CM Punk Pulled From WWE Live Events, JR & HBK Going Hunting, Barrett

– CM Punk has been pulled from all WWE live events through WrestleMania 29. Despite the fact that he’s been downplaying whatever nagging injuries he’s working through, WWE wants to make sure he’s rested up and healthy for his match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29.

– Jim Ross tweeted the following about an upcoming hunting trip with Shawn Michaels:

This would most likely be for HBK’s “Macmillan Adventures” hunting show.

– WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett tweeted the following about his successful title defense on RAW [Watch Here]:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Jerichoholic4life

    so after this match the storylines willl be : miz vs barrett , Y2J VS fandango? can’t wait to see how the build-up will be!!!

  • I Believe

    You know you are a hot commodity to the company when they want you to take it easy. This is a win-lose for Punk. It’s a win, because he’s being recognized for his and it gives him time to do things he likes doing. It’s a lose, because he loves what he does for a living,

  • Josh Foley

    cm punk will be the one to defeat undertaker at wrestlemania, i sure hope he does, and for saying this i will rot in hell when i die for rooting against the undertaker

    • General Disarray

      The devil is also gonna have his way with your poop hole for being a CM Punk fan. LOL! JKJK

  • raVen

    apparently Punk has heat with creative….what I don’t understand is who doesn’t have heat with creative atm? last nights raw was fucking terrible! bad promos. squash matches. just announcing matches for no reason. no explination of things and if Brock wins hhh goes right back where he was three weeks ago…what a stipulation. but we all know how mania will go anyway

    del rio wins and continues to make people sit on their hands.
    ziggler cashes in for the big pop of the night
    cena wins and gets booed out of every building they go to
    taker wins and goes away for a year
    hhh wins and goes away till the next big 4
    fandango gets xpac heat over Jericho
    shield beats breakfast club and continues to mean nothing and have no reason or story
    divas have a 3min match encouraging ppl to go buy some merch instead.

    • tiran66

      Actually the Shield wins with help from their leader, Randy Orton.

      • lunchbox87

        please god i hope not keep Randy out of the shield

    • General Disarray

      I usually don’t agree with this guy, but he’s right on the money with this post. Mania is gonna suck ass.

    • Not a cop

      breakfast club made my life, ahahahhashahahahhaa