CM Punk Reaches Another Milestone, RAW Social Media Score, JBL-Cole

– This month on iN DEMAND pay-per-view, WWE will be airing the “Best of Falls Count Anywhere” and “ECW Unreleased Volume 1” specials.

– JBL has announced that Michael Cole will now be his co-host on the weekly “Layfield Report” podcast, available at

– Monday night’s New Year’s Eve edition of WWE RAW had a social media score of 142,218, up 24% from the previous week’s Christmas Eve show. RAW ranked #2 on cable for the evening behind the Chick-Fil-A Bowl on ESPN.

– With 2012 officially a thing of the past, WWE Champion CM Punk reached another milestone in his historic title run. By holding the belt from January 1st – December 31st, Punk became the first person to accomplish this feat since Hulk Hogan did so back in 1987.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Reality

    Best in the world! knees2faces vs boots2asses #royalrumble

    • pwnez

      Knees 2 faces!!!!!

      • Boots2Asses

        !!!!! quotations. Calm down, you mad bro?Add fake in front of that catchprase while you’re at it lol. I would take it serious if it was Kareem.I kick ass in whatever i do on a daily basis. Rather it’s school, practice, work, video games, gym, my life. It’s Boots to Asses for me. It inspires me. I will keep kicking ass.

        • Jacob Rael

          A rock mark

          • pwnez

            Yep, those damn Rocky fanboys.

          • Lobo

            still better than a Cena mark

          • Jacob Rael

            not by much

    • Tennindo Tennison

      I seriously hope Punk wins at RR. I really dnt want the Rock to win.

    • Boots2Asses

      B2A lets get it! :)

    • Edward

      The Brahma Bull Vs The Pussy Cat.

  • 7 year old boy

    Boy I cant wait to be a 14 year old boy so then I can start cheering for him. My hormones are just not letting me :(

    • Peter Griffin

      sucks to be you

  • Peter Griffin

    Best In The World!!!

  • Adam Michael

    Much respect for Punk the Wrestler/Entertainer.
    I have heard he can be a douche in real life but that doesn’t matter to me, the guy is good as a character on TV, his personally lifestyle or actions are irrelevant to me really, the guy knows how to entertain and he is a damn great wrestler.

    • Joshua Edwards

      CM Punk a good wrestler? That is what he used to be…not anymore. When is the last time he had a seriously good match recently, besides of course he is currently injured. I ask you this cause CM Chump is nothing like he use to be…

      • Nik

        the reason punk has not given a match of his caliber in recent times is cuz wwe has not allowed him to be. Have u seen ziggler or bryan putting on a great match recently? no they havn’t, and that does not make them bad wrestlers. WWE treats their wrestlers like kids and not like adults. Ken Anderson said that in wwe they even tell the performers what moves to use in a match. U cannot expect a performer to do his best in a limited range.

        • SavageBomber

          Right. Cesaro doesn’t even do that devastating uppercut anymore. It’s likely that changed because WWE wants to get the Neutralizer over as a finisher and that uppercut looks like it hurts a lot more than the Neutralizer ever could. Granted, one move isn’t “wrestling,” but I’m sure you understand what I mean.

        • Bro88

          Another problem with Punk not being able to put on a great match at the last couple PPVs he’s performed at is because he has been paired up with Ryback’s lousy ass so much. Its hard to carry a damn near 300lb man to a good match much less a great one.

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.


  • DigitalWWE

    Knees2Faces is like the best T-shirt ever.

    • omega riddler

      It’s better than Cena’s parody tshirt

  • omega riddler

    I want to see punk defend the title at Wrestlemania in the Main Event and there would be nothing bigger than the “longest title reign of the modern era” vs “the streak”. I want to see Punk vs Undertaker for the WWE Title

  • Late Train

    We can all hope for Punk to win at the Royal Rumble and then hold on to the title for another calendar year.

  • Joshua Edwards

    That is stupid CM Punk is breaking these records now because he has been injured and out of action for a while. So he missed a bunch of PPV now and still claims to be best in the world crap. He should of drop that title a while ago because if you can’t defend it, you shouldn’t be champion, cause anybody could fake a injury to get out of defending the the title against someone they don’t want to wrestle…example Ryback. So let it be known Vince made CM Chump in to a paper champion just cause he want’s to make a lot of money with a match vs. the Rock.

    • JonzoNYC

      Well, first I think he only missed TLC since he really injured his knee in a spot where him and Cena threw Ryback through the announcer table on the PPV previous to that. They just say he injured it when Ryback threw him through a table. Second ofcourse hes not the same. No one is that late in their career and he confirmed that hes pretty much done with his career after 2015. Hes breaking those records cuz hes a damn good contract negotiator and a pretty great champion. WWE is all about what you can do in the ring and on a mic and hes the best. I was at TLC live in Brooklyn and the man had the third biggest pop of the night (Daniel Bryan #1 Cena #2) and he didnt even wrestle. Thats why. People truly are drawn to him and he has defended that belt with the exception of TLC all year. Even on TV. So whatever gripe you PERSONALLY have (which is clear you do) with CM Punk you might as well toss it to the side cuz you couldnt do what Punk does for a living or else you’d be out there showing him how its done.

      • Steve James

        What does Punk do that none of us could? Whine like little girls? Read the dirtsheets. Apparently not bathe or brush his teeth? Homeless guys do that. Throw some fake-ass, off-balance karate kicks? 2nd graders do that. Hang out with Heyman? Cheeseburgers have been doing that for years.

        • Bro88

          Lets see you wrestle on both raw and smackdown house shows traveling every which way in the country to pick up the slack from when Cena and Orton were injured, among others, without getting so much as a slight hint of a break. He consistently puts on good-great matches. As Jonzo said you definitely have a problem with Punk and cannot stand to see him do well and you possibly believe all this shit is real since you are falling for his heel character hook line and sinker with the Best in the World shtick.

  • Krauser

    Punk losing that belt is going to be so much sweeter with all of these records he’s creating. I can’t wait until Punk loses that strap!!!!

    • Steve James

      YES! YES! YES!! YES!!!

  • Steve James

    Rock returns on Monday, though. Punk better change that theme song to Megadeth’s “Countdown to Extinction”… #boots2asses > #knees2faces

  • Dylan Reed

    id on’t like the rock and the only time CM Punk was relevant was when he was dropping pipe bombs…he started too fizzle out around the beginning of this year and he went kaput after his feud with Jericho…it’s pretty bad when the champion is the worst part of the show…they need somebody other than CM Punk or rock or cena or ziggler too hold the title…put the title on ryback for about 2 weeks and have him get screwed out of the belt too somebody else… just so ryback can get the belt and take it off him after a couple weeks in a controversial ending…Punk as champion, rock as champion cena as champion or ziggler as a champion for a long time are all terrible…they need more main event stars that aren’t overrated…they can make multiple feuds out of taking the title off punk and keeping it off any of those guys…WWE is just [pathetic when it comes too world championship decisions…the only decent one was sheamus as champion and they pulled the un-beatble super hero card on him so when he lost the title it wasn’t all that relevant

  • dae

    By the way: Punk hasn’t won a clean match in what???? Over three months! He hasn’t even wrestled in over a month so they should’ve stopped counting.
    If he still has the strap at WM29, I will be very doubtful about bying the PPV.

  • Peer Pressure

    The longer this bum holds the strap, the least prestigious it gets.

  • Fido Riko

    Another accomplishment is that he entered his third year as champion. 2011, 2012, 2013.

  • Steve James

    The greatest thing about Punk’s 400+ Title reign? It’s almost over, and he’ll never do it again.

  • Steve James

    Punk knows he’s gonna lose. That’s what Knees 2 Faces refers to- the Fetal Position Rock is about to leave him laying in…