CM Punk Removed From WWE Rankings, Men’s Health Looks At Women Wrestlers

– After still being listed on the power rankings last week despite the new rankings coming out after his departure from the company, the new rankings, which came out recently, do not include Punk this time around.

– The Men’s Health website is currently running an article where they take a look at women wrestlers who can “kick your ass.” The article lists Aksana, Cheerleader Melissa, The Bella Twins, Gail Kim, AJ Lee, Taryn Terrell, Thea Trinidad (Rosita) and Rosa Mendes. You can check the article out at

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  • Matt Boone

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    • 10YearOldBoy

      CM Punk chants all the way til WM lol.

    • Pozessed

      I reckon CM Punk chants would take over the WWE title match if Bryan isn’t involved, look how the CM Punk chants faded from Raw and turned into Bryan chants, I reckon WWE might put Bryan into the title match to save it from being buried with Punk chants.

    • yrabadi

      I’ll be curious to see what kind of Punk chants show up this week… It was a hot topic last week, but I feel like it’s already dying down a bit.

      • Aperture

        WWE muffled the sounds of the chants. A lot of the fans were cheering for Punk during most of the promos and matches. It is the same thing as piping the sounds for the matches. During the 1/13/14 edition of Raw, most of the fans were sitting down motionless. It was a match between Cena and Sandow. There wasn’t a soul in the crowd that was chanting during this match, but you can hear loud “Let’s go Cena; Cena Sucks” chants. WWE can edit sounds and dampen the authenticity of their shows.

        • yrabadi

          I didn’t think they were doing stuff like that on their live broadcasts though… But what do I know? I know they do it plenty for their taped shows.

    • Wrestlingisdead

      He quit…how you people respect that is beyond me. He’s never happy. He got his push. And whether you like it or not he doesn’t draw money. That’s y he didn’t headline as champ. He’s a talent in the ring. He gets paid good money. But to just quit is disgraceful. And it’s not the same as Austin. Austin is arguably the #1 guy ever, he was wrong to walk out to, but he’s a legend and kept that company from going under. Punk is a guy you fans like until he gets his push then they’ll all hate him.

      • Aperture

        I get so tired of this ridiculous “CM Punk can’t draw” argument. He didn’t draw the numbers of Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, and The Rock, but he did draw better than Bret Hart’s entire 1992 and 1995 reigns, Diesel’s entire 358 day reign, Shawn Michaels 231 day 1996 reign. Punk revived WWE for a short amount of time. Many fans came back because of the pipebomb.

        Ratings for the WWE have been on a downslide for several years. Let’s look at the average ratings since 2007; 2007: 3.6, 2008: 3.2, 2009: 3.5, 2010: 3.2, 2011: 3.2. With the exception of 2009; ratings have been dropping.

        To blame Punk for low ratings makes it sound like the drop started to happen when Punk became champion, which is not true at all. How come fans who criticize the ratings during Punk’s reign disregarded the fact that when John Cena was champion in the Spring/Summer of 2010, RAW’s rating fell to its lowest that year; a 2.4, and Randy Orton’s 64 day title reign the same year averaged ratings of 2.8. Following Orton’s reign was The Miz who held the title for 160 days. Guess what? The Miz’s title reign was actually the most successful ratings wise that year, but does that credit really belong to The Miz or was it more because of the return of The Rock?

        You can’t blame ratings on who is the WWE Champion or on any single wrestler for that matter; it doesn’t work that way. CM Punk’s title reign was 434 days and during that period of time the lowest rating was a 2.9, highest rating was a 3.2, and the average rating was a 3.1.

        The ratings dropped because the product has steadily declined over the past several years, not because CM Punk can’t draw.

        P.S. Punk has worked his a** off to be “The Best in the World”. I never fault a wrestler for leaving the business. These wrestlers have grueling schedules and little to no family life. A lot of wrestlers have broken homes and straining marriages. I would never blame any of them for leaving. Punk had put up with their BS for a long time and I give him respect for staying around as long as he did. And to say that he is selfish is completely false. During the prime of his career he tried to get Ziggler, Bryan, Ryder, and other indie workers. That is all.

        • Orestis


        • Wrestlingisdead

          I never said anything about ratings. Rating as a whole are down because the entire product is average. He’s the best in the world at a time where the world is average. We all put up with bs at work. He’s no difference. The guy has 5 months left on his deal. Honor your contract. I respect his ring work. But the guy cones off as all about himself. He’s never gonna be the star Cena is it the greats before him . His merchandise isn’t the top sellers . He’s a whiner. The fact this guy held the belt over a year makes me scratch my head. They guy walked out before the biggest show of the year. He only screwed himself and is sheep fans. Wrestlemania will go on without him.

        • Wrestlingisdead

          Pipe bomb…so sick of it… One promo three years ago . Get over it. If Vince thought he could replace Cena and make him more money he’d do it. He’s not being held back . He’s right where he should be. The guy gets game covers, has a band sing him into mania last year, hold belt fir over a year…but he’s held back…..Joke….he and his sheep fans are never happy.

          • Orestis

            Says the guy with “wrestlingisdead” as his username.Your negativity is not realism.Also the fact that he walked out before wrestlemania is sign that he’s not up just for the money and himself.His reign was made so that people wouldn’t complain about Cena having it again, and because Cena had a more interesting feud!Cm Punk had a back seat to Cena the entire time while knowing that (not just one promo) his mic skills far surpass Cena’s , not to mention about the in ring work!You are right about one thing, we all put up with BS at work BUT he can change that, he has a lot of power and he is too important to just avoid him.And don’t forget that his personality, it doesn’t make him a bad guy or anything.Stop judging people(not just you) without knowing what in their mind.

          • 19791998

            I know the IWC doesn’t want ti hear it but what you say is true.

    • Michael

      The Bellas kicking ass? Really?

    • raVen

      wwe has power rankings!? why isn’t this used on tv and kept track of…oh cause then all the cena/orton/batista title shots would make less sense and turn even more people away

    • Vin

      A recent comment from Hitman, Bret Hart:
      ” I’m proud of CM Punk, he reminds me a lot of myself. Nobody knows more than me what it’s like to get screwed by the office. Everybody in that locker room knew that I was the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. They are calling CM Punk a quitter and a crybaby. I remember when they said that to me. I didn’t have sour grapes, and I wasn’t really crying though, someone ribbed me by putting onion juice on my towel. hehehe… Sid. Anyway I’m rambling here…. I’m proud of CM Punk. He was a great talent, I probably would have mopped the floor with him in the ring back in the day, but great talent. At least he wasn’t as bad as Hunter. I give him a solid 5/10. “

    • Donald W Hilty

      We CM Punk fans want him back. Maybe we CM Punk fans should go on strike till WWE brings CM Punk THE BEST IN THE WORLD FOR EVER back

    • jj

      Punk is great.. but he complains & winges too much whether that is a work I don’t know but after a while its annoying. When he spoke out he created a big pop & he made himself. Wwe will not allow it again unless its a work/ storyline as he has set a precedent & wwe won’t intentionally make themselves look bad.

    • jj

      Punk is gone.. he knows that with bryan being pushed & the return of batista & sheamus that the title is out of his reach for the next 6-8 months.
      I think he will take time off & negotiate a return for next years rumble as I’m sure he’s next contract if arranged will include a title run & a less taxing schedule.. & will wwe let him walk to another promotion without a fight??. No he will take time off & be back.. hopefully?