CM Punk Medically Cleared To Compete on Raw, Superstars On What’s Most Intimidating About The Undertaker

– The official WWE website announced Wednesday that WWE Champion CM Punk has been medically cleared to defend his title against Ryback in a TLC Match on this Monday’s Raw, according to sources.

The match had originally been scheduled for the WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view, but immediate knee surgery on December 4 postponed that contest until he had fully recuperated.

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WWE’s sources indicate that final decision on Punk’s status will be presented on tonight’s episode of WWE Main Event on ION Television.

– WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is featured in today’s “Superstar Spotlight” on

Daniel Pena

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  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    The problem with WWE “doctors” is they clear people wayyyyyyyy too soon before they are ready and before you know it that same person is hurt again.

    • DigitalWWE

      This is pure storyline if you didn’t realize. CM Punk was able to compete at TLC they just didn’t have him do it.


        no he was not. The surgery was legit! Dick head

        • DigitalWWE

          I think you’re an idiot. The surgery was real. After the surgery he was cleared to compete at TLC but WWE decided not to in order to prevent a possible reinjury and put his match with The Rock at risk. He was been playing it up worse than it actually is on TV.

          • HeymanGuy

            I honestly don’t know whether you guys are taking the piss or not, surely you are both more intelligent than that? DigitalWWE is 100% correct Punks knee injury & surgery was legit however it isn’t as serious as WWE have made it out to be he was just stating that Punk was healed up and ready to go for the TLC ppv but WWE didn’t want to risk anything heading into the Rumble match with Rock so they have milked this knee injury storyline wise. In case you didn’t know Punk doesn’t actually need crutches it is all show his knee has fully recovered. I agree that doctors sometimes clear wrestlers way too soon to wrestle but as DigitalWWE rightfully said it’s not the case this time round as Punk was actually cleared weeks ago. However the fact you both resorted to name calling over the internet on a matter you both don’t have all the information on just shows your level of maturity. I love sescoops but the amount of kids visiting this site these days leaving uneducated and negative comments is becoming ridiculous.
            EDIT: My comment is directed at Nelson & HBKennedy

          • WCWPunk

            You have my upmost respect for this post.

          • DigitalWWE

            This guy knows what up.

          • 123 Skid

            Well said mate. To many people on here seem to confuse an opinion with fact.

          • 123 Skid

            And they are so angry

          • Nelson Carvalho

            wow youre now a wizard.go fuck yourself.

      • Nelson Carvalho

        duh youre a jackass.
        the injury is real and wwe is doing a little storyline with it.
        i hope the doctors doesnt cleared him to compete to soon.
        i think that ryback shouldnt face cm punk bcause punk needs to rest his knee a little bit longer. i hope nothing bad happens to him.

        • DigitalWWE

          See Above.

  • Pozessed

    The Undertaker is simply the phenom. I put him in the top 5 best wrestlers of all time.. He is not just talented as a wrestler, he also REINVENTS himself, that is something a lot of wrestlers need to do for example John Cena who has been the same guy for years. I remember Undertaker used new moves frequently and changed his gimmick quite a few times… Modern day wrestlers should take a move out of Undertaker’s book and do this.

    • Nelson Carvalho

      totally agree with you.people always talk about the rock and steve austin but damn the undertaker is such a legend.always admired him especially when he’s in his 40’s and still giving 5* matches.

  • wwetnadudez

    I hope Matt and DB don’t have the same new years resolution of growing out the facial hair, he needs to get rid of that mustache!


    Taker was more intimidating in the early 90s, because of his slow pace and the fact that he looked like a killer. Around 1998/99 he started to have this more gothic and evil gimmick, BUT he looked more like a regular guy, he talked like a regular guy on the mic and wasn’t so slow paced anymore. Some might assume this Taker from ’98 and ’99 would be intimidating because of the druids and the talking in tongue , but not imo.