CM Punk Documentary On Netflix, Daniel Bryan Wants To Be Known As “The Dazzler” & More

– Today’s wrestling birthdays include former WCW star La Parka (47) and former WWE & WCW star Jim Powers (55). The late Chris Kanyon would have been 43.

– The documentary portion of WWE Champion CM Punks’s “Best In The World” recent DVD is now streaming on Netflix.

– The documentary portion of the Undertaker’s Streak DVD will begin airing on pay-per-view on February 4th. has a video up featuring tag team champion Daniel Bryan talking about how he wants to be known as The Dazzler in 2013.

* VIDEO: Antonio Cesaro Gives Great Khali The Neutralizer

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • 7 year old boy

    And I have netflix :D

    • Jericholic

      but will you watch?
      remember what you said about your hormones?

      • 7 year old boy

        How do you people remember this :(

        • Jericholic

          lol i was loller skating, so of course i remembered.

  • Jericholic

    Who better than Kanyon?

    This is the part where you name a superstar.


      Lionheart Chris Jericho?

    • Steve James

      Big Dick Johnson!

    • Frank Shannon

      Barry Horowitz

  • God’s Diamond

    imo bad idea only dazzler i know is a FEMALE X-Men character he should be the new bob backlund making ppl tap out while being maniacal

    • raven

      The dazzler? That’s a gay name for anybody he should change his name if that’s what he was gonna do

    • SavageBomber

      He’s Goat Face. He can pull off anything.

  • Andrew Campbell

    ‘Best In The World’ was the best WWE blu-ray/DVD release I’ve seen in a very long time.

    • FOLEY_is_GOD

      I thought Edge’s documentary was miles better

      • Andrew Campbell

        I haven’t seen Edge’s one yet. The Rock’s documentary was great aswell, but the extras and match listing sucked. As an overall package (documentary, extras, match listing, etc) I thought Punk’s blu-ray was awesome.

        • JamieEvsxx

          Edge’s one is definitely worth watching, probably the best one I’ve seen atm (haven’t seen all of the Punk one yet so I can’t say much about it yet, but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty good)…=P

    • Brent Genito

      Andrew, I definitely agree with you. As a longtime Netflix subscriber, and huge CM Punk fan, I treated myself to the documentary tonight. I was beyond words impressed, right to the point of doing something rare in actually going and buying the DVD.

      • Andrew Campbell

        Yeah it’s definitely worth owning a copy. The extras and bonus matches are a huge bonus aswell.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Daniel wants to be known as a1980s washed up X- Men hasbeen? Go figure.

    • Jay Jayerson

      Has been? Try never was.

  • Bad Boy

    If Daniel Bryan is going to pick X men names, he should have nicknamed himself The BEAST! Just like Kris BenWHAT$?&! nicknamed himself “The Wolverine”.

  • rbcastille

    Netflix also added “50 greatest finishing moves” and the NWO documentary

  • Cottrell Atwood

    The Dazzler? Lol what man would want to be named after a female comic book character? Hope this a joke I could him coming down in roller skates with a silly light show and rainbow face paint lol back gimmick imo plus copy right infringement. Would not go with the Dazzler not for a male something seems kinda to sweet for a man unless he ahs sugar in his tank

  • KAZ

    The name “The Dazzler” goes with Kaitlyn. I can picture her already with pink and silver glitter all over her hair. Wearing a silver mini skirt, a pink thong and a pink top. Then she posts a Tout of herself from her house slowly and seductively running her tongue across a freshly baked cheese cake live on RAW. If WWE had attitude right now, you’d be able to see all of that!

  • ItsProgressNow

    The Dazzler? former models can call themselves that. he should be renamed to The Predator, because he’s one ugly motherfucker

  • Abz

    Goat face killah sounds much better lol

  • Abz

    Goat face killah is a much better name lol

  • Eo