooked about that. We’ve done it way too often with guys like Wade Barrett, Sheamus, with me. I remember the first time they made me champion. Raw ratings went up. I got numbers, house show attendance went up. Then it’s like you just constantly cut these guys legs out from under them. After awhile it’s just like everyone’s middle of the road.

Clashes with Vince McMahon: “There was the Tony Atlas story. Tony wrote about it in his book but I didn’t read it so I don’t know exactly how accurate it was. I was ECW Champion at the time. I was still living in Louisville, Kentucky. I would go to OVW still and I would maybe work a Dark Match for them and watch the show, talk to guys. Long story short, there was some backstage OVW politics that unbeknownst to me was going on. I went up to Tony to introduce myself because he was down there to talk to the guys about saving your money and drugs and what not.

“I said, ‘Hi, Mr. Atlas. My name’s CM Punk. How are you doing?’ He grabbed my arm and he’s like, ‘What is this?’ I didn’t get where he was going. I was like, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. Oh the X’s. I’m straight edge and I explained it to him.’ He’s like, ‘No, no, no, your arms. They’re taped up.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, I tape up my arms so I can ‘x’ up. It’s a straight edge thing.’ He looks at me and he says, ‘It looks like you have two broken arms.’ I was just like, ‘Great, okay.’ I didn’t know where he was going and I was confused. ‘Okay, sir, alright.’ He said, ‘I don’t think you get it. If you don’t listen to your coaches, you’re never going to make it to television.’ Then I was like, ‘Alright I appreciate whatever this is. Thank you, sir.’

“Then I worked the dark match and we had this great dark match. It was like this eight man tag and there was a whole bunch of talented guys in it. Then in the post show meeting, Tony Atlas goes on and on about how everyone’s great, everyone has a great attitude, the show is great, the only match he didn’t like was that last one. That last match sucked. There was a guy in it with a bad attitude. He basically just started singling me out. I had already lost my mind at this point. I stood up like legit De Niro, ‘Are you talking to me?’ He was like, ‘Yes, you have a bad attitude and I’m going to put it in the report and I hope you get fired.’ He said a lot of ridiculous things.

“I stood up and started walking down and was like, ‘Are we fighting?’ It turned into this big legendary thing where he just started giving me a bunch of s–t and I gave it right back to him. I was like, ‘Look, I’m on television and I’m one of Vince’s champions.’ It turned into this thing and two weeks later we were in England and Vince is like, “I need to talk to you for a minute.

“He’s like, ‘The Tony Atlas thing – what happened?’ I explained to him the story and he’s like, ‘These old timers don’t watch the show. You got to be respectful.’ He said, ‘Sometimes, you just got to eat a little s–t. I eat s–t all day. I eat red s–t, green s–t, blue s–t, all kinds of s–t. I’m eating s–t all day.’ I laughed and I looked at Vince and said, ‘I had eaten enough of his s–t and I was full and he looked a little hungry so I thought maybe he wanted to eat a little s–t of his own.’ He smiled and said, ‘I like that. That’s good.'”

The Rock returning to WWE: “I think it’s great. Bottom line is it’s a business. If Rock is going to put asses in seats then yay for us. There are a lot of misconceptions about how I feel about it. Obviously people love asking me because they know they’re going to get the 100% truth. He comes back and he says that he’s never going to leave again and then he doesn’t come back for months. Yes, he’s doing Survivor Series and, yes, it sold out in a half hour. Let’s be honest. It’s the Garden and it’s the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series. The show was going to sell out but I get the bragging. ‘Oh, it sold out in a half hour.’

“I sold out the Garden – me and JBL in a cage match so I have that distinction. I can say that I sold out Madison Square Garden, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. The problem I have with Dwayne is that he came back, he said he’s never leaving again and I don’t appreciate all this, ‘Oh, the WrestleMania buy rate was up. Oh, it’s because of Dwayne.’ Was it? Or was it because of me and Randy Orton or was it because of Miz and John Cena? That’s unfortunately something that you can’t really ever figure out. A lot of people like to live and die by the ratings.

“It’s a big news story that he came back, absolutely. I think he even tweeted me one time saying something like, ‘The Rock in the main event makes more money than CM Punk could in a lifetime,’ which is obviously a fallacy. That ultimately is where I have the problem with Dwayne. He lives in a fantasy world. No matter if I like or hate whoever I’m working with, I say, ‘hello,’ to them. I fraternize with them. It’s a brotherhood backstage. I’m with these people more than I’m with my little sisters and my family. I just don’t appreciate going from limo to dressing room, from dressing room to the ring and not saying ‘hi’ to any of the boys.

“That’s what he does. I was just at a Guns N’ Roses show backstage in Chicago and that’s exactly what Axl Rose does and Axl’s a lot cooler than Dwayne. Part of me gets it but for anybody who wants to say I have a bad attitude or a chip on my shoulder about it – absolutely. I think anybody should. There are guys in that locker room that bust their ass and there are guys that should be in the main event at WrestleMania. Eventually it will happen for everybody as long as you’re passionate about it. I’m passionate about. Yeah, it pisses me off.”

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of

  • Steven Harris

    i agree. nough said.

  • Anonymous

    His view of The Rock is interesting. It’s like he can respect him from a business perspective, but obviously, with misleading the ‘millions’, it was just hype. Considering that his ego was front and center, he didn’t permanently bury Cena, but Cena was never going to get any reception from the MSG crowd, period. The fact that this build towards WM28 between the 2 is lower than being watered down, I don’t expect this match to be taken seriously by the time the event arrives.

    • Captain Underpants

      That’s exactly the way I feel about it. Either Cena needs to take that heel turn to freshen things up a bit or if he stays face, he needs to bring back that aggression he had in his debut against Kurt Angle. I watched that match a couple days ago and he looked great back then

      • Anonymous

        He was just starting out back then, so no one could predict what he could do then. I’m all for a Cena heel turn, but until Vince decides to change the face one of these days, and I don’t expect it any time soon, Cena will be the awkward, jorts-sporting, vein-popping 30-something weirdo who enjoys fruity pebbles.

    • DatUsed2BWWEfan

      Obviously, only people like you would have believed that he’s back permanently, full-time. We all knew what he meant as soon as he said that.

      • Anonymous

        Can you confirm that? Because if you can, I’d like to see the proof. Nowhere did I say his return was going to be full time, or that I was believing his hype.

  • Supermanthathoe

    The Tony Atlas story is fucking hilarious!

  • Carlos Ruiz

    Fuck you bandwagoners. Cm Punk is obviously obssed with the rock. He’s the real diva always talking about him. Why would he say anything to any of them backstage when all they do is gossip about him like females?

    • Anonymous

      He answered a question. And as far as I can tell he answered it truthfully? So what’s the problem here?

      • Punks_Conscience

        People just think it’s cool to be hanging on CM Punk’s nutsack nowadays and for some reason he can say nothing wrong. While to say anything derrogatory about Punk is taken as blasphemy, but the truth is he opens his mouth when he should be opening his hears.

        His comment about Rock saying “he makes more in a main event,” was in response to Punk saying he didn’t think Rock deserved to be there, but somehow Stone Cold does? Why other than ppl would want to see that match (like me) just like ppl (def. not like me) want to see Cena v Rock?

        But it’s that hypocracy that Punk’s fans keep their mouths shut on.

        • Fireworks Ts

          Good way to put it dude , I totally agree

        • Anonymous

          like Fireworks said, that is a good way to put it.  I think it’s fair to say that Austin was probably left out of that because he has had more involvement with the general product (tough enough, guest appearances) than the Rock has.  Most likely because Austin didn’t essentialy shun WWE when going into movies, Rock actively made a decision to distance himself from wrestling, something Austin hasn’t done.  I’m not turning around and agreeing with Punk whole heartedly or being a Punk mark but there hasn’t been whole lot of positivity surrounding the Rock backstage, form what you can take from online reports and interviews, Austin seems to be more of help backstage which I guess, in Punks eyes, makes him more deserving.

          • Punks_Conscience

            Austin mainly came back to the WWE to promote something he was doing like celebrity GMs/hosts or whatever they call them.  And as far as guest appearances, he and Rock are about even, maybe he did 1 more than Rock.
            I’ll give him his due for doing Tough Enough though, but if he was as busy as Dwayne, as he calls himself now, he wouldn’t be able to do it and Dwayne was flirting w/ the idea of doing something w/ WWE for yrs. culminating to this, which I really wished it WAS something else.  The fact that Cena doesn’t need a rub is what bothers me about this situation, but I get that for other ppl it’s a dream match come true.

    • The Guest

      I’ve met Punk a couple times back in the day and somewhat recently. Most people don’t want to hear this, but he is an incredible douchebag. He is also the best all-around performer in wrestling today. I don’t let my personal feelings block out what is obviously talent. I love seeing him on tv. But on the db comment, he has an elitist attitude the likes of which I’ve never seen, not to mention he is a passive/aggressive jerk to EVERYONE. Bottom line is he doesn’t respect his fellow man.

      But, he’s the best right now and I don’t like that stuff cloud my judgement of him. A lot of wrestlers are jerks/addicts/criminals/dorks/and just plain weirdos. It we were to only support the wrestlers who we think are “good people”, it would be slim pickings. Most wrestlers today have better self control as compared to wrestlers of the past though. Basically I’m saying, yeah, Punk has his issues, but he has my full support.

      • Dingus Nippleson

        of course he is. every “straightedge” person is a douchebag. they think they’re better than everyone because they don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. you can tell he’s like that, he said he didn’t take any pain meds when he had surgery or something.. what a dick, thinks he’s better ’cause he’s never done any drugs.. but yea, he is entertaining & interesting. although i gotta say this is the only character he’s done that i liked. maybe ’cause it’s not centered around being straightedge lol

        • Anonymous

          I liked his Straightedge Society gimmick because of how openly douchey he was lol. But before that, I didn’t care about him. I mean, I liked him a little after his heel turn, but I didn’t really start to like him until he became the “Straightedge Savior.”

        • Seantom1983

          How many straight edge people have you been around? I had several straight edge friends in high school. They knew I smoked and drank, but they never judged me for it. I never judged them, so the fact I wasn’t straight edge and they were had no bearing whatsoever on our friendship. They definitely didn’t act as if they were better than me because they didn’t drink or smoke.

          • The Guest

            Were they “straight edge” or did they simply abstain from drugs? Big difference. You should Wiki the term and get back with us.

        • Jesse Goodman

          I disagree. I’m straightedge, and I have plenty of friends who do drugs, drink and smoke, and that’s never changed me being friends with them, or me thinking/acting like I’m better then them. CM Punk could be a huge egomaniac for all I know, but don’t assume everyone who lives the same lifestyle is like that.

      • Seantom1983

        More of an elitist than Flair?

        • The Guest

          No, but far more cynical, which is sad for someone so young. Definitely more of a dick though(and Flair’s name is Richard, go figure).

    • Anonymous

      Spoken like a true diva.  The Rock coming back to WWE is probably one of the biggest things to happen to the roster this year and probably for the last 5, of course people are going to talk about him, someone like Punk has every right to feel a bit pissed off that this guy who’s been away for so long is being given the top spot on the biggest show without even having to blink.  I know Rock coming back to wwe is a good thing but that still doesn’t mean that people on the roster have to like him.  Rock will be gone after WM and that will be another year where someone has to wait to get that spot…if it was you, I doubt you’d be that graceful towards him either.  I am big Rock fan, but since his return, a lot of people haven’t had good things to say about him and it’s not just fans but from WWE guys on the roster.  Doesn’t mean I believe every word but he’s obviously not being as much of benefit to the guys back stage as he is on camera.

  • Carlos Ruiz

    He’s mad because it doesn’t matter what he does, he will never be The Rock. It pisses him off. Rock brought alot of older wrestling fans back, thats the reason the ratings went up.

  • RodCeb79

    100 % with Punk

    • Punks_Conscience

      Cuz ur a tool.  I feel Punk w/ some of that stuff he said like the Miz in WM main event, Tony Atlas was funny, Shameus and Barret(although no mention of Kofi) being held back, VKM being hot and cold, but GetTheFuckOutOfHere w/ his rationale for returning or the smack talking on the Rock.
      His return, if you call it that, hasn’t changed anything.  He came back on top w/ this incoherent storyline w/ HHH that really made no sense (at least to me, I’m sure other Punk fans feel differently) and it went nowhere.  Thought Cabana was coming in and/or he was going to get a group, but nope.  All he’s doing there is maintaining the status quo.
      His comment about Rock is BS.  Why should Stone Cold come back for a match, but not Rock?  People have been talking about making that match happen for years and now when Rock finally agrees, “He’s hogging the spotlight.”  He was criticized by ppl like Orton for hosting WM, for hosting WM.  

      The fact is all that stuff he, Orton, and other main eventers are saying is NO different than what MELINA was saying about Trish.  The only REAL difference is the messenger, but her message is no different than theirs.  And THAT’S THE TRUTH.  But b/c there are so many Punk-fanatics, his comments will always make sense to you.

  • Anonymous

    Any way who cares about the so called the Rock.Hes a pussy for not showing respect to the younger wrestlers who carried the company to the level it is when his tail was nowhere to be seen

    • DatUsed2BWWEfan

      That makes no sense.

      • Guester

        Yeah..its hard to understand him with CM punk C–ck in his mouth

  • Anonymous

    Great interview. This was an amazing read.

  • Jonstark78

    I loved the fact that Punk made Tony Atlas eat s$$t like that, CMP you are the man ;)

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea that wrestlers were so vaginal!! He didn’t say ‘hi’ to me? He left as soon as he said he wasn’t coming back? As smart as CM Punk is, this interview makes him sound idiotic. And not showing respect to the younger wrestlers?! Are you kidding me? The business is down across the board, and we’re supposed to believe that the Rock had nothing to do with Wrestlemania having such a huge buyrate and Survivor Series selling out in an hour or a half an hour? Punk is obviously kayfabing this interview, because he sounds like he has dementia.

    • Anonymous

      It had nothing to do with him.The Rock left the company for 7 good years and the company was still going stronger in the PG era,WWE does not need the Rock

      • Anonymous

        Going stronger? have you looked at the stock and the buyrates, What WWE are you watching?

        • Anonymous

          You are the idiots punk was talking about,living by ratings.Even during the attitude era,the buy rates used to be low in some years.We are in economic crisis  You Ediot

          • Anonymous

            I think you meant “Idiot” Idiot.

          • Anonymous

            its good you figured it out

      • dpsrkpguy

        wwe going strong? lol u must be a retarded cena fan

        • Anonymous

          for your info,im not a Cena fan,but u i respect the guy and i only give credit the superstars who are dedicated to the business,who are there to provide us the show that we love,while the rock is wearing a bra for a hollywood movie

          • Anonymous

            Do they need the Rock? If they want a bigger buyrate, hell yeah! You don’t think CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin will sell buyrates, just that match alone?! Of course it will. The point of my post is CM Punk is obviously kayfabing here. Why would the Rock talk to him anyway after Punk called him the biggest Vince McMahon a#skisser of them all during Punk’s epic worked shoot promo? Business is up because of the Rock, and his pops are louder than everyone elses.

    • PGSUX

      Is it me, or are the main eventers saying the same thing MELINA was saying about Trish.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like it. None of these Nancies (Everybody loves Raymond homage) ever complain about the man responsible for it all: Vince McMahon. Why? Because they’d be canned like tuna or bumped down the ladder. I love CM Punk, and Cena and Orton are alright with me too. But they are all obviously kayfabing. The Rock never walked out on the company. Stone Cold did that. Twice in the space of two months. But no one ever has anything bad to say about the Bionic Redneck. Stone Cold is the same guy who wouldn’t put over HHH, Jeff Jarrett, Billy Gunn or Brock Lesnar. But Stone Cold can’t do any wrong for these pubic lice, wrestlers as well as marks on the internet. The Rock HAS NEVER WON THE MAIN EVENT AT WRESTLEMANIA. EVER. But he’s the one that always has to have things his way, right? Tell me another one. The Rock is the same guy who can do a job for Crash and Hardcore Holly, and still be the number guy, without the title! But all these jerkons and jerkoffs always hate on the Rock for retiring. Sounds like jealousy or just plain HATE to me.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, would be something to see a CM Punk vs. Rock match at some point down the road.  The promo battles between the two of them would likely be better than the Rock/Cena stuff– I know the match up would definitely be much better.  Of course I like the idea of seeing CM Punk & Chris Jericho having a match for the WWE Title at WM this year too.  That should be an event to see if it happens.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Punk I believe some people did want to see you vs Orton, but  face it WM got over 1 million buys because of The Rock and to an extent the Undertaker/HHH match, had he not been there the numbers wouldn’t be as good stop fooling yourself. And the fact that he says Axl Rose of all people is cooler than Rock is a joke in and of itself, Punk fess up you came back for the money first class travel and the tour bus. The fact that you re-signed and were willing to not say a word about HHH butting into your storyline to make it all about himself is proof of that. Besides why would Rock say Hi to you anyways? You’ve been vocal about how much you don’t like him and feel he’s too Hollywood for pro wrestling. And Steve Austin doesn’t work every week like the “boys in the back” who you feel should be at Mania. I highly doubt you’d object to having Austin back if it was you vs Him at WMania IN the main event. Punk is so full of shit it’s not even funny, he’s turning more into a corporate stooge each day.

    • Fireworks Ts

      Dude I couldn’t have said it better myself , way to go man. Punk wines and cries all the time

  • dpsrkpguy

    punk is just a jealous whinny little bitch. i lost all respect for him

  • pigman

    rock sucks

    • DatUsed2BWWEFan

      After all, you ARE a pig man. :)

      • pigman

        Thank you I appreciate that !! oink oink

  • dpsrkpguy

    bottom line, punk is jealous that rock vs cena is the main event… fuck punk. he’ll be dead and buried by next year and languishing in tna by 2013 i’m pretty sure abt thtat.

    • Carlito8

      Really? You really believe that. CM Punk ain’t no Rocky, but he’d beat The Rock in a match.

      • Guester

        you forget that wrestling is a work? Lol

  • Drpepper

    This Guy Just Gets It

  • BitchPwnez

    CM Punk…That’s all he is…just a Punk who should be put in his place.

  • Lukas-ortner

    Punk believe it ir not It doesn’t matter if Rock says hello or not. But i’ts maybe the truth that The Rock makes more mony in one main event than punk in a lifetime

    • Punks_Conscience

      So, Punk said THAT to start sh*t is what you are basically saying? 
      And meanwhile, all these Punk-@$$ followers steadily stroking his ego with how wrong the Rock is for not showing respect to ppl who are living off the success of previous veterans like him and Stone Cold while criticizing him for coming back in the 1st place. 
      I like Punk, but BS is fking BS and what gets to me is all the main event talent is spouting the same nonesense.  I can understand Cena saying it b/c they are in a fued, sort of, but to hear RKO and CM hatin’ about that is ridiculous and they basically sound like 2 MELINAS w/ that BS.
      Just like Rock being called out on his, “I’m never leaving,” BS (which I knew that was BS b4 he finished the sentence); where are those ppl to hold Punk accountable for his BS.  Too busy being yes-men for him is where.

      • sheree

        in orton’s defense the rock went to go tell vkm something that randy was supposed to be saying about him instead of saying what he had to say to him to his i don’t know if that’s the case or not but i would be pissed too. if you have something to say to me or about me then come to me not to anyone else. maybe we can work out what was said.

        • Punks_Conscience

          Isn’t that what Orton did in the 1st place though which is why Rock went to VKM?  He didn’t say something about the Rock behind his back and not to his face too?  Orton, like the rest of these main eventers whinners are just male versions of Melina w/ that crap coming out of their mouths, but b/c they are the guys it’s a double standard.

  • Axl4Life

    I went to the Guns N Roses show in Hartford CT last Sat and I’m going again Friday in Worcester MA it was FN AWESOME Axl is the greatest of all time and the last true Rock Star. The band is incredible. Love that Punks a fan.


    I smell what the Punk is cooking.  Bullsh*t!!!  Why would the Rock or anybody shake hands w/ anybody talking smack about him?  The main event talent been running their mouths like premadonnas; but when Rock, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Y2J, were making room for icons like Hulk Hogan to come back in, he was met w/ nothing but respect.

  • pigman

    cm punk rocks, and rock sucks.  wwe needs to get better. we need a new dark character, story lines need to make more sense, story lines need to last for few months at least like back in 90s, Raw and smackdown y have 2 brands doesn’t make logical sense when wrestlers from both brands perform in both the brands, female wrestler need to start getting a bit chubbier like back in 90s, I dont like cena but the guy is dedicated to his work so may be give him a new character like they did with sting back in 90s(colorful sting to dark sting), finally we need strip matches, the RAW theme song needs to get better, the wrestler need to look more like a wrestler than a bodybuilder, finally have less pay per views but each pay per view should have something special like king of the ring, survivor series, etc.

    cause the pig man oinked so. Oink oink !!!


    Man this was a good interview. I related to so much of what he was saying.

  • justrockit

    punks a bit delusional. did punk contribute well to this years mania and survivor series. yep. but come on…rock coming back after 7 years is a big deal. dont get mad that sales didnt come up after your long stinted 3 week departure or whatever it was lol. if this was stone colds return you wouldnt hear punk bitch about that now would you…whatever…its all nonsense. thats why i respect hogan the most at least we all know where he stands $$$ brother lol  

    • justrockit

      p.s. punk..rock shouldnt be the one your pissed at…it should be the rest of the crew that raped your comeback and now we have to watch a crap version of what it could be

      • PGSUX

        So true

  • Anonymous

    Punk has a big old school locker-room respect mentality. You’d think this was a post from the 90’s.

    • PGSUX

      Really?  How?  I agreed w/ half the stuff that came out of his mouth in this article up until he ran off the mouth about the Rock and his reason for coming back.  The fact that the main eventers went off on Rock coming back, identically to how Melina did on Trish doesn’t sound all that old school to me.  It just sounds like he was whinning.

      • Anonymous

        Apart from the whining at the end of it, he was talking about locker room respect for the boys. I used to hear that a lot from the older guys, Bret Hart etc.

        • Punks_Conscience

          Yeah, I was loling at that story w/ Tony Atlas.  That’s new school meets old school right there


    I agree with all this %100 

  • Da Blue Guy

    Hey Punk, umad? Fuuuuuuuuuu!!

  • Babyvic219


  • Anonymous

    Honestly, if I was the Rock I wouldn’t speak to these clowns either.  Why associate with people who stab you in the front, but expect for you to smile in their faces and be happy.  I think some of the envy from Punk, Orton and anybody else besides Cena is the fact that Rocky doesn’t have to play the political game that these guys have to.  Everybody there has to pay homage and respect to the fact that Cena is the man and they are number 2 at best. The Rock can in, s#@t on Cena with VKM’s blessing and nobody can do anything about it.  The Rock controls his own destiny with WWE and they don’t.  The Rock has the crowd control, ring presence, charisma that they lack.  They need the WWE, he doesn’t at this point.  He shows up, shows them up, and leaves and they can’t take it.  I personally like C.M. Punks skills and persona(s), but he sounds like an egotistical female.  The young guys pay homage to the veterans, not the other way around.  Guys like Austin, Booker, Rocky, Taker, Jehrico, and the other accomplished vets earned the right to show up and do their thing from time to time.  If VKM didn’t want Rocky to be involved in the way that he is, than he wouldn’t be.  
    The Cena era of the WWE has been mediocre at best.   I don’t count guys lie Edge because he is from the attitude era or guys like Barrett, Shemus, Ziggles, Cody, Swagger and the likes because they represent the new era of WWE and they are worth building around.  WWE stock has been on a downward spiral for years.  Ratings have been down for years.  Buyrates for ppvs have been down for years.  It’s asinine to say that those numbers don’t matter, because those numbers dictate advertising dollars and media exposure, which in turn dictate income.  The biggest problem with the Rock being back is that some guys received an ego check that they weren’t ready for and they don’t know how to deal with it.  The Rock/Cena match might not be that good, but that’s because of Cena’ lack of ability when compared with the Rock.  Rocky made the entire roster look like a$$ at Survivor Series without even trying.  I don’t know why Punk wants Austin in a match, because if Austin is healthy enough to do it and puts the effort into to buildup and match, he’s gonna make Punk look like trash.   

  • rubbertoe

    I cant stand CM Punk…..The guy annoys the f8ck out of me……The Miz is 10 times better than him in the ring and on the mic…..What a douchebag!   Does he really think hes the best in the world!  LMAO what a joke

  • el patron

    Del Rio must win on raw monday!

  • Zxgfbdf

    At the end of the day, he’s just one more asshole with an opinion. The only thing that makes that matter is you.

  • Lolbob3456


    • cfc912

      do you also love dick in your ass? because those two things go hand in hand.

  • Grace

    Go Stight Edge